Your Dream Job Is Calling You

If you sit and think about your job at the minute, can you comfortably say it is your dream career? We’d put money on the fact it isn’t, and you’re in fact really unhappy in the job you’re in. A lot of people just stick with the job they’ve got because it’s easy, the know the people, or they know they’re getting paid the same amount at the end of every month. But what is the point in life if you’re sitting behind a desk hating life for 8 hours a day? There’s so much more to life than that, and finding your dream career is going to show you what you’ve been missing out on. Here’s how you can take the leap of faith and start looking for a new career.


Find A Role You Like


Finding a passion for something is the first hurdle that a lot of people face. Whilst you might know for sure that you’re not happy within your current role, you might not actually have an idea in your head of what your dream career is, which is fine. All you need to do is a little research, or maybe even volunteering to see if you like a role. Then you can think about whether you need to retrain to get to the career you want to do. For example, you can take lean online courses that means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, and there’s plenty more courses to choose from as well as the lean manufacturing course. It all depends on what tickles your fancy, and whether you’re actually going to be able to complete the course. Whilst they are really good at pointing you in the right direction with life, and can be done around your normal career, they aren’t free. So make sure you’re dedicated to finishing the course or a lot of money could be wasted.


Think Of The Money


Money makes the world go round, and we’d all be liars if we said we weren’t thinking about the money when it comes to looking for a new job. A lot of roles are so well paid, but they’re often the ones that are harder to get. But that’s not to say that you should settle for second best. If you’ve got an idea of the salary you’d like to earn, you can then use this as a guide for the career you’d actually like to do. Certain careers are obviously going to pay less, but don’t let this stop your hunt for your dream career. Whilst thinking of the money is important, the money isn’t the full story when it comes to job satisfaction.


Interview Techniques


If you want to get a new job, you need to master interview techniques to make sure you’re successful. One of the best is to just be yourself, and be confident. Whilst they understand it’s nerve wracking for the people coming in to have an interview, they’re also looking to see who you are as a person. Swallow your nerves and come out of your shell early on in the interview if you really want to impress them.

5 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

Your engagement is such an exciting and unique time in your life – full of joy, love, anticipation, excitement and possibility. Many of us immediately go full tilt into wedding planning, but taking the time to celebrate being engaged is important. It’s a time that you never get back. If you want to mark it with some celebrations, but don’t want to plan the traditional party, here are five other ways you can enjoy this special time:


  1. Try an ‘Engagement-Moon’

Why save all the fun for after the wedding? With more and more couples now opting to delay their honeymoon until longer after the wedding, you could consider booking in a trip to celebrate before the big day itself. Whether you opt for a sunshine break or just go for a local hotel, a weekend away together goes you a chance to celebrate together. Wedding planning can be a crazy process, so take some time away from the stress to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Groupon has some great deals for short city breaks if you’re on a wedding budget.


2. Host a Games Night


If you are friends with lots of other couples, and you’d like to include them in a celebration -but he idea of a traditional, formal party leaves you cold – why not host a low-key games night? Get everyone to bring nibbles and drink and set up a poker table or bring out the board games (Jenga gets seriously competitive and hilarious after a couple of drinks!). It will bring people together without the pressure of a large event and you’ll get to celebrate your news together with your friends.


3. Involve The Wedding Party


If you already know you have a group of girlfriends that you’re planning to make bridesmaids, invite them for an afternoon tea to kick off the planning process. It’s lovely to get your girls involved in the lead up to the big day itself – from browsing through piles of wedding magazines for dress inspiration to hitting up 77 Diamonds to find the perfect wedding rings and of course, giving their opinions on cake flavours, bridesmaid dresses and flower arrangement! You could even have them help by finding out how to make your own wedding invitations. It makes each step on the journey to getting married exciting in its own right if you share it with others.


4. Visit The Place You First Met


If you’re a sucker for a bit of romance, why not go back to where you and your husband to be first met? A sweet way to take a moment out, if you’re planning a wedding website you could even get some pictures taken there recreating when it all began and celebrating your story.


5. Spend Time With The In-Laws


They’re about to become your family, but you may not have actually spent all that much time with your husband to be’s parents and siblings. It’s he perfect time to get together all the family for a nice dinner and share your happiness and news of how the wedding planning is coming along. Use this exciting time to build stronger bonds and introduce the two sets of families before the day arrives- it will make for a much smoother celebration if everyone already knows each other a bit.

All You Need To Know About Planning a Destination Wedding in Florida

With thousands of miles of stunning coastline, and good weather pretty much guaranteed all-year round, it can be easy to see why Florida is on the list of many people that are looking for a destination wedding. Florida has so many natural features and unique qualities, that can be a destination for all couples and all budgets. Whether you want to be on the beach saying ‘I do’ out onto the gulf, have a Disney wedding, or fancy being deep in the Everglades; there is something for everyone.


But if you’re not local, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know to help you to save some money along the way. Here is a quick guide to help.




Top Cities To Choose


Based on trends from previous years that show where most people in Florida get married, these can be the best cities to choose from:


  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Florida Keys
  • Jacksonville


Though these are the cities that most people have been choosing to get married in, there are some interesting stats about the costs of having a wedding in Florida. And interestingly, it does vary from which part of the state you choose. The south has some of the more costly and luxurious wedding venues, much like the Coral Gables Country Club, whereas the north of the state, a little less popular for weddings, has some cheaper destinations and venues. So that could be worth thinking about if you’re looking to keep costs down. Other costs, like flowers, planners, and music were all pretty similar across the board.


