2012 Review Extravaganza-Week 4

Lily: Hey baby, how’d it go?
Marshall: Lily, this year, this nasty schoolyard bully of a year will not stop punching me in the face. How did we kick off 2011? My dad died. And now, after five months of unemployment, I just blew my dream job. Good news is, in a few seconds, I’m gonna start heaving my guts out because that’s what life is to me now: just losing what’s inside until I’m just empty.
Lily: Baby, come here.
Marshall: I just want to shut my eyes for a few seconds before it starts.[Marshall goes to his bedroom and lies down.]
Future Ted: And Marshall slept…[the set darkens and then lights up again] All night.[Marshall wakes up to find out that he hadn’t gotten sick at all. In a later scene, Lily comes into the room]Marshall: Lily, it’s a miracle! I didn’t get sick! I-I-I didn’t get sick.
Lily: I know, baby. [reveals a pregnancy tester in her hands] … I’m pregnant.

We’re in the last week of the 2012 Review Extravaganza. Don’t forget to visit my wonderful co-hosts (just click on their names) Lourie-CA Girl; MiMi-Living in France; Nicole-Life’s a Beach; Emmy Mommy; Janette-Johanson Journey.
For a reminder of the rules and all of the fabulous prizes, go HERE. This week we are reviewing October, November and December, and also listing 5 Goals/Hopes for the new year.


Miss PhD moved nearby, and I was overjoyed to have my close friend here. Match and I visited the pumpkin patch and kicked off one of my favorite seasons, Fall. I announced our Rainbow baby, Piglet on the blog, giving you all a reason to break out the fuente cigars to celebrate along with us!

Janette and I hosted a fun little giveaway on our blogs, and I reached the 8 week first small milestone of my new pregnancy. 

and I posted about the many things I had to smile about in October.

We had a great Halloween party


We went to many doctors appointments and got to see our Piglet growing along nicely. My parents came to visit, and we got a major project done on the house.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Match’s family and enjoyed telling everyone about Piglet. We announced our Rainbow pregnancy to the rest of the world, and reached the 12 week mark and the second pregnancy milestone.

We had our NT scan and found out we’re most likely having a boy!


I finally finished the nursery tree.

We experienced the magic of the Christmas season.


I reached 15 weeks, started my progesterone shots, and the Dr. confirmed that this Piglet is a boy.


We celebrated Christmas, both at home and with the inlaws.


 5 Goals/Hopes for 2013:

1. Deliver my healthy bouncing baby boy in late May or early June, FULL TERM hopefully, and be able to take this baby home.

2. Get back in pre-baby shape before the end of the year. I think 6 months isn’t too lofty of a goal. Even if I don’t get back into perfect shape, so long as I get back into an exercise routine I’ll be happy.

3. Keep up with blogging even with a newborn. I know this one won’t be easy, but I’m going to do my very best.

4. Do all of the fun things we’ve always hoped to do as a little family:  family photos, the pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. I cannot wait to celebrate all of the holidays as a family. I think we may even attempt camping!

5. Enjoy all of the milestones of our new baby, and also maintain my strong relationship with my hubby. I know I’ll have moments, and I’m sure we’ll both be exhausted, but we’ve been through hell and back, and I know we’re going to greet those sleepless nights with gratitude. We’re a  great team, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us.

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TTUT-The Hidden Dog Poo

When I was a kid I had a dog named bean. Whenever he made the face you’re making right now, you just knew he’d pooped somewhere in the house. Where’s the poop Robin? -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

I’m linking up with two awesome doggie mamas Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

Ok guys…you know that look that dogs get when they’ve done something bad? Usually when Monkey makes that face it’s because he’s gotten into the trash again. But the past couple of days I’ve woken up to bad smells in the house and a very guilty looking Monkey. My sweet, house trained, 8 year old dog has started POOPING in my house. The worst of it? He’s hiding it. I’ll sniff, and look around, and I won’t find it, only to stumble on it, or as was the case on Saturday, STEP IN IT, in a random room or corner of the house we rarely go into.

