SPT-The Elusive #8

Well, it’s no secret. Our city is under siege by a graffiti vandal known as, “El Barto”. Police artist have a composite sketch to go over and if anyone has any information, please contact us immediately. -Chief Wiggum, The Simpsons

I can’t believe we have two more SPT 8 challenges left. Who would have thought one little number would be so evasive? Luckily I bring my cell phone with me everywhere, and I managed to snap a shot while walking Monkey. My firefighter boyfriend can tell you the exact name of this contraption. Me, I just call it the hydrant looking thingy. Anyways, what first caught me was the “El Barto” tag. I just thought it was funny and ridiculously old school. img00022

As I walked towards it to get a better look, low and behold! The elusive 8! So there ya have it. El Barto struck again. I know, kind of a random, boring SPT, but at least I didn’t take a picture of Lortone rock tumblers or something. But with the struggles I’m having finding 8s, I just might have to.img000231