10 Year Anniversary Ideas

Match and I were chatting the other night about how our 10 year anniversary is essentially just a year and a half away. Can you believe that? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was planning our wedding on this blog? And now here we are, practically a decade later. Still blogging, still very much in love.

We’ve been saying we’d like to do something big for the 10 year, since we never had the chance to do the real honeymoon thing. Piglet will be old enough by then that we’ll feel okay leaving him with grandparents for a stretch of time. Now it’s just a question of where to go? I think it would be fun to go here to https://www.gadventures.com/destinations/south-america/machu-picchu/ Machu Picchu, where Match’s sister met her husband. They were both renting a house in Peru, and fell in love. There are so many amazing ruins to visit, so I can see the appeal for them. Match’s parents are always talking about how much they love things here in Santa Fe, a place they visit every year, sometimes multiple trips in a year.

But really, for Match and I both, places near the ocean are near and dear to our hearts. We both chuckled that we didn’t have a beach wedding, since we’re both huge fans of the ocean and all things aquatic. I was practically obsessed with all things sea related all growing up. Match recently finished his epic octopus tattoo, which is pretty much the coolest tattoo in the world, in my humble opinion.

We both want to go somewhere coastal that we’ve never been. Alaska is pretty high on the list, as is Ireland. Hawaii is also way up there, but I could see going there with Piglet too. Ireland would be a better place just to go for us, and I don’t think it would hold quite the same appeal as Hawaii for a young child. We could go to pubs, listen to our favorite irish music, and soak in all the history that there is in that part of the world. We’re both very into irish culture and celtic histories. Every photo and video I’ve seen of Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful to me. So for me, that would be the number one.

Alaska also holds so much appeal. To see the glaciers up close and in person is something high on my bucket list. I’d also love to see the Northern Lights, though I’ve heard that’s a trickier thing to try to plan on. I would be happy to do a cruise near the glaciers, and definitely a train trip through the wild Alaskan wilderness.

How about you, dear readers? Where would you go if you could go on a trip? Would you go to white sand beaches to relax, or go adventuring as Match and I are inclined to do? Or maybe a mixture of both? Hopefully we can save up and do something big for that big 10 year tin anniversary. You can be sure I’ll be writing about it, whatever we decide.

Aquarium Day and Fall Yurt Camping

Friday was an in-service day for school, which meant Piglet had the day off. Match and I planned ahead and took the day off too, and we took a trip to Newport to go yurt camping. We’re members of the Oregon Zoo, and this month we get free reciprocal admission to the aquarium. It’s one of favorite places to visit, and going on a Friday did not disappoint. Because it was a weekday, and colder weather, the place was practically empty. I also planned a surprise for Piglet-we met up with one of his best friends from school. He was so excited!


I could watch the jelly fish for hours. They’re so calming.

The absolute best part of the aquarium is the tunnels. Again, we could have stayed here for hours. Last time we were at the aquarium, there were huge crowds in the tunnels, and it was hard to get a good picture. This time, we had the tunnels to ourselves at a few points! It was amazing. I loved watching the schools of fish, and especially the sting rays. I also loved watching the kids looking at the floor observation windows. Cute little booties in the air! Oh to be a kiddo. At one point I laid down with them, and I can definitely see the appeal. It was crazy to watch the sharks swim right underneath.


After the aquarium we headed to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Newport. It’s called the Taphouse, and it has a great little kids play area. The servers are always really friendly, and they have tons of beers on tap.

We headed back to the yurt after our long day of adventuring. Yurt camping in November was a different experience than in March. It was soooo cold out! But we loved that we had space heaters and cozy beds. Falling asleep looking up through the skylight was so relaxing. Beverly Beach is one of our favorite campgrounds, mostly because of the beach. It’s fairly sheltered, so there is little to no wind. We spent time just walking along the beach, and watching Piglet play in the sand. He ran around getting as sandy as he possibly could. We lucked out with a dry weekend and plenty of sun, even though we needed to wear two sets of pants to stay warm!

Match on the other hand is part polar bear. I swear, I do not know how he can stand the cold! He decided to go for a swim in the ocean, because he’s basically a crazy person.

