The Hunt is Over

Marshall: Did [the inspector] say he found a hobo?
Ted: Okay, yes, there are problems, but I see this house for what I know it can be. I see a swing on that tree. I see a wreath on the door at Christmas. I see a grill on the patio where I’ll be barbecuing every Sunday. I see this house for a life I know I can have. (inspector falls through ceiling)
Barney: I see a lawsuit! –How I Met Your Mother

It’s happened guys, it’s finally happened. We are officially…

After four prior offers being outbid, we finally got our offer accepted. We are so over the moon excited! We still have to get through escrow, and I’ve heard closing can be it’s own sort of battle, but I have a really good feeling about this.

I won’t forget the moment when we were on the phone with our Realtor, listening as he told us the good news. Match and I were looking at each other, both of us fighting off happy tears. After the phone call we did  a little dance around the kitchen, hugging and laughing. A house, we may have our house!!

Guys, it’s so pretty. Of course there are little things we want to do to update it and make it our own, but no major home repair seems to be needed.. Here’s a couple of pictures for now, and there will be more than you care to see if we close. Our inspection is this Saturday, and the in-laws are coming out to see it. I can’t wait to show them!

I love the brick red garage door. The front doors match it too.


It’s also across the street from a community park. As in, we can see it from the driveway. How cool is that?

I was so excited when I discovered that all the appliances come with the house. Even the fridge! Stainless steel heaven. Ideally we’d like to install recessed lighting and maybe lighten up those dark cabinets. Also change out the counter tops to granite, but that is a change that will have to wait awhile.

I am so nervous/excited about the home inspection. I just pray the inspector doesn’t find anything wrong and the rest of this process goes smoothly.

I can’t stop thinking about the house.  I can already see our table all decked out for Thanksgiving. I can see the Christmas tree in that front window. I can see our future babies taking their first steps in the living room.  This is the place where we’re going to build our memories. I cannot wait to start.