Christmas Party in the City

Rodger Bailey: I’ve closed the surgery early, for Christmas!
Ben Harper: Are you totally insane? This is our busiest time of the year, all the cracked teeth from the nuts, the smashed mouths from all the office party punch ups. Yes, this is the dentist’s season to be jolly. –My Family

Sushi. Jazz. Alcohol. So. That was my work party this year. Its these once a year events that make me feel bad for wishing for a better career. I had such a blast at my company’s Christmas party! We had so many laughs-between my coworkers Santa hat and attached beard IMG_7181

to drinking far too much comped wine with my coworkers. I only wish we could have found a sitter for Monkey because we had fun and it was hard to come home. My coworkers had offered us a room at the hotel they were staying at, but it’s probably good that we didn’t. I woke up pretty hung over as it was! Continue reading Christmas Party in the City