10 Weeks

Phil: Lem, you can’t hurt a baby.
Lem: Well, you can hurt them. They’re not indestructible.
Phil: I meant it’s morally indefensible.
Lem: Well, what if the baby killed a man?
Phil: You and your moral puzzles. I just love ’em. -Better Off Ted

Our appointment with the specialist went so well this week. He was very pleased with Piglet’s progress, and said the heartbeat was very solid and strong. He also thinks that since my bleeding is triggered by bending and lifting, that it might be just my cervix bleeding, and nothing internal, which is very good. I’m still going to be monitored every 2 weeks, but he said everything looks great.

He also said I’m ok to start doing a little bit more activity, but if I start bleeding again, to back off. So I’ll start out slow, and we’ll see!

If you look closely you can see Piglet’s little legs. She/he was kicking and waving his/her little arms. In just 2 weeks we get the NT scan and we’ll get to see Piglet up close and moving around for at least 30 minutes. I can’t wait!

After our visit we had a little impromptu photo shoot in the backyard, next to the rose tree we received from my father in honor of Roo. It’s been in full bloom since we found out about Piglet, and I like to see that as a sign just from her.

Please forgive the pajama pants. If you knew how comfortable they were you wouldn’t judge me! How cute is the look Monkey is giving me? It’s like he’s asking what’s in my belly. I love that little dog, and I love this baby!


Last Day of Work

So did you hear the latest office gossip? Ryan the security guard quit his job because you’re a giant douche-mobile. That’s right, you’re a douche on wheels. Or perhaps a decorative sculpture hanging above a baby douche’s crib. The gossip didn’t specify. -Linda, Better Off Ted

This is what I looked like this morning, seat dancing and singing along with  Britney Spears on my way to work. This is for you Impulsive! Hot right? I know it.

It’s my very last day of work. A little over 4 years ago I started this job as a Help Desk Technician. I have answered thousands of calls from all different types of clients. There were the needy calls. The grumpy calls. The downright bitchy calls. The clueless, shouldn’t even be touching a computer calls. I am so excited to be answering the last calls.

I know I will have to continue to do tech support for my family and friends. I’ve been the reluctant family tech for years. But I can say no if I want to. No longer will I have to listen patiently while my idiot client says things like, “I can’t get to the google.” I am done. Done with a snarky manager who was always pretending to be my friend while backstabbing me. Done with the awkward quietness that is the office. Who knew four people in an office building could be so silent? Done with the 2 hour PER DAY commute (This view in the am was pretty though, I must admit).

Done with the tendinitis in my wrists. Done with the 9 hours a day plus of sitting at a desk. DONE.

But I will miss my five finger discount office supplies. Don’t act like you don’t do it too! And I will miss the office administrative assistant. She was hired last year part time and she’s made the past 12 months bearable. She’s my mother’s age and she reminds me of her in so many ways. We’ve shared recipes, swapped funny stories, and she always managed to cheer me up. We gossiped about work and she spoiled Monkey rotten. She cried when I gave my 2 week notice.

She brought in a going away present for Monkey yesterday that just cracked me up. There was also some bubbly for me (YAY!). Monkey was thrilled.

I promised to stay in touch with her, and I am sure we will keep up with each other through email. She was always good at respecting the work relationship and knowing that even though we were pals, we were coworkers too. Something my manager never seemed to get.

She asked me if I had any regrets after I put in my notice and I told her not a one. “Good, that’s how you know you made the right choice,” she said. I know that I did, and I am so, so so excited for what’s next.

Match’s College Buddies

Lem: Do you think wildly erratic emotions could be a residual effect of the energy patch?
Phil: Hard to tell. This is the problem when the company will only pay for testing on drunk frat guys.                                                                                                                        – Better off Ted

Tonight Match and I are going to hang out with some of Match’s old college friends, most of whom I’ve never met. Neither of us are huge fans of the bar scene, mostly because we’re just plain over it. Loud, smelly drunk people looking to hook up, who bump into me because they can’t see my towering 5ft frame can get old fast. At least California bars don’t allow smoking. At the bars in Oregon, I felt like I had mesothelioma lung cancer after being inside a bar for five minutes! So at least we don’t have that.

Hopefully Match’s friends will be fun, and not grouped into that obnoxious drunkard category. These friends of Match’s are old friends, some he hasn’t seen in years. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to that. I’ve always found the experience of seeing old college friends slightly strange. I was such a different person when I was in school than I am today. Sometimes I run into old acquaintances that are still stuck in the college mindset, with messy apartments and ramen in the cupboards. Others have grown up and have jobs and responsibilities. I can’t help but wonder too, when he does hang out with the friends that aren’t in committed “grown up relationships” will he be envious? Will he wish he was still in college and not quite so settled down? I know Match is happy with me and our little life, but I’m a girl, so of course I have my insecurities. I’m planning on glamming up tonight and bringing my A game, just to help remind him of how good we’ve got it.  You know, just in case. 😉