Dong Nights and the Man of the Year

The point is you can’t trust graduation goggles. They are just as misleading as beer goggles, bridesmaid goggles and that’s just a bulky outdated cell phone in his front pocket goggles. -Robin, How I Met Your Mother

Ok, I didn’t get the pictures from Tahoe Girl yet but it’s been killing me to not write in order. So I will post the few pictures that I have, and give you the blurry details I remember from Token Gay Guys’ bachelor party.

First off, the rental house itself was incredible. I was not expecting anything fancy, but I’m telling you, I wish I could have bought this house and everything in it. I would have decorated it almost exactly the same as they did. I can see why the weekend was so expensive. Oh, and everyone insisted I stay both nights, and didn’t make me pay extra. They were all so sweet!

Garage converted into a game room.

All of the bathrooms had beautiful tile and upgraded fixtures. Seriously, don’t you want to buy this house?

This is the room I stayed in, in the attic. It was the kid’s room and sort of perfect for a shorty like me. I stayed there with the other people who came without their couple, Chandler, Chandler’s Bro, and our one single friend, Shoe Guy (he designs women’s shoes and is surprisingly not gay).

Here’s a picture of the backyard and pool area. Oh, and the guy with the really great pecks and abs. He looked like he took hgh supplements or something. He was a total tool though and had the personality of a dull pencil. Still, none of us complained that he wandered around with his shirt off half the weekend.

The place also came with a ping pong table and many games of beer pong and flip cup were played.

I’m so gangsta when I play beer pong.

We played pictionary the first night. Playing on the giant erase board is so much cooler than hunching over a notepad. There were lots of shouts and laughs at how badly drunken people draw.


And then there was the Man of the Year. He was the blow up doll that someone brought. Complete with raging erection. He ended up in most of the pictures. His face was super creepy and he looked nothing like the gorgeous model on the box that said “Man of the Year”. We nicknamed him Frank or Pete I think.

The decorations got worn and passed around for the whole party. Everywhere you looked there was a penis balloon or cartoon penis sticking out from somewhere.

Tomboy brought penis cake pans and had the brilliant idea to bake penis cakes…after we’d been drinking. She has no domestic skills (self admitted) and while I do, apparently they disappear after drinking copious amounts of alcohol. So I forgot to tell her to only fill the pans halfway. We had runny penis cake batter EVERYWHERE. I don’t have pictures of it, but it was hilarious. Of course when I told one of the other girls that normally I’m a good cook, she just looked at me and said, “Sure you are.” I really wanted to whip her up some tasty cake from scratch just to prove my point, but instead I went back to drinking. 😉

We had a great weekend and I can’t wait for Token Gay Couple’s Wedding this coming Saturday. Now that we’re friends with their other group of friends, it’s going to be an even more fun party. Plus Match will get to be there!! I wonder if someone is going to bring the Man of the Year…