Easter and the Carrot Cake

Maggie: I got you a present.
Sean: [looks in the bag] Two avocados?
Maggie: Yeah, well, I was tryin’ to come up with a peace offering, so I thought I’d bake you a cake or something only I don’t know how to cook or any of that sh!t, so I thought I’d go to the store and buy you a cake only they’re too expensive and I can’t go to my bakery because I told the guy that his cannolis tasted like cat piss. So I got the avocados, I think they’re ripe. –Rescue Me

Last night Match and I spent Easter dinner with the future in-laws. I made my first ever carrot cake for in honor of the bunny holiday. I was nervous because it was my first carrot cake, and also the first thing I’ve baked for the in-laws. Match’s dad is an amazing chef so I was worried he wouldn’t like it.
It turned out absolutely delicious; however my grandiose plans of making a beautifully decorated cake turned out…differently. Continue reading Easter and the Carrot Cake