Sibling Road Trip

This past weekend I piled into my car with two of my brothers and headed down to California for my Granny’s memorial service.


It was such an emotional weekend, full of tears, reminiscing, and bonding with my extended family. It was also the first time I’ve ever spent more than an evening away from Piglet. It was 3 long nights, and I missed him and Match terribly. I was grateful for the time with my family, and grateful that I was able to make the trip.


My Granny was such a beautiful woman, inside and out. She did so much for so many people, and she left behind an incredible legacy.


The silver lining of the trip was getting to see Geeky and her sweet baby. I missed her so very much.


It was so cathartic catching up with family, and we made tentative plans for a reunion. Geeky baby is turning one this summer, and I hope to make another trip this summer, this time with Piglet and Match.

My reunion with my boys was pretty epic. Piglet ran around in circles, practically exploding with energy. I love that little boy, and I don’t plan on spending that much time apart for a very long time.


Date Night Out and My Parents Visit

Labor day weekend my parents finally made the 4 hour drive to visit. Have I mentioned that even though we have lived here since December, they still hadn’t visited?! I’m glad they were finally able to make it work.



Piglet was so excited to have his Gamma and PopPop here. He did a lot of showing off, and was loving the grandparent time.


Match and I took advantage and finally had a date night! First one since Christmas! I wish I could say we lived it up and had a wild night, but we’re lame. We did go out to a nice dinner, followed by the most incredible dessert at a new restaurant in town. We came home and took Monkey on a long night walk; something we can never do without a sitter. It was nice being able to check out the stars and just be together. Sometimes in the chaos and excitement of raising a toddler, it’s easy to forget about our spouse, and find that time to enjoy each other’s company. I’m looking forward to our next date night!


Here we are getting ready to leave. Piglet kept asking if he could go on the date too.




Sunday my brother and his new girlfriend joined us for a family dinner. He surprised us all by bringing my niece and nephew. We didn’t think he’d get to have the kids for the weekend, but his ex let him. Piglet was so happy, and my mom was practically in tears.


She finally had us all under one roof! We got the chance to get to know my brother’s girlfriend better, and I have to say she’s pretty cool. I hope this one works out for him. My brother is a great guy and he deserves a nice woman in his life.


Piglet had so much fun playing with his cousins. They ran around the yard playing lacrosse and entertaining each other. Have I mentioned how much I love having them so close by? Just an hour instead of 10 from each other now!


It was a great weekend and it went by way too quickly. I can’t wait for the next family get together. Hopefully this Christmas, if not sooner. How did you spend your labor day weekend?

Thanksgiving 2012

We all were a part of one another, one family, one community. Sometimes we forget this and so we meet here each year to give thanks to those who have helped us and to remember, even the greatest darkness is nothing, so long as we share the light. -Father, Beauty and the Beast

We have so much to be thankful for this year. It’s been a long hard year, but we’ve seen that rainbow at the end of the storm, and we couldn’t wait to share our news with the rest of the family. We even had Match’s sister there, who conspired with me that she was surprising her family for Thanksgiving. I kept urging my MIL to get ready a little bit early, much to her annoyance I’m sure. Then when there was a knock at the door, I said, why don’t you open it, and I’ll finish setting up? I grabbed the camera and captured her reaction as her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend walked through the door. It was so sweet!

I had to wear a jacket around all day, hiding my baby bump, waiting for everyone to arrive. When the last person showed up, my mother in law gathered everyone outside and said we had an announcement. I’m sure they guessed what it was, but they still did a great job of acting surprised. I just stood up and took my jacket off. I had planned on saying something, but in the moment with all eyes on me, I got a little nervous. But as soon as I turned to the side, the aunts started cheering, and everyone clapped. It was a great moment!

We settled into a relaxing afternoon of eating, drinking (I drink with my nose by smelling all the wine, lol) and enjoying visiting with family. I helped decorate the 24 inch round tables and everything looked so festive. We got to chatting about Christmas, and I asked the aunts where they were planning on having it this year. No one really wanted to host, so I offered our home. We’re a drive from everyone, but we have such an open floor plan, and our house is perfect for guests. Everyone was really excited, and it looks like I’ll be hosting my first big family Christmas!! They all made me promise not to do too much, and I won’t, but I cannot wait to get started on decorations. In fact, I think I’m going to go start today. 🙂

My Parents’ Visit aka Project Week

I’m gonna to have to reinvent you. Break you down completely, and build you up from scratch. -Jenna, 30 Rock

My parents just left this morning, and I’m happily re-cooperating from their 6 day visit. So much of the visit was wonderful, but 6 days is a long time to have house guests, and it is so nice having the place to myself again.

