Geeky’s Bachelorette Aka My Night With the Wolf Pack

Susan Storm: Reed, I know you. I’m glad you had fun.                                                                                                                                                          Reed Richards: Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Susan Storm: Besides, it was nothing compared to what I did at my bachelorette party. Talk about wild.-Fantastic Four

Geeky’s bachelorette party was this past Saturday. It started with the two of us getting make overs.

Then the girls arrived and the decorations were brought out.

I finally got to bring out the Hen Party sign I worked so hard on for Monica. Unfortunately we didn’t use it except for pictures, but all the more reason to have an actual Hen Party another weekend.

Geeky looked amazing dressed all in white. Her hair and makeup looked like Marilyn Monroe and she had Madonna gloves.  She was a star!

The fun started when one of Geeky’s Bridesmaids busted out the inflatable penises. They were part of a game where each person would “cock fight” and try to knock off the other penis. We called them  rock em sock em penises. It was hilarious.

We also played pin the Macho on the man.

Then the limo bus arrived and we got ready to head out. I loved that we all wore black and Geeky wore her white.

the Limo was so classy inside!

 We had a really fun driver who obliged us with picture taking and even got in on the fun.

The limo bus became one big dance party, and it was a good thing it got exciting because the ride was a long one. We drove an hour an a half just to get to this specialty bar. I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves…

I got a little freaky on Couple Wife

Then we arrived at the bar. It was a Country Western bar so there was bullriding, a shot chair, and a live band. It was pretty crazy!

Geeky got to be up on stage with other bachelorettes and dance. She was by far the cutest bride there.

I got drunk enough to contemplate the bull, but luckily I came to my senses while standing in line. My dress was loose and I didn’t have shorts under my dress. It would have been really scandalous.

For the amount of girls there we were lucky to not have any major drama. There was one point where one of Geeky’s friends was kind of bitchy to me, but that’s expected with the wolf pack. They were far nicer than my last experience hanging out with them all in a drinking setting. Luckily I didn’t let it get to me and I didn’t let her cattiness ruin my  night. I did spend most of my time with two girls who weren’t part of the wolf pack either. We ended up really hitting it off and I hope we hang out again soon.  The most important part was that our bride Geeky had a great time. She was beaming all night long, even when this random 100 year old man came along and smacked her ass.

For as wild as the bar was and the limo ride there, it was actually not that crazy of a night. We left early and we were back to Geeky’s by 130am. I was fortunate enough to just have a happy buzz and not be trashed so I didn’t have a hangover. A few of the others weren’t so lucky. Nothing better than passing out spooning an inflatable penis.

I think the best part of the night for me was knowing I had a bed to sleep on. I didn’t have to couch it and I had my pj-jays. That really is the preferred way to party. I had fun but I didn’t hate life in the morning. Geeky and I went to a nice breakfast the next morning and got a little friend bonding time in. I’m so excited for her to get married and join the awesomeness that is married life!