TTUT-How to Not Clean for Company

Topanga: Oh, by the way, my parents are coming into town.
Cory: “Oh, by the way, my parents are coming into town”? Oh, by the way, Captain Titanic, the ship’s in two pieces!! -Boy Meets World

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • I’ve been anxious since Halloween. I went to the midwife checkup and I saw Piglet’s heartbeat, but I need confirmation from my Dr. that all is well.
  • The bleeding has stopped, and now I barely have spotting, which is a huge relief. Taking it very easy seems to be doing the trick.
  • This past Sunday I taught my second Sunday school class. I was exhausted by the end of the hour, but I had a great time. There was this adorable shy girl in the class, who barely spoke. By the end of class she’d warmed up to me, and sang along with the song I taught, and then surprised me with a huge hug when class was over. It was the sweetest thing!
  • Hope everyone voted today! Match and I are anxiously hoping a measure passes, as it could mean increased local police funds, and a chance to work closer to home. Fingers crossed!
  • My parents will be here on Saturday! I’m so excited for them to see our house for the first time.
  • It’s taking ALL of my willpower not to clean up in a frenzy. I know I’m not supposed to strain myself, and I’ve learned my lesson. But for my Virgoness, and because this is my MOTHER we’re talking about, it’s absolute torture. Hopefully I can bribe Match to take care of it. But let’s face it, his clean is not MY clean. If only I had it in the budget to hire a cleaning person for one day.
  • While they’re here, they’ve promised to help with a few projects around the house. I just need to relinquish control a little bit, which is so so hard for me. My mom promised to bring me a tiara and let me order them around from the couch, ha! 😉

Date Girl vs. The PS3

Minkus: Don’t you hate it when Mom and Dad fight?
Shawn: No. Into it.
Cory: Well, we won’t be fighting for long. I’ve got something that’ll take the fight right out of Mom. Read it and weep, Little Big Hair.
Topanga: [reading off Cory’s paper] “My model wife won’t care how dirty my room gets. She’ll always let me win at video games. She’ll play street hockey any time of the day or night.” Why don’t you just marry Shawn?
[Cory and Shawn look at each other]
Cory: Because our kids would look like horses. –Boy Meets World

Last weekend our Playstation 3 died. The thing is over 3 years old (you may remember I bought it on while on a date with Potential Guy) and sadly, that is old in electronics years. Don’t get me started on how nothing seems to last anymore. I had made the mistake of buying Match Call of Duty Black Ops for Christmas. Match is a dream come true when it comes to video games and sports. He has never been that guy that watches football all day on Sunday, or the guy who stays up all hours playing video games til his eyes dry out. No…the gamer/nerd in this relationship has always been me. I’m not a huge video game player, but I’ve been known to rock out on Guitar Hero or play the Wii from time to time or geek out on the computer. So when Match asked for Call of Duty Black Ops I thought cool, a way for him to blow off some steam. He’ll play it every once in awhile but not all of the time. When the PS3 kicked the bucket and stopped turning on, I thought, oh bummer, but not the end of the world. WRONG. Match got super depressed and has been mopey ever since. I’m a sucker for that puppy dog face and I’m also a cheapskate so I figured I would try my hand at fixing it.

Now you all know I’m a techy and that I deal with computers, but it is strictly on a software level. I have never been a person that took apart electronics and fixed them but I thought hell, why not at least try? I scored through countless websites and youtube tutorials to figure out what could be done about the PS3 that was well past its warranty. So this is what I ended up doing:

This my friends is what the inside of the Playstation 3 looks like, in case you care. 😉 I don’t either but now I can say I know more than any girl should ever know about the innards of this gaming system. I ended up taking a heat gun to the processing chip and following a few other youtube geek tips and then putting the thing back together. I really wish there were pictures of my mad scientist skills because it was rather funny. Mostly it was just me swearing a lot.

I wish I could report that I got the thing to work flawlessly but alas I did not. I did however to get it to turn back on, which was still a big success. I was able to reinstall the operating system, and put in a new and better hard drive. I could get it to go online, but it won’t read discs anymore, which of course is the whole point.

So the PS3 won this round, sort of. I was still able to make that little light turn green, on my first try at tinkering with electronics. I decided to keep the old PS3 and one of these days I may take another stab at it. I feel like I’m so close to fixing it that I can taste it. This isn’t over yet Playstation!

I took pity on Match today and ended up buying him the new PS3 as an early birthday present. I would have preferred to spend the money on a good couples gifts like couples massages or an overnight trip somewhere, but this face was worth it:

SPT-Crazy 8’s

Band guy: Hey, you. Busy?
Cory: You’re not gonna ask me to the dance, are you?
Band guy: What if I did?
Cory: I’d say, “Pick me up at eight, but no slow dances.” –Boy Meets World

My dear friend Coast Sister told me about this cute blog her boss has, that does a Tuesday challenge to all bloggers called “SPT”, which stands for Self Portrait Tuesday. So every Tuesday you post a self portrait, but the catch is there is a theme each month, and sometimes a weekly challenge. So this month, the theme is Crazy 8s. You can learn more about it at Lelly’s website. It’s a cute idea, and it will be quite the challenge for me, because as you know, I never post my face.

Here’s this week’s SPT-Match actually helped me come up with it. We saved our champagne corks from

img_4412the few times we’ve cracked open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. He put them together, and said, “does this count? It’s shaped like an 8.” So that’s me holding our champagne corks, and 8 is a significant number for us, because we met in 2008. Oh, and after I took the picture, he points to it, and says, “T sag, hahaha.” I won’t even get into the eighth grade humor behind that one. 😉