Master Bath Makeover

I’m so excited you guys. We replaced the flooring in our master bathroom! Bye, bye ugly old linoleum and hello luxury vinyl plankflooring. I love how it turned out. Of course I now wish we could rip out the shower and update it, but there’s only so much we can do. I love looking at the before, from when we first moved in, with that hideous “murder room” red that was going in in the bathroom.

There’s a beachy vibe to the room now, and it feels much bigger. I plan on framing the mirror with white molding to complete the space.


Our next project is going to be to replacing all the hard surface flooring in the living room, kitchen and hallways with this same flooring. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I know the end result will be worth it. This is one project I wish we could hire out, but I’m on a deadline since we’re hosting Thanksgiving (eek!) so I want it done asap. Lucky for me, Match is motivated too.

Why the sudden urgency to do this project? Well…let’s just say I had the sick day from hell a couple weeks ago. I went to do a load of laundry before napping, and decided to clean the front loader filter. They put those warnings on the filter to tighten it down for a reason, people!! 30 minutes later I was sloshing across the carpet and hating my life.


So now we’ve got ruined carpet in the hallway, which we’ve been wanting to replace for awhile. Just wish it hadn’t been this enforced timeline! It was a terrible, no good, very bad day. Just glad Match wasn’t too angry with me! Notice the ugly linoleum in the kitchen. Can’t wait to get rid of that too!

But back to the makeover. Here’s a closer look at the before (we got rid of those ugly red walls before we even moved in). I love the blue, it’s “Caught in the Rain” by Sherwin Williams. We also chalk painted the vanity white, which ties in with our kitchen cabinets. But those floors, though.


My amazing hubby, doing all the hard work. I did rip out the baseboards and do all the prepping, but he did the majority of this project. He’s a keeper, that one!


After, with my beautiful new flooring:

dsc_0881I cannot wait to finish the rest of the house!




TTUT-My House in Chaos

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • My house is in chaos with this painting project. We only have two doors up, and all of the bathroom doors are being painted. For the first time my house is NOT company ready.
  • Monica, Chandler and Tahoe Girl are coming to visit on Wednesday. Ack! This means I have to get at least one bathroom door put up by then.
  • My OCD demands that all of the doors be finished by then.
  • For once I’m grateful for the heat. Dry paint DRY!!
  • This project has made me add to our ever growing list of DIY projects, and projects we need to save up for to have a contractor do. Why didn’t we buy gold bars when our friend gave us that advice a few years ago? We’d actually have the money to pay someone to do all of this stuff.
  • I guess the DIY part is pretty satisfying when it’s all done.
  • Hopefully I get these doors finished by tomorrow. Or I’ll be seeing a lot more of my house guests than I would like!

The DIY Project List

Is it just me, or when you start a to do list, or projects, you end up adding more items than you cross off? I started out with this big list of things I wanted to do to the house, and after a trip to Home Depot, Match and I added even more to the list than we started with. But I’m so excited for what we have planned for our summer DIY projects.

I love the touches we’ve already made, like the bamboo shades in the guest room and nursery. Here’s a list of what we’re hoping to do this summer:

1. Paint over the red trim on the exterior of house with white
2. Restain the deck white
3. Paint the bedroom and bathroom doors white

I’m sensing a white theme, but trust me it’s going to look amazing. I can’t wait to post before and afters. I started one of the doors, and it’s going to take a lot longer than I thought, but it’ll be worth it.

Masterbath Updates and More Spraypaint

Tao: What makes a good marriage? I think patience.
Mrs. Tao: Patience. And separate bathrooms.-The Closer

We updated the lighting in our master bathroom finally! No more flickering humming fluorescent light bulbs. No more looking like death when I put on my makeup. While Match was busy trying not to punch holes in our wall out of frustration, I was working on our towel racks and toilet paper holder. I wanted everything to match the new fixture and new racks are crazy expensive. So for less than $8 I think these turned out pretty great!

Didn’t Match do an amazing job with the light fixture? I am toying with giving him welding equipment and a fancy set of tools for his birthday next month. But then again, that would just be a present for me wouldn’t it? 😉

We are going to stain the vanity an espresso color to match the fixtures and towel holder. We also want to build a frame to go around the mirror. I love the way it’s all coming together. With every little project we’re putting our mark on this house. It’s a great feeling!