The Guest Room

So I’m completely obsessed with homemade chalk paint now. I mean where has this been all my life?? I would have done so many more projects at our first home.

Here’s the guest room desk that I made over recently.


I scored this desk at the good will for $10! I am so happy with how it turned out, and that I managed to find a desk to fit our small guest space. The after picture isn’t the greatest. I forgot to take one of just the desk before putting everything on it, but you get the idea:





It’s a simple room, but I like to think it’s homey. Here’s the sign I re-painted, also with chalk paint.


Now if we could just get a couple overnight guests. Geeky and her family are talking about coming over for a visit soon! I really hope they do. I haven’t seen her and her family since January. Do you have a guest room? Does anyone ever use it?


My Workout/Wedding Central Room

I’m supposed to attach a brackety thing to the side things, using a bunch of these little worm guys. I have no brackety thing, I see no whim guys whatsoever and… I cannot feel my legs. -Ross, Friends

I may have mentioned that Match and I have a spare bedroom at our duplex. It used to hold our love seat, and was supposed to be a reading room/crafts type room, but I never sat on the love seat in there. So we moved it out to the living room, and I got rid of the big table, and replaced with with a desk. A desk that after many hours of grueling labor, sore fingers, and the need for me to take joint pain relief after kneeling for so long, is finally put together. And I told Match that we’re never again buying a build it yourself desk. We’re using this one until we’re rich enough to get a real wood desk and it’s getting delivered! Continue reading My Workout/Wedding Central Room