TTUT-Reconnecting With an Old Friend

My first college party – drinking piña coladas with a dude and talking about math. -Wallace, Veronica Mars

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • Friday night I met up with an old friend of mine from college, Party Planner. We hadn’t seen each other in 6 years, but it was as if no time had passed. She couldn’t stop touching my belly and Piglet was very generous with his kicks for her.
  •  She was a friendship I lost when I was stuck in a terribly abusive relationship post graduation. I let so many of my friendships go, mostly out of embarrassment. I didn’t reach out to her because I was afraid she would think I was a jerk for disappearing the way I had. Luckily for me, she saw it more as losing touch. She didn’t know about the guy being abusive, and I didn’t know about some hard things she’d been going through. It felt so good to clear things up.
  • We also had a heart to heart about Roo, and as it turns out her best friend just lost their daughter at full term in January. Party asked me for my advice, and I shared with her the positive lessons I’ve learned from our experience. It felt like fate that I would happen to reconnect with my friend during this time. Hopefully my advice will help her friend, but truly only time will make the pain get easier to bear. My heart aches for her friend, and I just wish I could wrap her up in a big hug.
  • We had a great time reconnecting and reminiscing about the past. We recalled our epic parties, and how even in college we always put a lot of thought and planning into our parties. She’s actually now a professional event planner, and it’s so perfect for her (hence the nickname Party Planner).  This picture was from my 23rd birthday, and our “couple” pose.



I managed to dig up this gem of a picture. What the HELL are we doing? I think I was trying to cover my spare tire and butt from being photographed, and failing miserably. 6

  • Sadly in our eagerness to catch up, we forgot to take new pictures. Pictures now would be a lot less wacky! We had a great visit and I hope we get to do it again soon.

Match’s College Buddies

Lem: Do you think wildly erratic emotions could be a residual effect of the energy patch?
Phil: Hard to tell. This is the problem when the company will only pay for testing on drunk frat guys.                                                                                                                        – Better off Ted

Tonight Match and I are going to hang out with some of Match’s old college friends, most of whom I’ve never met. Neither of us are huge fans of the bar scene, mostly because we’re just plain over it. Loud, smelly drunk people looking to hook up, who bump into me because they can’t see my towering 5ft frame can get old fast. At least California bars don’t allow smoking. At the bars in Oregon, I felt like I had mesothelioma lung cancer after being inside a bar for five minutes! So at least we don’t have that.

Hopefully Match’s friends will be fun, and not grouped into that obnoxious drunkard category. These friends of Match’s are old friends, some he hasn’t seen in years. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to that. I’ve always found the experience of seeing old college friends slightly strange. I was such a different person when I was in school than I am today. Sometimes I run into old acquaintances that are still stuck in the college mindset, with messy apartments and ramen in the cupboards. Others have grown up and have jobs and responsibilities. I can’t help but wonder too, when he does hang out with the friends that aren’t in committed “grown up relationships” will he be envious? Will he wish he was still in college and not quite so settled down? I know Match is happy with me and our little life, but I’m a girl, so of course I have my insecurities. I’m planning on glamming up tonight and bringing my A game, just to help remind him of how good we’ve got it.  You know, just in case. 😉