While they were here, they gave us a wonderful gift-built ins for the family room! They turned out better than I ever could have hoped. The room looks so cozy and put together now. Here’s a few shots of my worker bees getting everything built.

And here is a terribly fuzzy before shot. from Halloween, but it shows how we had it decorated prior to the built ins. See how cluttered it made the room, having Monkey’s crate in there? The dark bookcases made the room look so small as well. I could kick myself for not taking better before shots!


And here is the room now. I am so in love with how it turned out! I love having the tv off the floor stand display and mounted on the wall. I think it makes it almost look like it’s in it’s own frame. I can’t wait to fill the shelves with fun knit knacks too.

Aren’t they beautiful? My Pops did an amazing job. We are so grateful that all we paid was the cost of materials, and then we fed them for the week. 🙂 It was a steal!

Now we’re doubly motivated to paint our kitchen cabinets white to match. But I think those will have to wait til after Piglet is born.

The rest of the trip we managed to squeeze in some relaxation time by the firepit, and we enjoyed lunch downtown. My mama took me shopping, and she bought Piglet’s baby shower gift early-a pack ‘n play! It’s so cute, and it’ll be perfect for travel and for when Piglet is a newborn and sleeping in our room.

Even though my mom and I had a mini argument or two regarding Piglet and when she’s going to visit (more on that later) all in all it was a great week. I’m so grateful for my parents and all of their help. It was so nice having them in our home and being able to work on a project together.

Now I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas next month!!

Snow, Belly Bumps, and Family

Hodgins: I always wanted to be a mad scientist! I’m living the dream, baby! [kisses her cheek] Baby! [kisses her belly]
Angela: So what do you want our kid to be, anyway? I mean, if we could decide and make it happen without being those annoying parents that we hate.
Hodgins: Anything I want?
Angela: Anything.
Hodgins: A musician. Hard rock and 50s West Coast jazz. Who is also an astrophysicist specializing in extra terrestrial studies. Who also has a secondary degree, not necessarily a doctorate, in 20th century political theory and its relationship to corporatism. Ooh, who also does killer stand-up on the weekends. What about you? What do you want our baby to be?
Angela: [smiles] A mad scientist sounds good to me. –Bones

We’re back from our mini vacation in Ashland. We had a great time visiting with family. My parents got a hotel room next to ours and our dogs got to play together. My mom said it was really weird to see her baby girl with a baby on the way. I should mention that this week my belly decided to pop. It was the first time I truly looked pregnant and I’m glad I was able to show off my bump.

The first night we spent at my aunt and uncle’s house. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but my cousin and his girlfriend are expecting a baby too! She is due two weeks before me. It’s crazy to think that these babies will be so close in age. It makes me happy to know my Roo will have a cousin to buddy up with at family functions.

First thing we had to do was the obligatory belly bump picture. Is it just me or do I look way bigger than her? I guess it’s how we’re carrying. She is taller than me, but still! I think my bump sticks out like a torpedo while hers is wider. Everyone thinks she’s carrying a girl, and now they say I’m carrying a boy. Like carrying has anything to do with gender. It’d be kind of funny if it turned out to be true!

Notice my cousin sticking out his belly. I told him he might be joking now but just wait! Match has started eating right along with me, and I won’t be surprised if he gets a bump if his own. 🙂

The next morning we woke up and peeked out the hotel window to find SNOW! It was so pretty! It’s ironic that when we went to Tahoe we didn’t have any snow, and here it is practically spring and now there is snow. I wanted to play in it!

We wandered around in downtown Ashland and spent some quality time with my parents.

How cute is Monkey in his little jacket? His California blood isn’t used to all this cold weather!

We explored Lithia park. I think it looks like Narnia, all covered in snow.

That night we watched my cousin play in his percussion recital at Southern Oregon University. Some of the music was a little bizarre for our taste, but some of it was awesome. Either way I think my cuz rocked the drums!

When we got home Monkey immediately curled up in his pet crates. How cute is he all snuggled with his turtle? We had such a great visit and I can’t wait to see my family again. My aunt is hoping to make a road trip with my mom to see me for the baby shower. I really hope they can make it!