Friday Confessional-Date Girl the Playa

I’m up on burners, playa. Too many crazies have my old numbers, so now I’m all about disposable cell phones. I’ll use one for a while, have my fun, then dump it and get a new one. Then I’ll do the same with my phone. – Barney, How I Met Your Mother

I confess…

That I may have a lot of confessions to share after my college mini reunion tomorrow. My buddy Moose called me up and is planning a little wine tasting and BBQ in Napa. I’m going to meet up with him and a few of his fraternity brothers I knew my freshman year of college, as well as a few of his new friends.

I confess…

That I haven’t seen two of these guys in over 8-9 years. They know me as “Oregon” the wild and crazy always the life of the party Freshman.

Exhibit A:

I was also quite the player. I used to have a motto Freshman year: If I dump them first I can’t get hurt. Yeah…ask me how well that plan worked!

I confess…

I wonder if they’ll like the more subdued, married and a little less wild me.

I confess…

That I’m also self conscious because I’m no longer a size zero. Oh to have the metabolism I did 10 years ago!

Exhibit B:

I confess…

That if we wine taste for long enough, Oregon just might make an appearance. But we’ll see. Match can’t make it because he has a forced training day they just sprung on him. GRRRR! So I promised I’d come home that night, so I’ll have to limit the drinking.

I confess…

That I really wish he could be there to meet my old friends. At the same time there will probably be a lot of old stories being thrown around, and maybe some I’d prefer he didn’t hear. 😉  I think everyone else is parred off and either married or settled down, so I don’t think I’ll be too out of place. It has been 9 years,  hopefully they’ve matured a little too!

SPT-Something Old

I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties. -Samantha, Sex and the City

This month’s SPT challenge is really cute. It goes with the upcoming wedding season, and I’m sure you can guess the rest of this month’s challenges.

Now for my something old-I chose an old picture of my very shiny toenails and my pup Monkey at my Cinco De Mayo Party in 2006. He’s going to be 6 this summer, which means next year he’ll be a senior dog, and definitely no longer a puppy, sniff. He looks so much younger in this picture! Oh, yes I still wear that purple shirt. Maybe it’s time for new clothes for Date Girl? Also note the very very outdated linoleum. Talk about old!


I also thought this picture was fitting, because it reminds me of all the old wild parties we used to have during my college years. That party in particular was crazy-it included homemade pinatas filled with cigarettes and condoms  (not my idea!!), wild drunken people, and me about two jeans sizes smaller, sigh. n33200666_30161775_617

I know three years ago isn’t “old” but it feels like it was centuries ago, compared to how I am spending my Cinco this year: curled up on the couch with my laptop, Monkey asleep at my feet, and most of all, QUIET! I do miss the wild parties at times, but I don’t think I could stay awake for anything on a weeknight. Here it is not even 10 and I’m already falling asleep. Maybe I’m just getting “old”. 😉