Birthdays, Babysitters, and Brews

March has been quite the social month for us! We kicked off the first sunny spring day we’ve had in weeks with a epic trip to the park with a bunch of Piglet’s friends. It was like the most adorable biker gang ever!

We have had a couple of fun date nights now that we have a couple of regular babysitters. The first was in Portland, going to visit some high school friends of mine. She took us around town to different breweries to sample their brews. We will definitely be going back!

We also had a fun date night with Fliz, playing Cards Against Humanity, and then yesterday we had a working date day, helping her dismantle her deck.

Here’s Match pretending he was ordering me around while I worked. Truth is he worked his booty off too! I am excited for Fliz and her house addition project this spring.

Now that Piglet is in Preschool, I swear we have a birthday party to go to at least once every 2 weeks. Not that I’m complaining, because he loves them! But it does seem to busy up our weekends here lately. We had a birthday party at the local play house in town last weekend, a party today at the bowling and another birthday party this coming weekend.

We also just celebrated my oldest nephews birthday on Tuesday. This was even more special because it marked the first time I was able to see my niece, nephew and brother in 3 months. He finally broke up with his psycho fiancee. Get this readers, ol’ Turkey Penis is in JAIL! I knew she was bad news. My brother and I had a long talk and patched things up. He knew I was concerned for him, and coming from a place of love, he just didn’t want to see it at the time. Very grateful to have him back!

This coming weekend we have another birthday party to go to! Then, on April 8th, GEEKY IS COMING!!! OMG, OMG I’m so excited to have her and her family visit. It has been over a year since I last saw her. I could not be more excited. I just hope we get a break from all this rain so we can have a proper visit.

In the mist of all the excitement, work has been full on crazy pants. We are moving our office, and there’s tons of construction going on in the district. My poor boss seems to be a total stress case, and I for one just cannot wait til it’s summer. We’ll get a break from some of the drama, and more importantly, I’ll be up for that big promotion. Fingers crossed it happens!

Match also interviewed with a potential closer to home apprenticeship. I’ve got fingers, toes, arms, everything crossed that he gets it. His hour long commute is driving us all crazy, and I know he’s miserable. At least he loves the work, but it’d be so nice having him home more!

What’s new in your world, readers? How have you been?

Our “Date” Nights

Piglet is an early riser, sometimes as early as 6am. While I don’t always love the early wake up call, it also means he goes to bed early.


On Match’s days off,  we have our “date” nights at home. We don’t do anything too special, but we enjoy our quality grown up time together. Recently we’ve started playing chess. I’m absolutely terrible at it, but it’s fun.


On nice nights, we sit outside, and if it’s cool enough, we light a fire in our fire pit.

IMAG4962 IMAG4963

I love relaxing by the fire, talking with Match, listening to Irish music, and sipping a beer. We don’t have to go anywhere to have wonderful date nights. What do you do for your “date” nights in?


22 Weeks and a Bumpdate

Skip: How are you feeling?
Becca: I’m ok. Morning sickness has receded. I am having some really weird cravings though.
Skip: Don’t give into those. That’s the fetus fighting for dominance. -1600 Penn


Notice in the picture that we officially have a changing pad and cover. The cover a friend actually made for me herself. I love it! This whole 2nd trimester energy has been amazing. I am not as achy as I was during Piglet’s last growth spurt, and I feel like I’m able to accomplish a lot more in a day. I’m relishing being able to do  my normal activities and crossing items off my to do list. With this gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I’ve been doing a lot of weeding in the yard. Mostly I just plop my big butt on the ground and pull weeds while I sit, so I don’t do too much bending. It feels so good to be active and to get those reassuring kicks every day!

Match and I had a really fun week together. This was the first week where he hasn’t been hunting or doing an overtime shift at least one of his days off, so I had him all to myself for all 4 days! It felt almost like a vacation.

We went on a long drive out to the countryside, just because. We used to do drives like that all the time when we were first dating, and it felt nice to change up our routine. We stopped along the road to take pictures of the wildlife. We saw little lambs nursing from their mamas. They were so aggressive with her! I sure hope Piglet is a bit more gentle when he nurses!



We also saw cows, rabbits, a pheasant, and oddly enough…an ostrich! At first we thought it was an emu, but I did a google image search and I’m pretty sure this guy is an ostrich. Either way he’s a big ol’ bird and looks like something that belongs in the Prehistoric world.


We found a walking path and took Monkey out for a stroll.

P1070797 P1070798 P1070799

He loves nothing more than being off leash with us walking beside him. I love that little puppy grin!

Last night we went out to dinner, and decided to dress up a little bit. I have had this plaid dress forever, and it always looked too big on me. Now it barely fits!


We had a great week together and I’m loving these relaxing dates. I know so much of our lives will change when Piglet gets here, so for now we’re enjoying these moments as a couple. But we also cannot wait for the change and all of the new adventures we’ll have as a family! I like to think that Piglet will fit right in 🙂




#13. Explore Our New Town and County

Burton: You okay there?
Christine: Yeah, it’s my new date-night underwear. It just got to fifth base. –The New Adventures of Old Christine

Last weekend Match and I didn’t just cross off #47 on the Project 52 List, we also crossed off #13. Explore our New Town and County. This is something I hope to do more of throughout the year, but Saturday we went for a little drive and checked out the countryside. I thought moving to the East Bay meant goodbye to any semblance of nature. I pictured nothing but ugly buildings and shopping centers. True, there are a lot more people and a lot more places to shop in the East Bay, but there are still parks and some beautiful back country roads.

I wish I’d brought our Nikon binoculars to really get a good look at the mountain but the drive was still beautiful. I can’t wait to go back and do a hike up Mount Diablo. After we drove around checking out the scenery, we stopped at a small bar and grill for dinner.

The food was so tasty, and the servers were really friendly. We people watched and relaxed over beers and burgers and relished in the fact that we didn’t have to work on Monday. The grill was one of those places that has crayons and paper placemats so we challenged each other to a couple of games of hangman while we polished off our beers. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting but we were cracking up.  It was a simple night out but it felt like when we first started dating. I love that as we settle into our married life we haven’t forgotten what it’s like to go on a nice date together.