Playing Dress Up

Robin: [She and Lily come out in fancy dresses] All right, what do you think?
Barney: [Looks up] Horrible.
Lily: You’re gonna make such a great dad.
Barney: You look so classy and nice, you’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Have you seen how the kids are dressing these days. With the Ashley and the Lindsay and the Paris. They all dress like strippers. It’s, “Go ho or go home.” So ladies… slut up!

Yesterday I am pretty sure I changed outfits about a hundred times. No I wasn’t trying to figure out what to wear, I was shopping, and then later in the day I was trying on old dresses that belonged to Match’s sister. Either way I felt like a barbie being tossed around by a little girl the way I had to do so many costume changes. But it was actually kind of fun. Continue reading Playing Dress Up