TTUT-Telling the World and Giveaway Winner

Daphne and Niles have just read the pregnancy test
Niles: But my slow sperm…
Daphne: I must have fast eggs! -Fraiser

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Saw Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 with Miss Ph.D. It was Ah-mazing! I am sad that the series is over, but boy did they end it with a bang. They really nailed it with the casting, and all of my favorite scenes were exactly as I pictured them. Loved it!

  • I can’t believe that Thursday is Thanksgiving! We are finally FINALLY telling the rest of Match’s family about the pregnancy, and then we get to go public on Facebook the next day. I can’t wait. Here is a sneak peak of the photos we’re using for our announcement to the Facebook world.

  • And last but not least, I have a winner for the $25 gift card to Poppy Seed Projects: the lovely Jillian at Jill’s World! Congrats Jill, and I hope you let us know what cool project you decide on from Poppy Seed!

Talk to Us Tuesday-I Love Fall!

Lilith: Frasier, we need to have a discussion.
Frasier: oh no, don’t tell me you have a thing against Halloween too.
Lilith: I don’t have a thing against Halloween. I just don’t want my child panhandling door to door accepting non-nutritious snacks from strangers dressed in a silly costume.
Frasier: But darling, that is Halloween.
Lilith: Oh well, then I guess I do have a thing against it. –Fraiser

It’s October guys. Can you believe it? I feel like September was a complete whirlwind. I’m so excited for October because it means it’s finally fall. It also means I can officially decorate my house for Halloween without getting weird looks from the neighbors. Ok…I may have decorated on the 26th of September, but now I can show you guys without feeling embarrassed about it.

I already showed you all my mantle:

And now I’ve added the Halloween touches to the house. Here’s the other bookcase, as you walk into the house:

Yes, I do have every Friends episode on DVD, and yes my DVDs are alphabetized. I’m just a wee bit OCD. A few of these decorations are DIY. That framed picture I printed online, and then added the ribbon trim. The spider candle luminary is actually an old pasta jar I cleaned out and painted.

This my centerpiece on the dining table. The sign I bought at Michaels for 50 cents, and the leaves are leftover decorations from my wedding. The candles were given to me last year by my MIL, and the straw is actually from the packaging for the candles. Again, the luminary jar is an old pasta sauce jar that I painted with acrylic paint. It was super easy and a lot of fun to make. I think I’m hooked on painting mason jars now. I can’t wait to paint some for Christmas!

Here’s the front porch:

I found the trick or treat sign at Michael’s and had a coupon for 50% off. I absolutely love it. The wall sign I’ve had forever, the gourds are from Safeway, and my MIL gave us the spider a few years ago. It freaks me out sometimes when I forget it’s there and open the door from the other side!

The ironic part of all of this decorating is a. We have no one to share it with, since we rarely have people over (I’m thinking we need to have a couple’s dinner at the very least this month)and b. we are going to be out of town for Halloween night. We are heading up to Oregon and probably won’t even celebrate the holiday. But oh well, I still love decorating! Hopefully next year we’ll be in a house and we can have a Halloween costume party. I’d look into those make your own invitations free sites with a cute Halloween theme. I can see myself going overboard with parties once we have a place to host. Hmmm, maybe even a blogger party? Who’s in?

Have you done any fall or Halloween decorating yet? I’d love to see photos!


Project 52 Update-#16. Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

Frasier claims that Niles is afraid of spiders…then also that he is afraid of heights…then also of crowds
Frasier: You are looking at that rarest of beasts: the arachno-acro-agoraphobe! –Frasier

It’s been far too long since my last check in with the Project 52 crew. Mostly because I had nothing new to report. I was still chipping away at the weekly items on my list, but hadn’t crossed off any of the one timers. Well I’m happy to report that last week I crossed off a big item. A 746ft tall item to be exact. #16. Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

The walk on the bridge was a goal I actually added after the fact. There were a few items on my list that were pure fluff to get the total to 52, and so I removed the “Take a martial arts class” because I don’t think this is something I will ever do this year because there are no good places to take martial arts in our town. I figure walking on the Golden Gate is a total bucket list item and way cooler. 🙂 Also Karen gave us all the green light for substitutions so I feel way less guilty.

We decided to go to SF on Wednesday to escape the heat in the east bay. Well we not only escaped it, but we went on a day when the famous San Francisco fog decided to cover the bridge in a giant blanket. It’s under there, I promise!

Taking our first steps across.

A word of caution to someone who may be going to walk the bridge one day: if you are as afraid of heights as I am-DO.NOT.LOOK.DOWN!

I was terrifed! Also, the bridge vibrates from all of the cars zooming on and off it constantly and this didn’t do anything for my nerves. But I swallowed my fear as best I could and did what any good blogger would do: take lots of pictures!

I felt better having Match there with me. I love that you can’t tell I look freaked out in this picture.

Here you can see a little bit of the fear. See how I’m white knuckling that column? I did NOT want to let go.

Walking on the bridge with Match made me feel secure, except that he kept pulling me over to let the bicyclists pass. Those jerks were riding by so fast! It was extremely annoying. I don’t think they should be allowed. Or they should have the bikes on the other side of the bridge in their own lane. Match kept laughing because every time he pulled me I freaked because I thought he was fake pulling me over the railing. The wind was also blowing like crazy and I was convinced that if I got too close to the railing I would blow over.

Can you believe those cables hold up this enormous bridge? I know there are a lot of them, but I just find that amazing. They aren’t that thick, and it’s crazy to think they hold up something so huge. Oh, and PS no one ever goes only 45 on the bridge. Crazy drivers!

Until you’ve walked on the bridge, it’s hard to appreciate how truly massive it is. It’s pretty amazing to see in person.

While I was very scared, I’m so glad I walked on the bridge. It was a great experience and I may even repeat it…someday.

I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my sweet Match for buying me a super late birthday gift, a new digital camera casio. It took amazing pictures and I’m loving my new toy!