A Case of the Mondays

Brenda: I mean, didn’t you guys used to have nightmares about taking your driver’s test?
Kelly: God, no. I passed with flying colors. I think some people are just born to drive. I mean, I think it’s in my genes.
Donna: Oh, please! You should have seen Kelly when she first got her license. For the first month, I felt like a crash test dummy.
Kelly: So, I had a few fender benders. That’s how you learn. –Beverly Hills, 90210

I’ve never been a big fan of Mondays, and today was a big reminder of why. I was on my lunch break headed to a wedding accessories shop to look for a guest book, and to a consignment shop to try to sell a few of my old dresses. On my way there, this lady pulls out of a parking spot, doesn’t bother to look, and plows right into the passenger side of my car!! I swore like a sailor and then pulled into a nearby parking lot and went through the whole insurance exchange routine. Luckily the driver was a very sweet woman who completely admitted it was her fault. We inspected the damage and her car had a tiny scratch. My car had a big dent in the side, and a scratch down the complete length of the car, but it was drive-able and the dent didn’t cause the fender to rub against the tire. I kept reminding myself that it could have been so much worse. Oh, and the topper? The consignment shop only took one of my dresses off my hands instead of all three. GRRR.

Hiking With Outdoor Couple

Cindy: And be extra careful on those deep hiking trails.
Brenda: We will.
Cindy: And be sure to head back to the camp well before dark!
Brenda: We will.
Cindy: And make sure those boys stay on top of you…when you’re hiking, that is.                                                                              –Beverly Hills, 90210

As I’ve mentioned before, Match and I are slowly getting to know a new group of friends. Couple Friends are a part of the group, along with Drama Chick and B. They’re a fun bunch, and the group mostly consists of couples, which is nice for us. We hung out a lot with one of these couples on Prom Night. It turns out they love going hiking and doing outdoor stuff as much as we do, so I’ve nicknamed them Outdoor Couple. Continue reading Hiking With Outdoor Couple