Solo Trip to Santa Cruz

Barney: That’s the whole point of getting drunk. You do things you would never do in a million years if you were sober.
Lily: Says every girl you’ve ever slept with. –How I Met Your Mother

The trip to Santa Cruz for Tomboy’s birthday was a hard earned break for both me and Match. Match got a chance to get a lot of studying done and some alone time, and I got to de-stress and get in some much needed people time. Of course I missed him but I also love being half a couple that can do things separately and still remain close. When I walked into the house with Tomboy, she introduced me to everyone as Match’s new wife. I still get a little thrill whenever someone says that. His wife! 🙂

I met a bunch of Match’s old friends from college and Toke Gay Guys were there too. We cracked up over funny stories of Match’s younger acne skincare days. We flipped through photo albums where I got to see a glimpse of the younger, carefree and just a bit wild Match. My favorite had to be the picture of him in his boxers, shirtless, with a box over his head with a smiley face drawn on and a cartoon bubble that said, “Wanna see my rod?” This was I think the first week of freshman year. What a goofball! I seriously need to steal a copy of that photo for blackmail purposes later.

Tomboy and I got a nice visit in while looking through the photo albums. She opened up to me a bit about her boyfriend and I feel like we had one of those quality friendship bonding moments. I am so glad I’ve gotten to know her. She really is a cool chic and I told her so.

I also connected with the Santa Cruz crew as we crowded around the living room rooting for our beloved Giants. I’m not one to watch a lot of sports on TV but when it’s the home team it’s pretty exciting. After the game we headed outside where there was an outdoor fire pit. It was finally a chilly fall night and the fire pit was perfect. We played this really fun game where you clap the same beat as we will rock you, so it’s clap clap on your thighs twice followed by a hand clap. You picturing it? Then on the hand clap, everyone picks an animal hand gesture. So say you’re an alligator, you’d do two hands chomping, or a cat you could do the kitty claws, you get the idea. Then you go around the circle and when it’s your turn, you do your animal and then someone else’s, but it has to be on the beat. Clap clap animal. When you’re drinking it gets confusing fast. I think this could be a great game to play even sober with family. Of course in college they’d play it with suggestive sexual gestures. 😉

After the animal game we played our favorite, flip cup. I was on the winning team with Tomboy and not to brag, but we pretty much rock at flip cup. After every round that we won (best out of 3) we’d gather in a group huddle stomping the ground and screaming, “Olay, olay olay olay!” and then collapsing into a giggling fit. I ended up passing out pretty early because I just can’t stay up and drink all night like I used to.

I had a great time but the next morning I was excited to get home and see Match. He missed me too but appreciated the quiet time to himself. One bonus to spending a night apart is that he was all kinds of cuddly when I came home. We had a quiet Sunday night at home curled up on the couch watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Match was cracking up as I regaled all of the stories of the night before. I loved getting my friend time in, and hopefully next time I’ll be able to bring Match the former party animal with me!