Saturday we went into town to explore after our day on the beach. We had dinner at Georgi’s, this great spot with a gorgeous view out of our window. On the way back to camp, we had time to catch the sunset over the ocean, and then curled up in our matching jammies. You know bedtime is always better when you’re wearing matching jammies!

Sunday we spent the morning at the beach again. There is nothing better than drinking morning coffee on the beach.

Ducks, Hockey and Roller Blades

Gorday Bombay: Fulton, is it true what they say, about the scholarships and how they don’t want you to play hockey?

Fulton Reed: People talk, told me nothing.

Gordon Bombay: Why don’t you play for us?

Fulton Reed: I can’t.

Gordon Bombay: What do you mean, you can’t?

Fulton Reed: I mean I can’t!

Gordon Bombay: What, are you afraid?

Fulton Reed: No, I mean I really can’t, you moron! I don’t know how to skate!

[Hits a puck with a slapshot in anger. The shot hits the valise so hard, it closes itself]

Gordon Bombay: Woah… Is that all that’s stopping you?

The Mighty Ducks

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with hockey. I watched the Mighty Ducks until I could recite every line. I had roller blades, my own hockey stick, and I wore an ill fitting New York Rangers Jersey for years. I ice skated as often as I could get to a rink (the closest one was hours away from my home town) and I day dreamed of joining a co-ed hockey team.

Fast forward to this weekend, when on a whim Match and I decided to let Piglet watch the Mighty Ducks for the first time.

He LOVED it! And that sparked one of the best weekends we’ve ever had as a family. We spent Saturday at the ice rink in a nearby town. Piglet has never skated, but he was so brave!

Then today we spent the morning playing street hockey

and in the afternoon we went to a used sporting goods store, where we scored roller blades for the whole family. We spent the afternoon skating and teaching Piglet the joys of roller blading. He took a lot of spills, but he didn’t give up. He’s a natural, and I’m so excited to get out there again. My obsession is back with a vengeance, and I can’t believe Match and I didn’t do this sooner.

I remember the time we went ice skating and had the rink to ourselves. I wish we had done more skating, because getting back out on blades felt like the most natural thing in the world for both of us. I told him I want our next date night to be a date on the ice, or roller blading at the park. So what about you, readers? Has a movie ever sparked a passion for you? What do you think of skating? Oh, and PS for those of you that read the blog often-did you notice I have red hair now? I took a risk and went drastic and I love it!

Halloween Party, the Pumpkin Patch and Fall Days

We hosted our annual Halloween Costume Party a couple of Saturdays ago. I love that this has become a tradition for us! As usual, Piglet picked out the theme of our costumes. This year we were an ocean family. Match’s costume is my favorite! Also I love that Piglet announces proudly that he’s not just a killer whale, but an ORCA! 🙂 That boy loves his sea animals! Oh, and in case you can’t tell, I’m Mommy Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!

We had some new faces this year, and the families from the neighborhood. I’m so grateful for our “hood” and having this little tribe to help raise our boy.


The kids went a little feral!

We took Piglet to a different Pumpkin Patch this year. I loved getting lost in the corn maze, drinking apple cider, and just being together as a family.

It has been unseasonably warm here, and we’re soaking up the sun for now. Call me crazy, but I am looking forward to colder days. Still, the sun is beautiful, and since it’s been dry, Piglet has been enjoying making “leaf angels”.

Match has been working out of town on a long distance job. He’s been gone 4 days a week, leaving early Monday and coming home late evening Thursdays. It’s been hard having him gone, and it makes these sweet family weekends even more special. I’m grateful for video chat and the ability to stay connected even when he’s away from home. I can’t wait for this job to be done so we can have him back home with us every night!

How’s your October, readers? Are you soaking up this time of year? It’s my absolute favorite.

How to Earn by Answering Surveys – My GrabPoints Review

Being a working mama is no walk in the park (although my family and I do take our park time very seriously!). It’s a combination juggling and tightrope act. Us working moms have to balance our responsibilities as a wife and mother with our work-related duties. And I love this life – but I do need to keep a constant eye out for new earning ideas.


And that’s what brought me to GrabPoints. On GrabPoints, you can earn cash and gift cards by doing a bunch of simple online tasks like answering surveys and viewing videos. GrabPoints fits perfectly with my lifestyle. I can answer surveys while waiting for my son to finish school or in between errands. Also, being an opinionated gal, answering surveys sounded pretty fun!


