My Boyfriend the Manchild

Cristina: Stop pouting.
George: I’m not pouting.
Cristina: Oh please, I don’t even have to look at you, I can feel you pouting.Grey’s Anatomy

I’m trying to get all my Christmas shopping done early, but getting something for Match is going to be a challenge. I can’t just get him some generic sports gifts or things like that. It’s gotta be special, something big for our first Christmas together. Also, after Sunday night I’m more than a little gift shy.

See, it all started with Match and I going to see his parents, who just got back from Europe. I was excited because I really missed them-we get together about once a week for dinner, and we have a great time. The only problem is whenever we go over there, Match reverts to a little kid. He whines, he sasses, and in general, he’s a 10 year old. It’s usually not that bad, and I do understand it. No one can turn us into children quite like our parents. Still, I keep thinking that the more we go over there, the better it will get. This was not such an occasion.

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