TTUT-10 Things to Smile About-February

Dr. House: I scammed you into doing the dishes, I made you sit on the steps, I didn’t kill your puppy. I did not make you miserable.
Dr. Wilson: Oh, so this is therapy?
Dr. House: No it just… makes me smile.
Dr. Wilson: All right, I’m finding a new place tomorrow.
Dr. House: Right, but not tonight.
Dr. Wilson: Well, I figure you wanna shave my eyebrows while I’m asleep— I wouldn’t wanna deprive you of that last smile. -House

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Today I’m also linking up with:

1. Baby kicks! They wake me up every morning and guarantee I will start my day with a smile. He also likes to give me soft jabs right before bedtime, so as I’m drifting off to sleep, he’s reminding me that he’s doing just fine in there. I also love that Match is consistently feeling him too. The kicks are getting harder and unmistakable! 2010-04-18

2. Monkey sharing his bed with Fluff. puppycuddles

Are they not just the cutest? I love how she just sauntered over to his bed to cuddle with him. I’m not sure he would have let an older dog do as much . I love how patient he is with the little pup when she visits. It bodes well for Piglet (at least I hope it does!) and hopefully he’ll have lots of patience with him too.

3. My new smartphone. Yep, I finally caved and got another smartphone, after going almost 2 years without one. It’s a refurb, and it was only 99 cents! I couldn’t pass up a deal that good.  Since having it back I’ve been a lot better about not letting it suck away all my attention. I scored this really cute case for it for cheap too. How cute is the black and pink?


4. Match cuddling on Geeky’s couch with her humongous dog Horse. I love that Horse still thinks he’s a lapdog. P1070871

5. My new drink holder. 🙂 I’ve been waiting to get big enough to do this trick for awhile. I’m pretty sure Match is going to want me to hold his beers from now on. 😉


6. Hanging with most of The Group for game night. Every time I get together with them, I’m reminded of how much I love this crazy crew. There have been talks of an adult prom in the works for either late this year or early next. I really hope it happens because with this group it’s guaranteed to be a good time. P1070922

7. This picture, and not just because it’s a nice one of me and Match. It makes me smile because when I posted it on Facebook, it prompted my cousin’s girlfriend to comment, “Damnn girl, check out those baby feeders!” It makes me laugh whenever I think about it. As a solid A cup pre-pregnancy, I have to admit, it is good sporting these “baby feeders”. P1070892

8. This beautiful weather, and being able to get out and enjoy it. I might sound like a broken record, but I just can’t even tell you how grateful I am that I get to be so active this pregnancy. Match, Monkey and I went on an hour and a half long walk in the park last week, and I felt so strong! It was incredible. IMAG0016

9. Watching Monkey smile when we take him on walks. Who says animals don’t feel emotion? That is one happy pup right there.


10. Seeing this face at my Dr. appointment yesterday put a big smile on my face.  Forgive the quality of the picture, but if you look close you can see that he has Daddy’s chin.


Tickets to the Gun Show

Dr. House: You have a parasite.
Jill: Like a tapeworm or something?
Dr. House: Lie back and lift up your sweater.[she lies back, and still has her hands up]
Dr. House: You can put your arms down.
Jill: Can you do anything about it?
Dr. House: Only for about a month or so. After that it becomes illegal to remove, except in a couple of states.[he starts to ultrasound her abdomen]
Jill: Illegal?
Dr. House: Don’t worry. Many women learn to embrace this parasite. They name it, dress it up in tiny clothes, arrange playdates with other parasites…
Jill: Playdates?
Dr. House: [shows her the ultrasound] It has your eyes. -House

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

This week has been a mellow one, but full of smiles. Match and I had a great date night out on Tuesday, where we ate great food and just enjoyed each other’s company. We are trying to have more date nights because we know that when Piglet arrives, they will be harder to come by.

On Thursday, we had our bi-weekly checkup with the Dr. and we got to see Piglet do the funniest thing-he flexed his little bicep for us. No joke, he actually moved his arm up, and then made the flex pose. Even the Dr. was cracking up! I hope you ladies have tickets to the gun show. 😉


The ultrasound picture of Piglet’s profile was also pretty amazing. I can’t believe how clear the image is. I can already tell he’s going to look a lot like his Daddy. Hi handsome!


