2012 Review Extravaganza-Week 3

Jack: Whaddya think?
Kate:I think we should listen to Sawyer.
Hurley:I vote for not camping too.
Sawyer:Trust me doc. You’ll do what I say then everything will be fine.

We’re in the 3rd week of the Review Extravaganza! Only one week left to go! For a reminder of the rules and all of the fabulous prizes, go HERE.

This week we’re reviewing July, August, and September.

Don’t forget to visit my wonderful co-hosts (just click on their names) Lourie-CA Girl; MiMi-Living in France; Nicole-Life’s a Beach; Emmy Mommy; Janette-Johanson Journey.
For a reminder of the rules and all of the fabulous prizes, go HERE.


We enjoyed fun weekends of swimming, hiking, potlucks, and time with friends. I started going to church again, and found some strength through renewing my spiritual side.


 Match and I spent our fourth year in Carmel as a couple. It was a great trip and we always have such a great time there.

I wrote about our early miscarriage the month before, and what a setback that was for us emotionally.  My family came to visit me, an old friend moved to town, and Match and I went on some great hikes.


 We fixed up our backyard and celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  I got through Roo’s due date, and we survived the camping trip from Hell.

I got my first tattoo, and I celebrated m y 29th birthday week

September ended on a wonderful note, when we found out we were pregnant again. I didn’t blog about it until a little while later of course. :-)September was the month that lots of joy came back into our household. Join us next week for the final recaps, October, November, December, as well as 5 goals/hopes you have for the new year.

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