TTUT-BBQs are for the Boys

Samantha: [At a BBQ] Who wants a weiner?
Transexual: Girl, I’m trying to get rid of one! -Sex and the City

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • Last week Couple Wife came to visit me and distract me from Roo’s birthday. It was a good day and we enjoyed lunch and then scouting spots for maternity photos for the 29th.
  • Last Wednesday Match had a few of his work buddies and their families over for a bbq. It’s not often that my reclusive hubby suggests we have friends over, so that made it even more special. It was fun watching all the boys play.

P1080101Shift Buddy wife just had a little boy (he’s just 7 weeks old) and Walking Buddy is 4 months pregnant with her 3rd boy. So this time next year we will have 6 boys between the 3 of us!!


I love how the little boys are playing in the gravel while they hang out with the big boys.


  • Saturday Miss PhD and I went to see The Host, FINALLY. I waited for her to get back from her NYC trip so we could watch it together. Piglet kicked up a storm during the movie. MissPhD spent half the movie with her hand on my belly, feeling all his crazy antics!
  • Sunday the sweet ladies of my church threw me a baby shower. It was so wonderful, and I was blown away by their kindness and generosity to our little boy. One of the ladies made me this adorable wreath:

diaper wreath:

  • Just look at all the stuff she included on it! The whole wreath was made out of diapers, but she added so many extras. It’s so cool! They also got me an incredible gift-my stroller!! A bunch of the congregation pitched in and went in on the gift for me. It is on order, so they wrapped a big empty box and stuck the picture on it. Here’s what the stroller looks like:

britax stroller


  • I feel so lucky and so blessed to be a part of such a sweet church family. There were also wonderful handmade blankets and sweet little clothes. I’m having trouble deciding what his take home outfit will be!
  • Yesterday I was a busy bee, putting away all of the gifts from the shower, washing baby clothing and bedding, and getting things organized for the nursery. I also went to my 34 week checkup and Piglet is doing great!
  • Next Monday Couple Wife is taking our maternity photos, and I promise as soon as she gives them to me I will post the nursery pictures. I’ve been bursting to do the nursery reveal!
  • Other than that, I’ve been going over my checklists and making sure I have things prepped and ready for Piglet’s arrival. I have my very last progesterone shot on Thursday, and then it’s just a matter of time before he makes his appearance. Hopefully full term and healthy, but otherwise I wouldn’t mind if he arrived in May! I’m so ready to meet him!

Summer Party Ideas

Harold: I say we crash Rhonda’s party and eat all her food!
Kids: YEAH!!! -Hey Arnold!

Hello my lovelies! I need some advice. Match and I are hosting a summer bbq/potluck at our house on Sunday. It’s our first party since February, and I want it to be fun.  I always have these beautiful images in my head of what I want a party to look and be like.  I blame it on Pinterest. I mean, who actually has these parties? And why haven’t they invited ME?


I definitely don’t want to spend a lot, but I would love it if my party was more than just another house party. The weather is supposed to be in the upper 90s til the evening, and people will be showing up around 2. I’m afraid we might be stuck inside the whole time! This is making it tough to come up with fun ideas.

Match and I made a homemade washers game we will be playing if it’s cool enough. Don’t you judge my dead grass. I swear, I water it every day, and it still looks like that. 🙁 Stupid heat!

I plan on hanging up a couple of cute summery banners, and setting up the dining room table buffet style.

Banner from A Well Crafted Party 

Garland from the Fickle Felt Tree

I need help with the details. Do I do paper plates since it’ll be easier for clean up? Or do I go “green” and use regular plates and do a lot of dish washing? Do I use glasses or buy plastic?

I do plan on having water bottles that I’m going to try to decorate with either paint or colorful duct tape. We’re also serving beer and juice drinks, so cups might not be necessary.

Any ideas for some fun last minute DIY decoration ideas? I’m also thinking of putting out board games in case we’re all stuck inside. I’m probably putting too much thought into this, but I love a good party that has a little something extra, don’t you?

Couples Weekend

Phoebe: So, how was the honeymoon?
Monica: Oh, so much fun. But the best part is we met this incredible couple on the flight back.
Phoebe: That was the best part? [To Chandler] Good honeymooning, Tiger. –Friends

Last weekend I finally started to feel like myself. My stupid rash was almost gone, and Match and I had the whole weekend off together which we spent with some of the different couple friends we have. Saturday we drove to the East Bay with Couple Wife and Baby to cheer Couple img_5720Hubby on as he competed in Autocross Nationals. For those of you who don’t know, Autocross is car racing around a track set up by cones in a giant parking lot. It’s actually much more fun to watch than Nascar where they just drive in circles. The track has lots of corners and sometimes the cars spin out. Match was in little boy heaven watching all the nice cars and getting to stand with the guys between runs.Meanwhile, I was in Auntie heaven playing with Couple Baby who is cute as a button. Oh, and Couple Hubby won! Yay!  Also, Couple Wife was back to her old self, and I think Match was right when he said she was just having an “off day”. Continue reading Couples Weekend

SPT- Bringing the Indoors Outdoors For Summer

Samantha: [At a BBQ] Who wants a weiner?
Transexual: Girl, I’m trying to get rid of one! –Sex and the City

Match and I have done a good job of this living vicariously through his parents. We’ve managed to have weekend meals up there almost every weekend these past few weeks, and we always sit outside. img_5022

(when I posted this pic on Facebook, Drama Chick pointed out that the weenies were very large, haha. I hadn’t even realized!)

Just wait till they get their new lounge chairs. They will have to pry me out and drag me to the car kicking and screaming. 😉 I can’t wait till we get our own house and we can start picking out our very own patio furniture. Till then, I’m happy to steal theirs.

Weekend of BBQs


Lisa:: (reading) Come to Homer’s BBBQ – The extra B is for BYOBB.
Bart: What’s THAT extra B for?
Homer: That’s a typo.
The Simpsons


Last weekend our camping trip was canceled because DC was busy with graduation plans. It was all for the best since Memorial Weekend was sure to be way too crowded at the lake. Match and I made the best of his rare full weekend off, and spent the weekend outdoors bbqing and hanging with friends. I got a great tan, and we both enjoyed each other’s company. Continue reading Weekend of BBQs