New Concrete Counters

Keeping this DIY bug rolling, we finally got our counters replaced. We have been wanting concrete countertops for years, but we didn’t want to deal with the hassle of making them ourselves. We found a guy who did it for super cheap as a side business, provided we do our own demo, and Match had help from our neighbor friends for the install. They were beasts!

Here’s a lovely reminder of what it looked like when we moved in. Brown, leaf print formica. Why, just…why?

Also, remember that floor? And that cabinet color? I do not miss either of those.  While I waited for my counters, I used a laminate contact paper for a super cheap temporary fix. It looked good from far away, but up close it was pretty hideous.

I am so in love with them! I finally have my dream kitchen!

I think eventually we might do a true backsplash, but for now I’m happy with the blue color under the cabinets. I am also super happy with the sink. It’s HUGE! I could probably fit my five year old in it. I love the single sink, and the larger sprayer, and pull down faucet. It even has a strainer grate, so I don’t have to look at the dishes drying on the counter anymore.