10 Things to Smile About-March ’15

  1. My hubby getting a new job-as a woodworker, and bringing me home scrap wood. Oh the projects we will do!

2. Dinner at Fliz’s house, where Piglet decided to go full on naked baby.


3. Special time with this boy


4. Enjoying a week off from work and getting extra time at home. Yay for spring break!

5. Our home loan getting conditionally approved!! We move in next month. I am SO.EXCITED!

6. Celebrating my nephew’s 10th birthday


7. A spontaneous visit from my favorite Auntie and Uncle



8. A visit from my all grown up cousin and her BF


9. Trip to the zoo with the in-laws & Piglet


10. Easter egg hunt at the local college. I’ve never seen eggs disappear so fast!





10 Things to Smile About-March ’15

1. My new job-it keeps me hopping, but I am really enjoying the work and interacting with the kids and staff. My favorite part of the day is when some of the kids give me hugs as they leave the computer lab.

2. Piglet in his overalls, hanging with Kinderfriend’s daughter. We met up for a volunteer creek cleanup day, and those two were so adorable together. Piglet definitely has a crush!


3. Night time snuggles with my little man. Being away at work all week has me cherishing every minute at home with my little guy. His latest adorable habit has been singing to his bunny before bed.


4. Celebrating this big guy’s 9th birthday. I can’t believe my oldest nephew is already 9. Last year before DOUBLE digits. Time flies!


5. Finding a new rental house made me smile! It is such a relief to have a place, and a place we can really see ourselves in for a long time. We found an awesome rental that has plenty of room and a decent sized backyard for Piglet and Monkey to play in. I will post pictures once we’re all unpacked and organized. I am so so excited about it. The best part? It’s only minutes from my work!

6. The race car shopping cart at the grocery store. It made Piglet’s day! I actually look forward to our next grocery shopping outing just to watch him light up when he gets to “drive the race car all dayyyy” as he put it. So stinking cute.


8. Spring break!  I got to spend the week with my little man, and also enjoyed Match’s days off. Unfortunately most of the time was spent being very busy packing and moving, but I was grateful I had the week off to do it. Piglet and I enjoyed a nice classy meal of floor sushi while moving. Watching this kid eat sushi always makes me smile.


9. A fireplace! Our new house has a fireplace, and it is awesome. Match and I managed to find time after the craziness of the move to kick back and enjoy it on Monday.


10. Precious family time. I feel like this month has been so crazy and full of way too much stuff. I’m trying to sit back and enjoy the quiet moments where it’s just the three of us reading stories or being silly around the house, or going on a walk. Now that we’re moved, and another big change Match is making (more on that later!) I’m hopeful we will find more time for those sweet moments.

10 Things to Smile About-Jan ’15

1. Baking cookies with my little “helper”. That face he makes is my favorite.

DSC_0600 (2)

2. Catching this boy trying on Daddy’s slippers


3.  These two practicing Piglet’s letters


4.  Monkey doing his “puppy mode” thing around the house. I love that he’s almost 12, and he still acts like a little puppy.


5. This face! This spastic energy happens multiple times a day. This is a game we like to call “baby smash”.


6. Piglet’s first day of preschool

preschool7. Celebrating my Kinderfriend’s little boy’s 2nd birthday. Piglet got to ride on a special train that Kinder’s FIL built. In case anyone missed it, Piglet is currently obsessed with his “choo-choos”, so he was one happy boy. Kinderfriend did a great job with decorations for her own little train obsessed toddler. I can’t wait to borrow some of her idea’s for Piglet’s birthday!


choochoo8. I mentioned that Piglet is obsessed with trains. Match had constructed a makeshift train tunnel for him out of an old shoebox. I decided to get a little crafty with some construction paper and dress it up a bit. I don’t know why, but the end result just makes me smile.


9. Checking out the wildlife preserve near our house. We forgot Piglet’s hat, so we improvised with Match’s hunting beanie. Doesn’t he look like a little garden gnome? I also snapped a picture of a couple on a stroll ahead of us that was wearing matching pj bottoms. It made me smile because Match and I rock the matching pjs on our neighborhood walks. Major props to these two for rocking them out in public.

littlegnome10. Going out for a sushi dinner with my boys and watching Piglet use his chopsticks. He was so well behaved in the restaurant too. We were gambling because he’s not feeling so good, and minutes before walking in he had a full on melt down. I’m grateful he was able to pull himself together. I think he was just craving sushi!





