Halloween Party, the Pumpkin Patch and Fall Days

We hosted our annual Halloween Costume Party a couple of Saturdays ago. I love that this has become a tradition for us! As usual, Piglet picked out the theme of our costumes. This year we were an ocean family. Match’s costume is my favorite! Also I love that Piglet announces proudly that he’s not just a killer whale, but an ORCA! ­čÖé That boy loves his sea animals! Oh, and in case you can’t tell, I’m Mommy Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!

We had some new faces this year, and the families from the neighborhood. I’m so grateful for our “hood” and having this little tribe to help raise our boy.


The kids went a little feral!

We took Piglet to a different Pumpkin Patch this year. I loved getting lost in the corn maze, drinking apple cider, and just being together as a family.

It has been unseasonably warm here, and we’re soaking up the sun for now. Call me crazy, but I am looking forward to colder days. Still, the sun is beautiful, and since it’s been dry, Piglet has been enjoying making “leaf angels”.

Match has been working out of town on a long distance job. He’s been gone 4 days a week, leaving early Monday and coming home late evening Thursdays. It’s been hard having him gone, and it makes these sweet family weekends even more special. I’m grateful for video chat and the ability to stay connected even when he’s away from home. I can’t wait for this job to be done so we can have him back home with us every night!

How’s your October, readers? Are you soaking up this time of year? It’s my absolute favorite.

Fall Family Photos

I love fall. It’s absolutely the best time of year. It comes a little late here in Northern California, especially where we live in the valley. It’s not as crisp and cool as I’d like, but at least it’s finally below 90s. The leaves are slowly changing, and I can finally wear my favorite boots.


It was the perfect day to load up Piglet and Monkey, and take a drive to the country for some family photos.

Does anyone know the trick to getting a kid to smile for a tripod? Seriously, these photos would have been amazing, except for Mr. Pouty Face.



At least he cooperated when one of us was behind the camera.


The day would not be complete without an awkward family photo. I tried to get Monkey in the picture, and well…there you go.



We also snagged a couple shots by ourselves, while Piglet attempted to knock over the tripod. I’m surprised these turned out as good as they did.


Note to self for next time: wear jeans that fit better. Those jeans gave me total mom butt.┬áBut I still love all the pictures. It was such a fun day with my family! PS: How ridiculously cute are those baby carharts? I couldn’t get enough!




Halloween Decor

Do you remember last year when Match got the awesome idea to hang cut out leaves for Thanksgiving? Then we followed that with snowflakes for Christmas? Well this year he suggested bats for Halloween. I love how the simplest of decorations can make the biggest impact.


On a walk recently, a neighbor of ours was cleaning out his garage and asked if we’d like an old kite he had. Not only is it an awesome kite, but it doubles as a great Halloween decoration! Piglet loves to point at it when we walk downstairs.



I got a little crafty and painted a spooky Halloween scene to hang up on the wall.


I also had Match and Piglet get in on the act, and we put up our ghostly footprints. Somehow the way Match put his foot down, it looks like his foot’s not that much bigger than mine. I assure you that I have very dainty little feet! If you look closely, I also added some Harry Potter potion labels, and a couple of book labels. Next year I’d like to go Harry Potter crazy!



The silhouettes are back up in the windows this year, and the signs are out front. I added a couple of gourds that Piglet loves to pick up and try to carry around on our walks.


I love decorating for the different holidays, don’t you?


Piglet’s Pumpkin


Last┬áMonday we took Piglet to the pumpkin patch. It’s the patch we go to every year, and we were so excited to bring Piglet now that he’s mobile. Last year he was just a 5 month old little peanut and this year he’s a rambunctious toddler. He also decided he was anti-camera, even though he normally cheesey smiles every time he sees a camera like object. It might not look like it, but I swear he really was having fun!


We lucked out and had a relatively cool afternoon, though I wish it had been even colder. It was nice to finally wear jeans! I attempted to get a family photo. Anyone know a trick for getting a kiddo to smile for a camera set on timer? There’s no one to make goofy faces and get him to laugh!



We had a great time once again at the pumpkin patch. I’m hoping to bring him to a couple more before the end of the month. Don’t you just love this season?




Piglet’s First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Last week we took Piglet to the pumpkin patch. Last year I had just found out I was pregnant with our little pumpkin.  This year we were so excited to finally be bringing our little baby to the patch.

ppatch1We had so much fun wandering around the patch. Piglet had so much fun spending time with Mommy and Daddy. I’m not sure if he even noticed the pumpkins, but we definitely got some big smiles out of him!


These last two pictures are my favorite. I think they capture the happiness we were all feeling. I love Fall, and our sweet lil pumpkin baby!



I love the magic of fall, as the leaves ┬áchange their color and the air grows cooler. I’m looking forward to snuggling up under blankies, to warm apple cider, and the holidays just around the corner. Piglet finally being here makes it all that much more special.