I’ve googled it, and the only reason I can come up with this recent behavior change is him reacting to the pregnancy. I’m not sure what else has changed. I am home with him nearly all day every day. I take him outside multiple times a day, and I walk him on a regular basis. I’m wondering if the walks just aren’t enough.

We usually let him wander around at night, but I think I’m going to have to start crating him. I suspect he’s doing it while I’m asleep, even though I let him out right before bed. Match also lets him out first thing when he gets home in the am. So far he’s done it three times in the last few weeks. He never did this at our old place.

Did your pet start acting strangely or act out when you were pregnant? Any helpful hints or suggestions? I suppose picking up dog poo should prepare me for dirty diapers…but somehow I think it’s just not quite the same. I also cringe to think of my little Roo crawling and accidentally stumbling across a Monkey accident. UGH!

The Hunt is Over

Marshall: Did [the inspector] say he found a hobo?
Ted: Okay, yes, there are problems, but I see this house for what I know it can be. I see a swing on that tree. I see a wreath on the door at Christmas. I see a grill on the patio where I’ll be barbecuing every Sunday. I see this house for a life I know I can have. (inspector falls through ceiling)
Barney: I see a lawsuit! –How I Met Your Mother

It’s happened guys, it’s finally happened. We are officially…

After four prior offers being outbid, we finally got our offer accepted. We are so over the moon excited! We still have to get through escrow, and I’ve heard closing can be it’s own sort of battle, but I have a really good feeling about this.

I won’t forget the moment when we were on the phone with our Realtor, listening as he told us the good news. Match and I were looking at each other, both of us fighting off happy tears. After the phone call we did  a little dance around the kitchen, hugging and laughing. A house, we may have our house!!

Guys, it’s so pretty. Of course there are little things we want to do to update it and make it our own, but no major home repair seems to be needed.. Here’s a couple of pictures for now, and there will be more than you care to see if we close. Our inspection is this Saturday, and the in-laws are coming out to see it. I can’t wait to show them!

I love the brick red garage door. The front doors match it too.


It’s also across the street from a community park. As in, we can see it from the driveway. How cool is that?

I was so excited when I discovered that all the appliances come with the house. Even the fridge! Stainless steel heaven. Ideally we’d like to install recessed lighting and maybe lighten up those dark cabinets. Also change out the counter tops to granite, but that is a change that will have to wait awhile.

I am so nervous/excited about the home inspection. I just pray the inspector doesn’t find anything wrong and the rest of this process goes smoothly.

I can’t stop thinking about the house.  I can already see our table all decked out for Thanksgiving. I can see the Christmas tree in that front window. I can see our future babies taking their first steps in the living room.  This is the place where we’re going to build our memories. I cannot wait to start.

Friday Confessional-Carmel Bound and Bathroom Sex

Robin: When PJ had a job, he was sexy. He was guardian of the bathroom key. A hot guy telling you when you can and can’t pee? That’s the dream.
Ted: [incredulous] That’s the dream? The dream?!?!?! Like what Martin Luther King was talking about?? –How I Met Your Mother

I confess…

That I quit my volunteer gig at the crisis nursery. I feel bad about it but it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I was physically dreading going, to the point where my body felt sick and sluggish. The minute I emailed the coordinator telling her it wasn’t going to work out, I felt a weight lift off my chest. Shouldn’t volunteering feel rewarding? A big part of my reason for quitting was the staff and how they made me feel.

Another part was just the nature of the job. It was a lot of stress and responsibilities to deal with and now just isn’t  a good time. I think if I were like the other volunteers and had already raised children of my own, or had a lot of experience dealing with kids, then it would be another story. I did really love playing with the kids for the most part, and I’m still on the lookout for something in the future that involves working with kids. Maybe just not kids in crisis, but more of a nursery or after school program instead. Somewhere they would train me properly. I’d also like something in the town we are moving to when we buy a house. This volunteer job would have been a huge trek and cost us a lot in gas and bridge toll when we move.

I confess…

That our lives are also going to be consumed with buying a home. I know that once we close, I’m going to spend all of my spare time fixing up the house and making it our own. I cannot wait to become homeowners!

I confess…

That we put an offer in on a home on Sunday and we’re still waiting to hear back. I’m trying not to lose hope but it’s not looking good guys. I don’t even want to post pictures of it because it’ll bum me out. It’s sooo pretty.