10 Things to Smile About-August

It’s the last week of August, and time to recap the month. Can I just say that I am ridiculously excited that we are almost to the end of summer? Everyone is posting about being sad that summer is almost over, but I cannot wait for Fall. This hot weather has been kicking my behind, and I’m tired of being stuck inside in the afternoons because it’s too hot to do anything. Bring it on Fall! I’m ready! Where was I? Oh yeah, August 10 Things to Smile About!

1. Geeky spent the night at the beginning of the month, and we had a girl’s night out. It was fun going to dinner, and then getting drinks at a quiet bar downtown. We caught up and had a great heart to heart. In the morning, Piglet was overjoyed that his Auntie/Godmama was there to play with him! Geeky is such an amazing friend, and I love that she takes time out of her busy schedule to spend time with us. DSC_0734
2.  A family walk in the park made me smile, as did the sweet girl who offered to take a picture of all of us. I love that she got Monkey in the photo too! Doesn’t he look like he’s smiling?

3.  Fun playdates in the park with these two friends we met through our library’s storytime. We found a nearby park that has a kid’s fountain. They had a blast running around cooling off!

4.  We actually had a few cooler mornings this month, which allowed me to dress up Piglet in this getup, which made me smile.


5. Camping with my sweet boys gave me lots of smiles! Even though Piglet didn’t get a lot of sleep, we still had a great time and can’t wait to go again!

6.  Having lunch with Match’s parents and watching them actually play with Piglet made me smile! Many of you know the tremulous relationship Piglet has with his grandparents, and seeing them be so hands on with him made us so happy!

7. Watching Match finally get his truck made me grin big time! He’s wanted a truck for so long, and we finally found him the right one. I’ll miss my Jeep Cherokee, but with this truck we can do a lot more of our house projects. He promised he’ll get started on a bunch of honey do list items soon. Woot woot!

8.  How can I not smile while playing chase with my little man? This is his new favorite game, and we chase each other all over the house. His squeals of delight are possibly the sweetest sound in the world!

9. Piglet has become very interested in helping out around the house. Match snapped a few pictures of him helping me with the weeding in the yard. Having such a good little helper made me smile!

10. My Uncle and his family came to visit me! Spending time with my crazy family always makes me smile!


10 Things to Smile About-July ’14

1. My little helper: Piglet’s willingness to help me with chores around the house made me smile. Here he is doing the laundry.


2.  These two! Bath time always makes me smile, but especially when Match decides to join in. He’s such a big kid!


3. Finishing our deck project really made me smile. I am so happy with how it turned out.


4. Piglet in a bucket made me crack up. Match got the bright idea to let him splash around in our copper bucket. I think he looks like a hillbilly taking a bath in one of those old timey tv shows.


Then of course Match had to find a bucket he could fit in. That guy constantly cracks me up!

DSC_0599 (2)

4. Visiting the Jelly belly factory for my youngest nephew’s birthday made me smile. We always have so much fun with this big group of boys!

5. We also took a trip to Grass Valley to visit our friends Good Couple and their twins. It was their twins’ half birthday, and we had a great time celebrating with them. She had a construction theme for the boys, complete with work aprons for all the kids. How cute are those? Watching Piglet wear his proudly made me smile.

6. Going to the beach with the family made me smile. I got some quality time with my family, and also with this handsome fella.


7. Watching my dad with my son really made me smile. Piglet loves his grandpa, and they have such a good time together.


8. Match has been able to come home for his lunch breaks. Usually Piglet is asleep, but on the days that Match takes a late lunch, this happens, and my heart just melts.

DSC_0620 (2)

9. Playdates in the park always make me smile, but capturing Piglet’s kissy face was priceless. He kept trying to give her kisses! What’s that song about Georgey porgy kissed the girls and made them cry?


10.  Music jam sessions. We’ve started up with the guitars again, attempting to learn at least one or two songs. I’m pretty sure Piglet is going to figure it out before we do! DSC_0617 (2)

 What made you smile last month?