House Wish List: 2011 Edition

Lily Randall: If you call me one more time… I will tell everyone that you played with a doll until we were six
Robert Robbie McGrath: It was a female action figure
Lily Randall: With a Dream Home! Please! –Radio Free Roscoe

As you guys know, I’m constantly day dreaming about what my dream home is going to look at. When I was walking Monkey on my lunch break the other day, I noticed a home that had these beautiful quoizel lights. They are so pretty!

I would love these for my front porch. I also would love to have a nice big front porch and bench or porch swing. Match likes wrap around porches but I wouldn’t mind if we just had a big front porch and nice back deck.

I also can’t help but drool over these dark hardwood floors, like the ones I saw on House Hunters. Ignore the rest of the place, the floors are beautiful.

Now imagine that dark wood floor, with this awesome chair rail molding. I’m not sure what color I would paint the top portion, maybe a nice mocha color.

My dream home would most definitely have a top notch kitchen, complete with a spider range and walk in pantry.  There would be stainless steel appliances and it would open into the living room.

There would of course be a sprawling master suite where I could take bubble baths with Match. Champagne would be mandatory. 😉

What does your dream home look like?