4th of July Canoe Ride

Recently Match got a great deal on a used canoe off Craigslist. She’s a big, stable and red canoe, so Piglet named her Apple, and Match added bottom, so she’s The Applebottom. I think it’s fitting!

We took it out for her maiden voyage (at least to us) on the 4th of July. We weren’t sure if Piglet would like it, and we were convinced he would somehow tip us over, but he did great! He absolutely loved it.

We had such a great family day together, floating along the river. We can’t wait to take it out again soon, preferably somewhere with cleaner water so we can get out and swim!


Travel Girl Visits

Blanche: What a waste, Rose Nylund in New York!
Rose: [to Dorothy] It’s going to be a great trip, you wait and see. You’re going to be cured, and I’m going to get to see the Big Potato!
[Blanche gives Dorothy a “See?” look]
Dorothy: I said she was comforting, I didn’t say she was smart. –Golden Girls

img_5807This past week Travel Girl, Match’s sister, was in town visiting from Peru. We spent the majority of our time at Match’s parents spending time with his sis and the fam, and also their newest addition to the family, an adorable standard poodle puppy.

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