TTUT-Healing the Pain

Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers. You just breathe deep and wait for it to subside. -Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • So far we’ve caught 3 mice, and I’m still seeing signs of the little buggers. I caved and bought D-Con. No more Mrs. Nice Match! It gives me the heebie jeebies knowing they’re running around my house, pooing on everything! Hopefully the poison does the trick.
  • My dog is officially useless. A very bold mouse ran RIGHT PAST him and he didn’t even blink. But if someone DARES to knock on our door he goes ballistic. Go figure!
  • This past week was a rough one for me. I’m not really ready to talk about it, but I will say I’m very grateful to have a supportive hubby and such sweet blog friends. Thank you to those who lent an ear.
  • Sunday I went to church. I’m spiritual, but I’m not a religious person. Pushy and judgy church-lady types really bug me. It’s been years since I’ve been to a church service, and with all that’s happened to us this year, I’ve been feeling really broken spiritually. This was a service called Coffee With God, and it was a more casual, smaller group than their later morning service. I felt so welcomed, and no one seemed to mind that I cried through most of the songs. After the service, I got a lot of hugs and welcomes. I left with an uplifted spirit and a positive outlook. My spirit is definitely not healed yet, but I feel far less broken.
  • Only one more week until our annual trip to Carmel. I can’t wait for cool temperatures and walks on the beach with my sweetie.
  • Are you as amazed as I am that it’s the last week of July? I don’t know about you guys but I’m so done with July. I can’t wait to see what August brings!

Unexpected Gifts

My point is sometimes the best gifts come in really surprising packages. -Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Walking Buddy invited me over about 3 weeks ago for a night of couponing. How cute is that? She bought me a binder and showed me how she organized her coupons. Then we happily clipped away at our coupons over girl talk, interspersed with interruptions from her Little Man showboating for his mom’s attention. Her baby on the other hand was perfectly content getting cuddles from yours truly.

Then WB surprised me with a bag especially for Roo! It was full of diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, lotion, a bottle, all kinds of things. She had also added a newborn outfit that never fit her youngest. I am feeling very lucky to have such a sweet new friend!

Then this past Sunday we met up again to hang out and go for a walk. It’s great practice for Monkey to be around little ones, and good practice for me too. This time she gave me a giant bag full of maternity clothing as I was saying goodbye. I’m pretty sure I may not have to shop for anything except bras for this pregnancy. She truly is the sweetest person. I’m definitely going to have to pay it forward!

Our First Wedding Anniversary

You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be big ones, they are never as big as you make them out to be in your head. It’s the regular days, the ones that start out normal. Those are the days that end up being the biggest. And today was the wedding. It was beautiful. Perfect. -Izzie, Grey’s Anatomy

A year ago today I married the love of my life which you can read about here and here in case you missed it. I was a princess for a day, and I was making my girl friends hum and “LOOK AWAY!!” while they helped me go potty in my giant dress. I was all dolled up and I have never felt so beautiful, or more loved. Walking down that aisle I had eyes only for Match. I knew I was making the single most important decision in my life and I had absolutely no doubts. That day I laughed and cried so many happy tears. It was perfect.

I wanted to share with you a slideshow I made of video clips from our wedding day. This is something that was also on my Project 52 List, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I made a longer version for us and our parents that includes the whole wedding ceremony and a lot of the reception with our guests. This one I made especially for my readers. Enjoy it! I cry every time I watch it. I’m such a cheeseball.

Click on the picture and it should take you to the video.

From Lunss

I think about how Match and I will curl up on the couch and watch this slideshow on our 25th, 30th, even 50th anniversary and it makes me smile. Match, I love you more than words can ever say and every day I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Mini Honeymoon Part 2: Camping With My Match

Meredith: Derek’s camping. Taking time. Getting space.

Cristina: Prestons do not go into the woods. A guy named Preston is gonna get his ass kicked by a squirrel.

Izzie: It’s basically a slumber party, they do it outside, we do it inside. It’s really the only difference. –Grey’s Anatomy

On Sunday we set out on the windy road to the Northern California coastline to camp.

This was our first camping trip together and we lucked out in so many ways. First off it was a Sunday so the campground was deserted. Secondly, the weather couldn’t have been better. The first day there was no wind and the sun was shining. Also the RV at the camp site across from us full of 6 crying, bratty kids left just a few hours after we arrived. Woohoo! There were only a few others campers in the whole park and it felt like we had the place all to ourselves.

We scoped out the best campsite.

We quickly set up camp so we could go exploring.

Of course even camping a Virgo has to clean. 😉

We came prepared: we had four flashlights, extra makita batteries, a trusty camping knife, all our cooking utensils, food, beer, wine (of course!) and all kinds of other supplies. I even brought a memory foam mattress pad so we could sleep in the ultimate comfort.

Unfortunately we forgot a few key things like dish rags and pot holders to lift the pan from the fire, but we made due.

After setting up camp we hiked to the beach.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

I attempted to strike a mermaid pose but I’m pretty sure it just looks like I’m getting frisky with the rock.

After our hike we earned our beers. We played some rounds of Gin Rummy and played in the trees.

Look at the love he has for that bottle. I’m a little jealous.

There is really nothing better than drinking wine from a flamingo cup.

Maybe wine flamingo and SMORES! 

We had an incredible time. The second day was more windy than the first, but then we just hid in the tent playing cards and laughing.

We saw seals, cute little birds, deer, and a raccoon that  tried to eat our food. I did get bit by a tick right on my booty. The nerve of that little guy! We ate great food, snuggled, and enjoyed some quality couple time.

I already wish we could go back. 

My Happy List

This is the happy ever after part. And in the happily ever after, the guy is there all the time, saying things and the girls love it! -Derek, Grey’s Anatomy

I’m participating in another fun link up brought to you by Mamarazzi at Dandelion Wishes. This is so fitting because I am so HAPPY right now.



My Happy List:

In addition to Match passing his scenarios and me finally giving my notice, here are a few other things that have made me very happy this week.

These beautiful flowers from Match along with a card that got me all choked up.

Words cannot express how thankful I am that I have you. You are incredible. You are my motivation to succeed. You are absolutely amazing and I know you will go places. I can’t wait to watch your writing career blossom. Thank you for being YOU! I love you with all of my heart. -Match

That’s one of the things that makes me so happy with Match. Here he was the one who just passed all of those incredibly challenging tests and yet he got me the card and flowers. I love that man! I really need to get him a ginsu knife or something equally nice for his graduation gift. I should get on that…

Having a house full of friends last night to celebrate with us.

Margaritas, beer and laughing with friends.

Getting a new phone today with Match and convincing him that the unlimited data plan for $10 was worth it (YES!!). It’s not quite as nice as my company provided Blackberry but it’s mine. After transferring all the contacts I was able to delete every single one of the company contacts. Hitting that delete button made me HAPPY.

Snuggling up with Match on a rainy day, just the two of us, seeing how relaxed he was after such a long week most definitely made me happy.

What’s on your happy list this week? Link up!