Piglet’s First Fireworks

Happy belated 4th of July! Piglet is finally at the age where we felt like we could let him stay up late enough to watch the fireworks. We found a place that had a 3rd of July showing, since Match had to work on the 5th. We went to Devil’s Lake, a place we had never been.

We expected it to be kind of crowded, but we lucked out with a great spot with an awesome view of the lake and the fireworks show. Piglet was thrilled with the playground, and he was so excited about the fireworks.

I loved experiencing the show through his eyes, watching his awe.


For the 4th, we went to a car show with my friend L

followed by a game of disc golf at the park and a picnic. Piglet insisted that we cheers with our sandwiches.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!

Birthdays, Babysitters, and Brews

March has been quite the social month for us! We kicked off the first sunny spring day we’ve had in weeks with a epic trip to the park with a bunch of Piglet’s friends. It was like the most adorable biker gang ever!

We have had a couple of fun date nights now that we have a couple of regular babysitters. The first was in Portland, going to visit some high school friends of mine. She took us around town to different breweries to sample their brews. We will definitely be going back!

We also had a fun date night with Fliz, playing Cards Against Humanity, and then yesterday we had a working date day, helping her dismantle her deck.

Here’s Match pretending he was ordering me around while I worked. Truth is he worked his booty off too! I am excited for Fliz and her house addition project this spring.

Now that Piglet is in Preschool, I swear we have a birthday party to go to at least once every 2 weeks. Not that I’m complaining, because he loves them! But it does seem to busy up our weekends here lately. We had a birthday party at the local play house in town last weekend, a party today at the bowling and another birthday party this coming weekend.

We also just celebrated my oldest nephews birthday on Tuesday. This was even more special because it marked the first time I was able to see my niece, nephew and brother in 3 months. He finally broke up with his psycho fiancee. Get this readers, ol’ Turkey Penis is in JAIL! I knew she was bad news. My brother and I had a long talk and patched things up. He knew I was concerned for him, and coming from a place of love, he just didn’t want to see it at the time. Very grateful to have him back!

This coming weekend we have another birthday party to go to! Then, on April 8th, GEEKY IS COMING!!! OMG, OMG I’m so excited to have her and her family visit. It has been over a year since I last saw her. I could not be more excited. I just hope we get a break from all this rain so we can have a proper visit.

In the mist of all the excitement, work has been full on crazy pants. We are moving our office, and there’s tons of construction going on in the district. My poor boss seems to be a total stress case, and I for one just cannot wait til it’s summer. We’ll get a break from some of the drama, and more importantly, I’ll be up for that big promotion. Fingers crossed it happens!

Match also interviewed with a potential closer to home apprenticeship. I’ve got fingers, toes, arms, everything crossed that he gets it. His hour long commute is driving us all crazy, and I know he’s miserable. At least he loves the work, but it’d be so nice having him home more!

What’s new in your world, readers? How have you been?

Pumpkin Patch With the Cousins

Yesterday I met up with my step sister-in-law and my 3 nephews for a fun play date at the pumpkin patch. It was round 2 for Piglet, and I had hoped to get better smiley pictures. He is battling yet another cold (oh how I miss the nursing immunities!) and so he wasn’t cheeking for the camera. But he did have a great time running around with his older cousins. I love how sweet the boys are with him, and how well they get along.

Fotor0103021454 Fotor01030214626

It’s crazy sometimes to look at them and know they aren’t actually related to Piglet by blood. He looks so much like them! The way I see it, family is family. Sometimes when we all get together, strangers ask if all 4 are mine. I love the herd of boys, but oh boy that would be a handful full time!

It was such a fun day, and I cherish the times I get to spend with these four sweet boys!

Happy Easter!

Yesterday Piglet celebrated his first Easter. We spent the day with my stepbrother and extended step family that I’ve recently reconnected with. It felt really good to be around family for the holiday. Piglet had such a great time playing with his cousins! He also went on his very first Easter egg hunt, and even found an egg all by himself!

He wasn’t so sure about his cousin’s bunny hat. I think he was afraid I’d put it on him, like I did at the store.



Here’s Piglet’s bunny hat from the day before, at Old Navy. He was not too pleased.


Fun playtime and egg hunting with the cousins! Fotor042193230

Happy Easter to all!

My Family is Back!

It’s crazy to think that Match has been back for almost a week now. We’ve been so busy with family time that I didn’t get time to blog. His flight got in late Monday night, and Tuesday morning I went to Zumba while he took on daddy duty. He tried the whole I’m tired from traveling ploy, and I just said, “Oh yeah? I’m tired from being a single parent for 5 days! Boom!” Hehehe. But seriously, he was happy to help out, and couldn’t wait to spend time with his little man. He’s been extra helpful to me this past week, and he made sure to tell me over and over again how grateful he is for all that I do. Damn straight 😉

Tuesday night we went out for a family date. Piglet did a great job at the sushi restaurant we love. I can’t believe how much he’s grown since the last time we went there. Last time he could barely fit in the high chair, and look at him now!


The past few days have been full of piggy back rides, play time in the park, snuggles, and lots of cuddle time with Daddy. Match missed his little boy so much, and Piglet was over the moon to have Dada back. One night this past week while doing his bedtime routine, Match was hugging Piglet, and I swear Piglet said, “My dada.” Holy cuteness!!


I loved my bonding time with my little monster, but there is nothing like having my family back together. We’re at the tail end of Match’s work week, and I can’t wait for more family bonding time. In other awesome news, Match heard back from our city’s police department! They are moving forward, and they said they will have set up a meeting in the next couple of weeks to give him his written conditional offer. We still have a couple of hoops to jump through, but it’s moving forward, and we are so excited!