SPT-Something New

Chief: (seeing Sean and Mike play Scrabble) Look at this: A meeting of the minds and the minds are a no-show.
Tommy: (looking at the Scrabble board) Hmm. “Tag.” “Arm.” “It.” “Go.” That’s great guys.
Laura: Why even bother keepin’ score?
Mike: (placing tiles on the board) F-E-L-L. Read it and weep.
Sean: Oh, shit. How many points? (Sean and Mike just stare at each other, Mike takes a little time to figure it out)
Mike: Eight.                                                                                                    –Rescue Me

This week’s something new came from my sweet Coast Sister, who is always so thoughtful. For no reason at all, she sent me this adorable pendant. It’s a Scrabble tile on one side, and a picture of me and Match on the other.  Do you love how I took these pictures while driving? Eep. img00079img00080

I know Coast Sister is in a lot of my SPTs but it’s because even though she’s far away, she’s a big part of my life. I think one of the reasons our friendship has survivedthe distance and time apart is because of all the little things she does for me. Be it a friendly text, or something bigger, like her thoughtful gifts. Thank you so much for being my sister girl, I love you!!

SPT-Gift a Total Stranger

I didn’t post Tuesday for the SPT because I just didn’t get out and about around strangers. I saw Match and my coworkers so that was pretty much it. So today, I’m minding my own business, when I get a message from Coast Sister, asking if I can help out Lelly, the originator of the SPT, and also her boss. Now she’s not a complete stranger, but we’ve never spoken either through IM or in person. The most we’ve done is swap a few witty comments.
So it turns out that Lelly, who is the general manager of a Hampton Inns branch, had gotten herself a nasty spyware bug img00068-00000(probably from all that completely work related and in no way goofing off web surfing). Cue Date Girl aka IT Nerd to the rescue! I was able to get on her computer remotely (thank you technology!) and save the day.
It was fun to help out a stranger, and a good use of my IT nerd skills!

That picture says resolved, just in case you can’t see the text, and yes that’s my nubby little finger.