Friday Five, Let’s Recap

It’s Friday Five time! I haven’t participated in forever, but what a great way to give a quick summary of my week.I decided to recap what we’ve been up to lately, since I’m so behind in blogging!

1. Valentine’s Day was the highlight of last month. Piglet was so excited for his “Valentimes Party”. He made out like a bandit. I think I was the luckier one, getting such a sweet Valentine from him, and surprise roses from Match. Such a nice way to come home from a long day at work!

2. I finished up a big portion of a huge work project I was doing. Can you see me hiding behind my fort of boxes? I could never do a repetitive job like that full time! Grateful not all my tasks are that monotonous.

3. Snapchat silly faces has become part of our morning before work routine. My hours changed, and I work longer hours (8 instead of 7.5) but I go in later, which means more quality time with my boy in the mornings. I cherish that time, and our silliness.

4. Piglet had his dental cleaning and checkup. He’s such a rockstar at the dentist. He has the best hygienists who are always so friendly, which really helps.

5. Piglet has been a big help in the kitchen lately. I love cooking with him, and getting him excited about being a big boy helper.


How have you been? Are you so happy it’s Friday?