Designer Clothing for the Fashionably Challenged

Vern: I can’t believe one dress could cost so much.
Gabrielle: Well, I want to look fabulous tonight when Victor’s elected mayor.
Vern: Yeah, but isn’t it bad luck to buy a dress for a victory party before the election?
Gabrielle: Vern, focus. It’s never bad luck when I look fabulous. –Desperate Housewives

I am fashionably challenged. I am a tee shirt and jeans wearing kind of girl. I am slowly starting to get in touch with my feminine side and I have actually started wearing dresses.  I have never been into brand names or carried about designer anything but I will admit that some of the more expensive clothing does last longer. When I found my fabulous Calvin Klein dress that I wore to Match’s graduation party I was hooked.

Ever since then I have been looking for stores that carry discount designer clothing.  I stumbled across where they have all of the big designers from Prada including adorable prada shoes, as well as DKNY, Calvin Klein, and loads of designers that a fashion challenged girl like myself has no clue about. They have huge discounts too! I am the type of girl who wouldn’t dream of paying much for jeans, regardless of how fabulous they make my ass look, so this website is right up my alley.

Now I just need someone to help me figure out how to put together an outfit. That’s always been my weakness.

What to Wear for Match’s Graduation

Parker Scavo: What’cha doin’?
Lynette Scavo: Oh, deciding what to wear my first day back to work. Do I look fat in this?
Parker Scavo: I think you look good in everything!
Lynette Scavo: Wow, you father’s taught you well. –Desperate Housewives

Alright guys, I need your help. With Match’s graduation just under 6 weeks away, I have of course become obsessed with what to wear. I know these are going to be pictures we look back on for decades, so I want to wear something that’s flattering and timeless. I’m also trying to make sure it doesn’t clash with Match’s dress uniform. This is not an easy task, because Match’s uniform is green and grey. What the heck matches that?

Here’s Match trying on his dress uniform before it was fitted.

Here is a dress I was thinking about wearing.

I’ve only worn it one time. I tried the dress on yesterday and it still fits, but it’s a little snug. But rather than resort to oxyelite or some other diet pill, I’ve been kicking up my workouts. I figure in 6 weeks I can drop at least a couple of pounds.

I could always go with something new since it is a pretty special occasion. I would love some suggestions of where to look, what color of dress, etc.

Breaking Out Like a Teenager

“I HAVE DONE NOTHING TO BE FORGIVEN FOR! I was a fantastic wife! When he was sick, I nursed him. When we were low on money, I stayed within a budget. I cooked his meals. I mended his clothes. For the love of god, I used to check his back for acne. And that miserable son of a bitch has the nerve to understand and forgive me? Well, the joke’s on him, because I do not understand, and I do not forgive.” -Bree, Desperate Housewives

I’m taking my New Year’s resolution seriously and I’ve been hitting the gym with a new found motivation. Maybe it’s how good I feel after I work out, or more likely it’s this pretty shiny thing on my left hand. Match did an imitation of me running with my hand outstretched and a ridiculous smile on my face that was sadly pretty much dead on!

So what has my reward been from all of this extra fitness and taking care of myself? Bacne. That’s right folk-my body has decided to reward me with lovely zits all over my chest and back. WHY?! It’s just cruel. I’m hoping it will level out once my body gets used to the new routine and I don’t have to resort to going on acne pills in my later twenties. I can only hope that it’s just a phase. Otherwise I’m going to have to start shopping for a dress like this:

Anyone else out there experiencing this issue when they started up a workout routine? Any advice?

Funny Photo Friday-Bored Guy Gets Weird

You think you were bored? I’ve had more thrills leaning up against my dryer.-Edie, Desperate Housewives

Match and I found this website a few months back when we were spending a quiet evening at home. I was bored, so I typed bored into google. This crazy website came up, and it had Match and I rolling on the floor laughing. I don’t know what it is-just the fact that this guy was that bored. If you read about the website, apparently this guy was doing diploma work. I’m not sure what the diploma work was on, but kudos to this guy for cracking us up on a Friday!

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