Project 52 Update-Week 31 Date Girl Get Your Gun

Kurt: By the way, there’s something I’ve been meaning to give you. (points a gun at Robin)
Robin: (takes it) My snub-nose .38 police special! I knew I left that somewhere. Every time I watch the news, I think, ‘Oops, hope that wasn’t my gun’.
Kurt: Breaking up was the right choice. –How I Met Your Mother

With just 5 months left in the Project 52 Challenge I’m starting to get busy crossing items off my list. This last week I crossed off #7 on my list: Go to the shooting range and shoot a handgun. Specifically I shot a Sig229 40 Calibur, for any gun buffs out there.

It was a lot cooler than I thought it would be. Before we went I was convinced that I would barely be able to hit the target. I’ve only shot a gun one other time in my life, years ago. It was a shotgun and the kickback knocked me on my ass and gave me a sore shoulder for like a month. And of course I missed the target by about a mile.

Handguns are so much different. First of all there was a slight recoil, but it was nothing. I didn’t stagger back and I was able to keep the gun steady. I wasn’t prepared for my heart to start racing and for my palms to get sweaty after the first shot. It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush and I got all shaky and nervous for a minute. My body got used to the adrenaline after a minute and I started to enjoy myself. It helped that I was hitting the target! Guys, I even got a couple of them square on the x, in the middle of the target. I couldn’t believe it!

Match said it was good that all my shots clustered together, showing that I can hold the gun steady. Now I just have to work on my accuracy and make sure I am in the same spot every time.

I started off pretty close to the target, and then as I got used to holding the gun and firing, Match moved me back a little further.

My aim got worse as I got tired. You would not believe the upper body workout it was! I was amazed. My arms were on fire and my back was sore after just a few rounds. But I still managed to hit that x a few more times!

See the ones that are all far down on the left? That’s when I started getting tired and my arms drooped. It doesn’t help that Match’s gun is really heavy. He said he’d like to get me my own gun someday and it would be smaller and more lightweight. We’ll see, I’m still wrapping my mind around the idea of one handgun in the house!

After I was done Match had to show me how it’s done. Look how much further back he can stand and still hit the target. I’m going to try that the next time we go.

He did a combat shooting, where you’re close to the target but then do a rapid fire quick draw, and then aim for the body and finally the head. It was so fast I didn’t even get a picture the first time he did it.

Don’t mess with Match. He’s hardcore!

Match was so great at teaching me all about gun safety. It helps that he’s so patient and didn’t mind that the first few shots took me forever while I made sure my stance was right. He told me he was proud of me for using good gun safety and never wildly swinging the gun around. He also made sure I read through the rules before I even touched the gun. 🙂

I’m so glad I went to the range. I have been nervous having a gun in our house, especially without knowing how to use it. I think shooting definitely took some of the fear away. I also feel much better knowing just how much force it takes to pull the trigger. You really have to squeeze it, and it makes me a lot less nervous about the gun accidentally going off. Match also educated me on his particular gun, and told me that because it’s a duty weapon, they have to pass a lot of safety tests. It won’t accidentally go off if he drops it, things like that. It made the whole gun in my home issue a lot easier to deal with.