Piglet’s kicks are becoming more and more frequent, and I’ve been dying for Match to feel them too. I want him to connect even more with our son, and to get to share in the incredible feeling. Friday night as we were laying in bed, I was telling Match how I can’t wait for him to feel Piglet kick. He said, “oh it’s probably too soon still, I’ll feel him eventually”. And I put his hand on my belly and said, “One of these days he’s going to do it, and it’s going to be awesome.” At that exact moment, Match felt him move. He looked at me in awe and I think he finally understood why I’ve been making him sit and try to feel the movements for the past week.


My bump seems to be growing exponentially every week. I was so excited when I discovered I can finally wear the tee shirt I made back when I was first pregnant with Roo, and you can actually see the bump. I feel like it looks like I’m smuggling a cantaloupe under my shirt! Oh and this picture makes me realize just how short I am. I am really not that much taller than the doorknob.




Home Wish List: 2013 Edition

Charlie Eppes: [looking over Alans shoulder] Grow a ponytail?
Alan Eppes: Yeah. I found an old wish list.
Charlie Eppes: Who’s? Steven Seagal’s?

I was looking through some old posts, and I came across my wish list for my home, the 2011 edition. It made me smile to look back on what I dreamed about, before we bought our first home. I’m happy to say we actually have something on the list! We bought some light fixtures that are very similar to the ones I dreamed about.

Here’s the one I liked:


and the ones we installed:


We have them on each side of the garage. I’d still love to get that hanging lantern light for the porch, and the back deck as well.

So now that we’re in our home, I decided to update my wish list. I would love to get a new couch for the family room. Something leather and squishy to go with Match’s man chair.

leathersectionalWe have this empty space in our front room beneath the bay window, that’s filled once a year with our Christmas tree. I would LOVE to fill that space with a window seat. We could scoot the tree out further, and we could sit in the window seat and stare up at the tree.  And for the rest of the year it would be extra seating for parties, or a great place to curl up with a good book.

baywindow windowseat



In the kitchen, besides the updating we desperately need, I’d love to get granite countertops. I love the light color in this picture. While we’re at it, I’d love to paint our kitchen cabinets white like this too. It would make the room look so much more open and bright. And that kitchen hood is amazing too. Drool!


Thinking ahead to the spring and summer, and all the time we spend outdoors, we could really use some more seating for the backyard. We bought two really pretty chairs for the firepit area. I’d like to get two more, and the matching bench that goes with them.


So that’s what’s on my wish list for our home so far. I’m sure I’ll add to that list and then some. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get a few things on the list this year. What’s on your home wish list?


DIY Updated Doors

Wilson: You can’t change a table.
House: Actually you can. You just need a bucket of paint and the guts to use it.-House

This month I’m on a mission to complete as many of my DIY projects around the house as I can. I’m motivated by an upcoming summer party we’re having next month. I don’t want to be like those people that only update and fix up their house the way the want it when they’re ready to sell. Why do people do that? It always seems so sad to me because they never get to enjoy it. Of course if Match had his way, we’d strike it rich, donate house to charity, or rent it out, and then move to the country. I’d love that too, someday. But in the meantime, I’m determined to get our home out of the 80s and up to date. I’m so proud of all we’ve already done, and with each project I cross off the list, I’m more and more happy with it.

This week I’m tackling our interior doors. I forgot to take a before picture of the office door, but this is what all of the doors in our home look like:

Don’t you just love the gold door knobs? I hate the color too, it just doesn’t go with the paint and trim in the house. At first I thought about buying new doors from Home Depot, but the cost added up. It also felt like a waste because even though they are ugly, the doors are completely functional.

So with a little interior gloss paint, and some spray paint for the knobs, this is what the first door looks like:

I love how much it updates the house, and it was fairly simple. Though I will say it took quite a few coats of paint. I still have 9 more doors to do, and they all take awhile. Hopefully I’ll be done before our party in July. I can’t wait to see how the house looks when they’re all done!

What have you updated in your house lately?

The DIY Project List

Is it just me, or when you start a to do list, or projects, you end up adding more items than you cross off? I started out with this big list of things I wanted to do to the house, and after a trip to Home Depot, Match and I added even more to the list than we started with. But I’m so excited for what we have planned for our summer DIY projects.

I love the touches we’ve already made, like the bamboo shades in the guest room and nursery. Here’s a list of what we’re hoping to do this summer:

1. Paint over the red trim on the exterior of house with white
2. Restain the deck white
3. Paint the bedroom and bathroom doors white

I’m sensing a white theme, but trust me it’s going to look amazing. I can’t wait to post before and afters. I started one of the doors, and it’s going to take a lot longer than I thought, but it’ll be worth it.