What a Year

Maggie: So, Sylvia, what did you and Morty do on your first anniversary?
Sylvia: We went to Puerto Rico.
Maggie: What about you, Yetta?
Yetta: We fled Poland.                                       –The Nanny

I was perusing my blog roll during the last part of the workday, checking to see what my fellow bloggers have been up to. I saw that Miss Brittany, the SuperGoddess just celebrated her blogoversary. I congratulated her and said, “I can’t wait til my own blogoversary.” I started to wonder when it was, thinking it must be at least 6 months away. So you can imagine my surprise when I looked through my archives and discovered it was yesterday! Continue reading What a Year

The 100th

History can be messy and painful but it’s not our destruction. If we’re lucky, it’s our foundation. You just have to work your way through the mess to find what matters, to find the pieces of your past you still want to carry with you, and sometimes, if you have just the right view and just the right castle, you can build the foundation for your new history, all by yourself. -Marin, Men in Trees

Wow, I can’t believe that this is my 100th post on The Date Girl Diaries. I have to say, I’ve never had so much fun writing a journal before. I am so happy that other people seem to enjoy reading it too. One thing I love about this blog is it gives me a chance to look back on my life and reflect. Also, I have a horrible memory, so it is great for helping me remember things, such as what Match and I did last week. 😉

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