The site caught my interest for two reasons: 1. GrabPoints claims to give members the highest earnings and rewards, and 2. They’ve got a huge selection of gift cards, which you can claim as your reward. The latter appealed to me because I could get a Walmart gift card as my reward. My family loves to shop at Walmart, and having a gift card always comes in handy.

Still skeptical?


I wouldn’t blame you if you’re pretty skeptical about survey and rewards sites. A quick internet search will show you a bunch of shady sites mixed with the good ones. Based on my experience, GrabPoints is definitely one of the good ones – actually, no. They’re not just good, they’re great. I’ll be giving you reasons why I love GrabPoints later in this post. But for now, let me reassure you that they’re legit.


They’re legit because they only work with legit advertisers. These companies commission GrabPoints to conduct surveys or show videos to its members. The info we provide through our survey answers helps the companies create new products or services. Since these advertisers pay GrabPoints, the site’s members also get paid. In the four years GrabPoints has been around, the site has paid over $5 million to its 4 million members!


Now that I’ve covered the basics about GrabPoints, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of the site. Read on!

Earning on GrabPoints


Answering surveys is probably the most popular earning method on GrabPoints, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. There’s so much to do on this site. Whenever you complete a task, points are credited to your account. You can then trade these points for cash or gift cards later on.


I’ll be talking about how to get your earnings in a bit. For now, let’s check out the different earning methods.

  1. Answer Surveys


Individual surveys are usually assigned to members based on demographics. For example, I love DIY and blogging. If a survey that covers those topics becomes available, it would most likely be made available to me and other members with similar interests.

  1. Watch Videos


This is one of the easier earning methods on GrabPoints. They’ve got different video channels that cover a wide range of interests. (You can always switch between channels). Whenever a video is done playing, you get points.  After which, you move on to the next video.

  1. Take Offers


This task comes in different flavors, but generally, you get points for signing up for a free trial subscription or membership. Take note, sometimes these offers require you to make an initial purchase or provide your credit card info. You can always deactivate your account before the free period is over – or who knows, you might actually want to keep your subscription.

  1. Download and Test Apps


If you love using your mobile phone or tablet (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to love this. GrabPoints will reward you with points whenever you download and use any of their promoted apps for a set period of time.


How to get your rewards


Now this is the part you’ve probably been waiting for. There’s a minimum withdrawal amount of $3, meaning you need to accumulate $3 or more before you can redeem your earnings. But don’t worry, $3 is a pretty low amount, and you should be able to reach that amount without much trouble.


You can redeem your earnings either as cash or gift cards. Cash is sent via PayPal, while gift cards are sent via email. Payout requests are processed within 48 hours. That’s some speedy service right there – I wish my cable repair guy worked that fast!  


What makes GrabPoints special?


So I’ve been using GrabPoints for quite a bit, and I’ve gotten a pretty good idea what makes the site better than the competition. Let me break it down for ya:  


  1. It fits the working mom lifestyle


The earning methods on GrabPoints are doable on mobile devices, making it them easy to do in between chores and errands. I can even use GrabPoints during breaktime at work.  


  1. They really are the highest-paying survey site


The hype is real, folks. GrabPoints is the highest-paying survey site in the world. The site even shows earnings on GrabPoints vs earnings on other rewards sites. That type of transparency is pretty unique in the survey scene. I can also confirm that my personal earnings for these tasks matched up with the advertised amounts.   


  1. Quick payment processing


Once I reached the $3 minimum, I got my earnings (whether as cash or gift cards) within two days. That is fast! While I only use my earnings to supplement my main income, the quick processing means I can rely on GrabPoints if I need to do a quick grocery run or pay for gas the coming weekend.

  1. Lots of rewards options


I just love all the gift card options GrabPoints has. I already mentioned that I’m partial to that Walmart gift card, but there are so many different cards available, most of which are useful to us moms.


I’m glad Piglet isn’t super into video games yet, because GrabPoints also offers Steam Wallet and PlayStation rewards. Uh-oh!




Thanks for reading my GrabPoints review. The site is definitely legit, and presents a great earning opportunity for us working moms.


The reasons why I like GrabPoints are my own – I’m sure you’ll find your own reasons to love GrabPoints when you’ve given it a try!