Pin-Win: Hide Your Router With Old Books

Hodgins: So, for kicks you read —
Cam: Feminist trash. You know — woman finds her power, leaves her oppressive husband, discovers freedom and fulfillment with an artist who knows how to cry and make love like an animal.
Hodgins: So, sex books.
Cam: Pretty much, yeah.-Bones

Since we got our built ins, I’ve been completely satisfied with how they look, but for one thing: the electronics shelf. I couldn’t stand the how awful the router and modem looked. I won’t even get into the cable box, because I know that would be a royal pain to hide, and I do like checking the clock. So I went on a mission to figure out how to hide the cords, router and modem instead.

I found this great idea on Pinterest, from Apartment Therapy. She used an old book and just cut the pages out and plopped the router inside the cover instead. I decided that’s what I would do too.

Cutting books up makes me cringe, no matter how cheap. So I was careful to keep the pages intact, so I could use the paper jackets to cover them and still have the books to read, just in case. I also only had to cut two books to make this project work. The rest I either already had, or I found on sale at the used book store. Can you tell which books are hollow and which aren’t? You can if you look from the side, but straight on they look intact to me!

So here is the mess that the electronics shelf was in before:

hide your router with old books

Look at that hot mess. There’s just crap everywhere.

And this is what it looks like now:

old books to hide electronics

I think I could probably put a few more books on the shelf and hide the antenna of the router a little more, and maybe add one more book to the far right to hide the plugs. I could also find a book that’s the same size as the Playstation 3, and one for the wii and cover those up. Still, it looks so much better than before.

old books to hide router and other electronics

So what do you think? Have you had a pin-win lately?

Finally Finished My DIY Project

Stoick: Uh, you go first.
Hiccup: No, no, you go first.
Stoick: All right. [takes another deep breath] You get your wish. Dragon Training. You start in the morning.
Hiccup: Oh man, I should have gone first! Uh, ’cause I was thinking… You know, we have a surplus of dragon-fighting Vikings. But do we have enough… bread-making Vikings? Or small home repair Vikings? –How to Train Your Dragon

The doors and baseboards are DONE! With just barely any time to spare, as Monica, Chandler and Tahoe Girl will be here tonight! I painted 10 doors, and then all of the baseboards in the entire first floor. The baseboards were by far the toughest. All the hard work paid off though. Check them out! I feel like the new look has brought the house into this decade.

It’s amazing how just a little white makes the tan of the walls pop. I feel like our wedding photographers raleigh nc pictures on the wall really stand out now.

I love how the doors lighten up the upstairs. We often close the doors to prevent Monkey from getting his hair everywhere, and these white doors make it look less cave-like.

Remember way back when I painted the bathroom cabinets? Doesn’t the white make the mocha just pop? Well worth the hard work!

Now I just have to tackle our outlets and switches, which should be an easy fix. I’m planning on doing frames around the bathroom mirrors and then all three bathrooms will be completely updated.

Now I’m so tempted to tackle the kitchen cabinets and paint them as well. I think I’ll have to wait until we get new lighting. My back needs a little break from all this painting. Who knew it was such a workout too? My arms are so sore!

DIY Updated Doors

Wilson: You can’t change a table.
House: Actually you can. You just need a bucket of paint and the guts to use it.-House

This month I’m on a mission to complete as many of my DIY projects around the house as I can. I’m motivated by an upcoming summer party we’re having next month. I don’t want to be like those people that only update and fix up their house the way the want it when they’re ready to sell. Why do people do that? It always seems so sad to me because they never get to enjoy it. Of course if Match had his way, we’d strike it rich, donate house to charity, or rent it out, and then move to the country. I’d love that too, someday. But in the meantime, I’m determined to get our home out of the 80s and up to date. I’m so proud of all we’ve already done, and with each project I cross off the list, I’m more and more happy with it.

This week I’m tackling our interior doors. I forgot to take a before picture of the office door, but this is what all of the doors in our home look like:

Don’t you just love the gold door knobs? I hate the color too, it just doesn’t go with the paint and trim in the house. At first I thought about buying new doors from Home Depot, but the cost added up. It also felt like a waste because even though they are ugly, the doors are completely functional.

So with a little interior gloss paint, and some spray paint for the knobs, this is what the first door looks like:

I love how much it updates the house, and it was fairly simple. Though I will say it took quite a few coats of paint. I still have 9 more doors to do, and they all take awhile. Hopefully I’ll be done before our party in July. I can’t wait to see how the house looks when they’re all done!

What have you updated in your house lately?

Home Improvement on the Brain

[Tim wants to remodel the bathroom, on Tool Time.]
Tim: …Let me do this for you.
Jill: Will Al be here?
Tim: I don’t see what that has to do with anything.
Jill: Will Al be here?
Tim: I want you to understand something. Al is my assistant, he assist me.
Jill: Yeah, I know. Will he be here?                                                                                                                                                                                    Tim: Probably, yes.
Jill[getting excited]: And I can have anything I want?
TimAnything you want!
Jill: Oh, what if I decide I just want you, right now?
Tim: Well, it’ll be difficult without Al here to assist me! –Home Improvement 

I apologize in advance for all of the home related posts, but I’ve got homes on the brain. Lately I’ve been staying up late looking up home improvement ideas on my tablet pc.

I’ve decided I’m going to become a handywoman. I don’t know much about home improvement, but my Pops is a journeyman carpenter, so I figure I can ask him. I plan on taking a few classes at the Home Depot too. I have a feeling this little venture could make for some hilarious future blog fodder.

The first thing I want to fix in our new home is the baseboards. The previous owners went the cheapie route and used extra flooring pieces as baseboards and they just look odd.

I’d like to put in these simple white baseboards. I don’t think it’ll be all that difficult to do. Of course these could be famous last words. 😉

I also want to do something about lightening up the kitchen. The first thing that needs to be replaced is the kitchen lighting, and then hopefully I can repaint or reface the cabinets. Eventually I’d love to put in granite but that’s probably going to be quite awhile.

I’d like to put in recessed lighting like this:

I’m sure I’ll come up with all sorts of other ideas once we move in. Can November 14th get here faster please?!