My Parents’ Visit aka Project Week

I’m gonna to have to reinvent you. Break you down completely, and build you up from scratch. -Jenna, 30 Rock

My parents just left this morning, and I’m happily re-cooperating from their 6 day visit. So much of the visit was wonderful, but 6 days is a long time to have house guests, and it is so nice having the place to myself again.

While they were here, they gave us a wonderful gift-built ins for the family room! They turned out better than I ever could have hoped. The room looks so cozy and put together now. Here’s a few shots of my worker bees getting everything built.

And here is a terribly fuzzy before shot. from Halloween, but it shows how we had it decorated prior to the built ins. See how cluttered it made the room, having Monkey’s crate in there? The dark bookcases made the room look so small as well. I could kick myself for not taking better before shots!


And here is the room now. I am so in love with how it turned out! I love having the tv off the floor stand display and mounted on the wall. I think it makes it almost look like it’s in it’s own frame. I can’t wait to fill the shelves with fun knit knacks too.

Aren’t they beautiful? My Pops did an amazing job. We are so grateful that all we paid was the cost of materials, and then we fed them for the week. 🙂 It was a steal!

Now we’re doubly motivated to paint our kitchen cabinets white to match. But I think those will have to wait til after Piglet is born.

The rest of the trip we managed to squeeze in some relaxation time by the firepit, and we enjoyed lunch downtown. My mama took me shopping, and she bought Piglet’s baby shower gift early-a pack ‘n play! It’s so cute, and it’ll be perfect for travel and for when Piglet is a newborn and sleeping in our room.

Even though my mom and I had a mini argument or two regarding Piglet and when she’s going to visit (more on that later) all in all it was a great week. I’m so grateful for my parents and all of their help. It was so nice having them in our home and being able to work on a project together.

Now I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas next month!!

Show Us Your Find-Garage Rescue

Whenever we go visit Match’s parents, his mother always tries to pawn her castoffs onto us. She is really funny about it-she talks them up, and really puts the pressure on. Most of the time I can’t stand the stuff she wants to give me, for the same reason she wants to get rid of it. But once in awhile there are a few treasures she’s given us. This time, it was a pair of old stools she thought we might want for our garage.

She thought they’d be good as work stools, but I knew that with a coat of paint I could make them shine again, and would be perfect for seating in our kitchen. So I set to work, in the garage, on Sunday afternoon. It was SO HOT that day. It didn’t take me long to sand them, but when I was done, I was super sweaty. So this DIY doubled as a workout!

After a couple of coats of paint, this is how they turned out. I think they look so great in our kitchen.

Everyone always gathers in the kitchen, and now we have a place for people to perch. Eventually I really want to paint our cabinets the same color as the stools. But for now I’m going to take a little break from painting!!

Finally Finished My DIY Project

Stoick: Uh, you go first.
Hiccup: No, no, you go first.
Stoick: All right. [takes another deep breath] You get your wish. Dragon Training. You start in the morning.
Hiccup: Oh man, I should have gone first! Uh, ’cause I was thinking… You know, we have a surplus of dragon-fighting Vikings. But do we have enough… bread-making Vikings? Or small home repair Vikings? –How to Train Your Dragon

The doors and baseboards are DONE! With just barely any time to spare, as Monica, Chandler and Tahoe Girl will be here tonight! I painted 10 doors, and then all of the baseboards in the entire first floor. The baseboards were by far the toughest. All the hard work paid off though. Check them out! I feel like the new look has brought the house into this decade.

It’s amazing how just a little white makes the tan of the walls pop. I feel like our wedding photographers raleigh nc pictures on the wall really stand out now.

I love how the doors lighten up the upstairs. We often close the doors to prevent Monkey from getting his hair everywhere, and these white doors make it look less cave-like.

Remember way back when I painted the bathroom cabinets? Doesn’t the white make the mocha just pop? Well worth the hard work!

Now I just have to tackle our outlets and switches, which should be an easy fix. I’m planning on doing frames around the bathroom mirrors and then all three bathrooms will be completely updated.

Now I’m so tempted to tackle the kitchen cabinets and paint them as well. I think I’ll have to wait until we get new lighting. My back needs a little break from all this painting. Who knew it was such a workout too? My arms are so sore!

DIY Updated Doors

Wilson: You can’t change a table.
House: Actually you can. You just need a bucket of paint and the guts to use it.-House

This month I’m on a mission to complete as many of my DIY projects around the house as I can. I’m motivated by an upcoming summer party we’re having next month. I don’t want to be like those people that only update and fix up their house the way the want it when they’re ready to sell. Why do people do that? It always seems so sad to me because they never get to enjoy it. Of course if Match had his way, we’d strike it rich, donate house to charity, or rent it out, and then move to the country. I’d love that too, someday. But in the meantime, I’m determined to get our home out of the 80s and up to date. I’m so proud of all we’ve already done, and with each project I cross off the list, I’m more and more happy with it.

This week I’m tackling our interior doors. I forgot to take a before picture of the office door, but this is what all of the doors in our home look like:

Don’t you just love the gold door knobs? I hate the color too, it just doesn’t go with the paint and trim in the house. At first I thought about buying new doors from Home Depot, but the cost added up. It also felt like a waste because even though they are ugly, the doors are completely functional.

So with a little interior gloss paint, and some spray paint for the knobs, this is what the first door looks like:

I love how much it updates the house, and it was fairly simple. Though I will say it took quite a few coats of paint. I still have 9 more doors to do, and they all take awhile. Hopefully I’ll be done before our party in July. I can’t wait to see how the house looks when they’re all done!

What have you updated in your house lately?