Making It Legal


There is no point going all the way to Florida to find out that you’re not legally able to get married as you don’t have a marriage license. If you’re from Florida, then you have to allow a three-day period to wait, from applying to it being legal. So with some planning, it should be done in the weeks leading up the wedding. The good news is if you’re coming in from abroad or out of state, that you don’t have to have that waiting period, so you can arrive, get the licence, and get married pretty soon after.


You will need a licensed official to officiate at the wedding, as well as checking things like land permits if you choose to have a beach wedding or in a park, for example.


Picking the Best Date


If you don’t want to incur additional fees for having to stay longer at hotels, for instance, then it is best to avoid getting married during the hurricane season, which is around July to October. There can be more rainfall during this period too, as well as more humid weather. It is also a good idea to avoid the super touristy times to visit. Easter is one of the most popular times for tourists to visit Florida, and as a result, the prices can rise massively. Avoid spring break and other popular tourist times too, especially if you’re on a budget.


Good luck planning your wedding!

Improving Your Communication Skills Step By Step



Improving your communication skills step by step does require a little work, but it’s always more than worth it. If you have the patience and the willingness to be a little bumbling and awkward in the first few attempts, you can dramatically increase your ability to improve your interpersonal relationships with a wide range of people. Here’s how:


Comfort Zone


We can all talk to our family members. It’s easy. We have likely been speaking to them since we learned how to talk. For this reason, it’s important to go out of your comfort zone. Talking to your mother on the phone is nice and should often be done, but sometimes engaging in conversation with strangers is much more instructive. So, why not? Strike up small talk with shop clerks, bartenders who aren’t busy, and your hairdresser.


Talk to people at bars that appeal to you, and speak to that person at the office you have been gently smiling to when passing for the last year. Simply walk up and say ‘hey.’ It’s that easy. See where the conversation goes from there. Past giving you a list of things to say and ask, or providing you with a quality chat line guide, experience can be one of the best things to do. Even if you make a fool of yourself for the first one hundred people, you will gain something from each interaction.


No More Miss. Nice Girl


It’s important to know that dialogue is not all about trying to win the affection of other people. It’s to contribute to a discourse which keeps you both interested. If the other person is not responsive, interested or come across as rude, there’s no need to continue. There’s also no need to become hostile. Having a backbone means having the ability to see that they might be having a bad day, or to simply withdraw from their presence. That doesn’t make you a bad person in the slightest, just someone who values their time. Don’t waste your time trying to talk to people who don’t care about the interaction. You can usually assess this through body language, the content and energy behind their speech, as well as a host of other instinctual factors. Respect your time, and you start respecting the time of other people.




Good conversation is 20% speaking and 80% listening. You’ll see that this works because people often lighten up when they see that you’re willing to exercise them this courtesy. They will often return it. However, you’ll be able to assess relatively quickly if someone isn’t interested in letting you speak, as the conversation will become tainted and feel a little strange. Again, if this happens and you’re not interested in the topic of conversation, don’t be afraid to withdraw from the entire ordeal.


With these tips in mind, your conversations will likely become much more interesting and wholesome. Not only will you have the confidence to engage, but also the self-respect to understand what is and isn’t a conversation worth your time.


Good luck!


The Enriching Power of Writing

For a lot of people, successful writing is synonymous with famous authors, such as J.K. Rowling, or even the poet and freelance technical writer Millicent Borges Accardi. But success doesn’t systematically mean wealth. You can use the power of writing in a variety of missions and circumstances, and even if it doesn’t increase your income, it will still be enriching. How does this work? You’re about to find out how words can change your world for the better.

Who doesn’t love to receive a letter?  

A confidence boost

Not everyone is born confident. In fact, a lot of people struggle so with self-confidence and self-worth that they feel stuck in a dark place. You can learn to bring some confidence back into your life. It’s a long process, and you naturally need to find a positive force to guide you. But leaving encouraging messages to yourself, and even writing down notes to get used to the power of positive thinking can help you to conquer your issues. You can keep a bullet journal in which you populate a happy vibes page which things for which you are grateful and positive affirmations. Writing it down is a way of helping your brain to learn new thinking processes.

Unify your family

When was the last time you sent a letter to a friend or a relative? Since the apparition of mobile phones, letters and postcards have fallen out of love, which is a pity because everyone loves to receive something thoughtful in the post. To encourage yourself to write letters instead of sending group messages, you can start with buying great personalized stationery which you can even customize to the names and address of your family. It’s a fantastic idea to revive all family ties that you’ve left undisturbed for years. Do you remember that old aunt who lives in a rural area or your cousins you haven’t seen since your wedding? Grab your pen and start writing.

Inspire others

Have you heard the story of the father who writes children’s books for his daughter, because the little girl was disappointed that none of the characters looked like her? A little girl asked her father why nobody in the books she liked looked like her, and whether it means she couldn’t become a hero herself. Her father decided to respond by creating sweet storybooks that portray a character that looked just like his daughter so that the little girl could also have a fictional role model.


Calm your nerves

The process of writing can be extremely soothing too. If you’ve never tried calligraphy, you might want to discover the art of drawing letters. Watching professional calligraphers can be immensely satisfying and therapeutic in itself, but for many, it’s the combination of precision and beauty that brings peace to the mind. If you’re not sure how to start, watch the short film, Ink by Ryan Couldrey, which focuses on the word “ink” written by hand by a talented calligrapher. Hear the sound as the tip scratches the paper delicately and feel your worries flow with the ink.

The art of lettering

Do you think you can investigate the benefits of writing for yourself? From bringing your family together to investing in your own peace of mind, writing can transform your life.