Talk to Us Tuesday-Mr. & Mrs. Fixit

Charlie: Alan, you know the difference between you and me?
[Charlie falls through the deck]
Alan: Yeah! I wouldn’t fire the handyman before he finishes! –Two and a Half Men

With the ever fabulous duo: Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

So Tuesday passed me by, but since there are no rules, I’m writing up my TTUT on a Wednesday. Cause I CAN.

I haven’t had much computer time lately and I’m missing it and all of you! I’ve been so busy cleaning up and getting our house live-able, and also dealing with a few issues with the home. As you homeowners can attest to, the unexpected crop up when you buy a home.

The first was the guest bathroom toilet. Match flushed it and noticed the water had been turned off. When he turned it on, the tank kept filling…and filling. Luckily we turned it off before we had a flooding incident. So we spent his first day off elbow deep in the toilet tank. There was a plier fiasco, and I was the one who ended up getting the broken toilet float out of the tank. Hurray for small fingers! We high fived after surviving our first home improvement project together. Oh and notice he was using my tools. 🙂

The second, more significant issue that came up was when my beautiful washer and dryer were delivered to the house on Wednesday. Did I mention I scored these lovelies?

Got them for a black Friday deal, $1000 off regular price! I couldn’t wait to use them.

Unfortunately, the dryer’s electrical outlet didn’t work. When we checked the circuit breaker box, we discovered the dryer breaker was actually missing. So we waited on an electrician to come out and fix it which didn’t happen until Sunday. I was in desperate need of clothes. I was down to one tank with a cupless shelf bra grubby jeans. Not pretty! By the way it works beautifully. If anyone is in need of a new washer or dryer I highly recommend LG. They are amazing!

The other big fix it project we worked on was in that same guest bathroom. There used to be hideous shower doors that were covered in a layer of dirt. I hate shower doors, so we ripped them out.

Yes I have plumber’s crack. Now I’m a true handy girl! 😉

Here’s what it looked like the next day, after I’d painstakingly chipped away all the old caulking and grime and re-caulked the tub.

IA, your bathroom is all fixed up. You can come visit now!

The Hunt is Over

Marshall: Did [the inspector] say he found a hobo?
Ted: Okay, yes, there are problems, but I see this house for what I know it can be. I see a swing on that tree. I see a wreath on the door at Christmas. I see a grill on the patio where I’ll be barbecuing every Sunday. I see this house for a life I know I can have. (inspector falls through ceiling)
Barney: I see a lawsuit! –How I Met Your Mother

It’s happened guys, it’s finally happened. We are officially…

After four prior offers being outbid, we finally got our offer accepted. We are so over the moon excited! We still have to get through escrow, and I’ve heard closing can be it’s own sort of battle, but I have a really good feeling about this.

I won’t forget the moment when we were on the phone with our Realtor, listening as he told us the good news. Match and I were looking at each other, both of us fighting off happy tears. After the phone call we did  a little dance around the kitchen, hugging and laughing. A house, we may have our house!!

Guys, it’s so pretty. Of course there are little things we want to do to update it and make it our own, but no major home repair seems to be needed.. Here’s a couple of pictures for now, and there will be more than you care to see if we close. Our inspection is this Saturday, and the in-laws are coming out to see it. I can’t wait to show them!

I love the brick red garage door. The front doors match it too.


It’s also across the street from a community park. As in, we can see it from the driveway. How cool is that?

I was so excited when I discovered that all the appliances come with the house. Even the fridge! Stainless steel heaven. Ideally we’d like to install recessed lighting and maybe lighten up those dark cabinets. Also change out the counter tops to granite, but that is a change that will have to wait awhile.

I am so nervous/excited about the home inspection. I just pray the inspector doesn’t find anything wrong and the rest of this process goes smoothly.

I can’t stop thinking about the house.  I can already see our table all decked out for Thanksgiving. I can see the Christmas tree in that front window. I can see our future babies taking their first steps in the living room.  This is the place where we’re going to build our memories. I cannot wait to start.