TTUT-Project 52 Update Week 50

Grams: Not a good time, girls. I’m busy.
Paige: You’re dead.
Grams: Well, it doesn’t mean I can’t have a life. –Charmed

Tuesday? Whaa? Ok this month is going by too fast already. Sloooow down. Like IA, Seriously Shawn, and probably the rest of you, I’m feeling really behind in my blogging. I have so many fun things to tell you guys about, but things are crazy busy right now and I haven’t had much time to blog about it all.

I’ve also been awful about updating my Project 52 list. I will say that I haven’t forgotten about my dear old list. I’ve just been too busy checking things off to write about it. Here we are in the final month, and I have to say that while I haven’t done everything on the list, I did make a big dent in it.

Here’s what’s left to do:

Get at least 100 readers: I’m sad that this one didn’t get fulfilled, but I did go from I think 48 or so subscribers to 79. That’s a good solid jump, and I appreciate each and every one of you! Maybe next year I can hit that 100 mark. It would help if I were a better commenter too.

Take a CPR Class
Take a Cooking Class

-again sad to say but these probably won’t happen. With the move it was just a crazy year, and we’re pinching pennies now. I’m hoping after the new year I can sign up for at least the CPR class.

Go to the drive-in movie theater:
-well now that we’ve moved the drive in is pretty far away, so again not something I see happening anytime soon. Sad really since the price of the movies are so much less, and the experience is so fun!

Take a boat ride in San Francisco on Stow Lake:
this one is definitely not going to happen, as I ran it by Match and he hated the idea. Ha. So I will come up with something else for next year.

Go ice skating:
This will happen before the month’s end, mark my words. Match PROMISED he’d take me this year. I’ve only been begging him for the last 3.5 years to take me ice skating. It’s happening!!

Visit the zoo:
there is still time, and we live closer to the Sacramento Zoo now, which I would love to visit. I’ve never been and I’ve heard some good things about it. I’m hoping to sweet talk Match into going with me soon. Though all the animals will probably be hiding since it’s winter.

Sing a Song I’ve Never Sung Before at a New Karaoke Bar:
this one is so easy to do, and yet I just haven’t gone downtown yet. I am sure there’s karaoke somewhere in this new town of ours, and I just have to get out there and find it.

As for the reoccurring goals, there are some I’ve done a pretty good job of maintaining, such as making sure I use best buy coupons when I do my shopping,¬†and others I’ve failed miserably at. I’ll wait til the end of the year to do the full recap of those epic failures (and successes!) I’m already looking forward to making my list for next year.

Did you do a Project 52 list this year? Did you keep up with it?

Wishful Thinking Can Be Dangerous

Piper: You broke your ankle when you were seven. Come on Prue, we went to Duran Duran together, you stretched out my leg warmers.
Phoebe: And then you gave them to me. –Charmed

Sunday I couldn’t wait for Match to get home. I kept wishing that he were there with me when I was out grocery shopping and running errands. I wished we could go to the Halloween store together and pick out a costume. It’s crazy that Halloween is right around the corner. Even harder to believe when Safeway already has its artificial christmas trees and Christmas decorations all over the place. I really wish they’d put that stuff away until at least Thanksgiving. I love me some Christmas, but isn’t it a bit soon?

Anyways, I digress. I think I may have wished a little too hard for Match to be with me, because as soon as I got home from shopping, I had a text from Match saying he hurt his foot and needed a ride home. I called him up, and turns out he rolled his ankle really badly and wasn’t sure if it was broken. When I asked what heroic thing he was doing when it happened, he confessed sheepishly that he was playing basketball with the firefighters for their physical training. D’oh! Continue reading Wishful Thinking Can Be Dangerous

Auburn for Autumn

Paige: Ah, don’t worry, this blonde couldn’t hit the broad side of a beauty parlour. I mean, check out that dye job![The Stilman sisters gasp]Mabel: How dare you! –Charmed

I took the plunge and dyed my hair! It was supposed to be sort of a light brown, and it turned out auburn, so it has hints of red in it. Match absolutely loves it, and says it brings out the color of my eyes so much more than my old hair color. The weird thing is, it almost looks more natural than the natural color. I took Pink Jelly Baby’s advice and blurred my face so you could see the full effect of the hair. The blur effect makes my face look like it melted, and it’s super creepy. Try to look past that and see the hair. What do you think? You know, besides the creepy melting face?

Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:


Headed to the Beach House

Phoebe: You’ve got me, Jason Dean. I’m yours. So no more wooing.
Jason: Okay, no more wooing. I guess I’ll cancel out helicopter to Carmel for dinner.
Phoebe: No, no, no, maybe a little bit more wooing. –Charmed

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Match’s family is very different than mine. They have beautiful things, they enjoy wine and the finer things in life, and they have a beach house in Carmel they rent every summer. My family drinks beer and boxed wine, and camps out on the beach in the summer. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all! I love my family, but sometimes it’s nice to see how the other half lives.

Thursday morning Match and I are getting up bright and early, and taking the four hour drive to Carmel, to enjoy a much needed vacation. Because of the generosity of his parents, we get to stay in their vacation rental, relax on the beach, and we even get to bring Monkey. Continue reading Headed to the Beach House

My Brat Attack

Ooh, you’re an angry monkey. Ooh, you’re pissed! You’re…PMS monkey? -Phoebe, Charmed

I like to think of myself as a generally happy, upbeat person. I even like to think that normally I don’t fall prey to the perils of PMS. Unfortunately for Match, yesterday I think I got a double dose of bitch. The bad mood started out with getting quasi flaked on by Couple Friends. Continue reading My Brat Attack