I confess…

That I’m so so excited for our annual trip to Carmel. We are leaving just as soon as Match gets home from work today. I’m driving us so he can sleep and try to get on a normal day schedule. It will be so nice to walk the beaches with Match and Monkey. To get up in the morning and get coffee and donuts for the fam. To drink gin and tonics and watch the waves crash on the sand.

I confess…

That the only thing I’m dreading is having to sleep in the living room. This year Match’s sister, Travel Girl and her boyfriend will be joining us. It’s the first time we’re meeting him, and it’s the first time I’ve vacationed anywhere with her. Since she hasn’t been to Carmel in so long, and they are staying longer than we are, Match’s parents are giving them the guest room. This leaves us, the married couple, to the living room.

I confess…

That Match and I both think this is bullshit. BUT the in-laws are paying for the vacation rental, and a lot of the food for the weekend, and I really shouldn’t complain. I’m so grateful because otherwise we’d have to take out a check city payday advance loans. We are guests of theirs and we will have fun no matter where we have to sleep. They just might have to deal with us locking ourselves in the bathroom for a little vacation nookie. Hey, that’s what happens when you don’t give the newlywed couple who haven’t had a lot of time together lately the bedroom! 😉

I confess…

It wouldn’t be the first time Match and I have done it in the bathroom of a parent’s house. We are so bad! Where’s the craziest place you’ve done it? Come on spill! Confession is good for the soul!


Empty House and the Lonely Dog Lady

Little girl: Then who do you live with?

Robin: Well, actually, I’ve got five dogs.

Little girl: Don’t you get lonely?

Robin: No, I’ve got five dogs.

Little girl: My grandma has five cats and she gets lonely.

Robin: Well, yeah, that’s cats, I’m not some pathetic cat lady, not that your grandmother is some pathetic cat lady – does anybody else have questions?

Little boy: Are you a lesbian?

Robin: NO, ARE YOU? Jeez. [mumbles] Every woman that lives alone is not a lesbian. –How I Met Your Mother

Today is day 4 of Match’s 7 day work week. His schedule shifted and the way the chips fell, he has to work 7 days in a row. Boo! These aren’t overtime days either so double boo. Sigh, such is the way of the Law Enforcement life. The good news is he will have Friday-Sundays off for the next four months. This weekend we will be celebrating by meeting up with a few of my old friends from my long ago Freshman year of college, back when I was a wild party girl. It’s going to be great meeting up with the guys, but hopefully they don’t share too many incriminating stories with Match. He knows most of them, but hearing them from someone else is likely to be cringe worthy.

In the meantime, this week is dragging. Normally I don’t mind Match’s regular work schedule because it’s 3-4 days on, but then he gets a least 3 days off. But last week he worked a bunch of overtime, so he’s been gone more than he’s been home and the house is starting to feel really empty.

I have been housebound, self inflicted, because I want to save money for our down payment, so I’ve turned down some offers to hang with friends because inevitably it means spending money on food, booze and gas. So that means I’ve had a lot of exciting nights cleaning the house, talking to my dog, reading books, and spending way too much time on the couch.

This pretty much sums up my nights:

I’ve also been trying to come up with craft ideas that don’t cost anything. Halloween is around the corner and I’d love to start making some decorations. Anyone have any good craft suggestions that don’t require a lot of expensive supplies?

I can’t wait for us to have a house. I know when we do I’ll have plenty of fix it projects to keep me busy while Match is working. There just isn’t much I can do in our rental besides clean it, which I do daily.

I start my first volunteer shift with the crisis nursery on Wednesday and I’m really excited for it. It’s going to be a great excuse to get out of the house and be around people. Hopefully it’s also fun! Other than that I’ve been trying to up my workouts and not snack out of boredom. I’ve gotten back into running and there is a little less jiggle in my wiggle. Yay! I do manage to stay busy and active, but I’m ready for my Match to come home. As self sufficient as I am, I have a lot more fun when he’s around.

I miss this face!

So what have you been up to? Do you have any suggestions for me on how to stay busy while Match is gone?