Couple Wife and Ladies Night Out

Dick: I’m sure you can defeat a simple door lock.
[Tommy breaks through the window with his hand and unlocks the door]
Dick: What are you doing?! Now this is breaking and entering! It’s illegal!
Tommy: What’d you expect me to do? Beam you in? –3rd Rock From the Sun

So Saturday night was girl’s night out with Couple Wife and two of her friends. We met up at this bar in town that’s kind of a chic cabana style bar. It’s all done up in tropical decor, and smells like coconuts when you walk in. It’s even a little bit humid to add to the ambiance. I imagine it’s what a bar in cancun hotels would be like. I was nervous at first about what the girls would think of me. I’d met them both twice before, once at CW’s baby shower, and once again at her Prom party, but we never talked. We mingled, but I never actually had a conversation with them. These girls are always dressed to the nine, makeup perfect, not a hair out of place, so I was nervous! Continue reading Couple Wife and Ladies Night Out

Being a Part of the Group

Bart: Dad can I have some wine? All the other kids are doing it! (Camera cuts to a French baby drinking from a bottle of wine)
Homer: Sorry son. You’re an American kid. You have to get your booze from an older creep hanging outside the liquor store. –The Simpsons

Friday night Match and I went over to Old Married Couple’s house a quiet dinner, that turned out to be one of the most fun times we’ve had with them. Between the four of us, we somehow managed to drink six and a half bottles of wine! Continue reading Being a Part of the Group