3 Years and Counting

Kids!? No! Don’t have kids! The rule is no kids until you’re at least 45. Don’t you EVER read my blog? It’s gotten a lot better. -Barney, How I Met Your Mother

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now. I just realized that March 1st was my blog’s 3 year blogoversary. Can you believe it?

Three years ago I was a single lady battling the dating world.

I was so tired of dating, and needed a place to showcase my battle scars. I started this blog as a journal and to somehow make sense of the craziness that was my love life. I never guessed that I would find a community; a home here on the internets.

Most of all I didn’t expect to make friends. I may not know you all by your real names and you don’t know mine, but I feel like we’re old friends. Some of you have been there from the beginning, and followed along as I went on ridiculous dates, met interesting men, had my heart broken,

and ultimately fell in love.

Here’s hoping I continue to make new bloggy friends and you continue to find my stories entertaining. I’ve loved getting to know you and I just want to say thank you for everything my lovely readers.

What a Year

Maggie: So, Sylvia, what did you and Morty do on your first anniversary?
Sylvia: We went to Puerto Rico.
Maggie: What about you, Yetta?
Yetta: We fled Poland.                                       –The Nanny

I was perusing my blog roll during the last part of the workday, checking to see what my fellow bloggers have been up to. I saw that Miss Brittany, the SuperGoddess just celebrated her blogoversary. I congratulated her and said, “I can’t wait til my own blogoversary.” I started to wonder when it was, thinking it must be at least 6 months away. So you can imagine my surprise when I looked through my archives and discovered it was yesterday! Continue reading What a Year