Easter Recap

April is almost over. It’s crazy how time flies these days. What is it about these years that are going by so fast? I wish I could hit pause some days. We had a great Easter with the in-laws. Piglet is still very much a fan of all holidays, and Easter with all the candy was no exception.

It was so nice getting quality time with the in-laws, and they were both more relaxed and mellow than they’ve ever been. It feels like the older Piglet gets, the more enjoyable our visits have become.

In other news, our crazy mischievous puppy has been growing so fast! He enjoyed his grandpawrents visit too!

Tribute to Roo

Little tribute to Roo, the painting I made in her nursery 7 years ago. It was 7 years ago today we said hello and goodbye. Thank you for making me a mama little one. To all the mamas out there who have lost their little ones, you are not alone, and there is no shame in remembering. Forever grateful for the life lessons, baby girl.

Our New Furbaby

Readers, I have been a terrible blogger. To say our lives have been disrupted would be a gross understatement. You see, on our last camping trip to the coast, we decided to get a puppy. It all started with going to a petting zoo in Newport, where we got to cuddle lots of sweet animals. Then over dinner, Match told me he was finally ready for another dog.

I had been researching puppies for a long time, and I wanted a hypoallergenic dog this time because of our allergies. I wanted to make sure we did it right this time, because this would be our first dog as a family. Monkey was my pup, and he didn’t always listen to Match because of that. I also did a lot of things wrong with him because I was young when I got him.

So, we decided on a sheepadoodle, a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle, and we figured it would take awhile to get one, because they’re pretty popular. As luck would have it, we found a litter that was ready to come home that very next week, and they weren’t all spoken for. We chose this little munchkin, and we all fell in love.

Meet Loki, our little furbaby. Don’t let his adorableness fool you. As he’s grown more comfortable at our house, he’s also grown more mischievous, fully living up to his name. It’s all normal puppyiness, and his core personality seems to be a cuddly little lovebug who prefers to be held. At all times. Even when mommy is in the bathroom.

This is our first time with such a young puppy, and readers it is like having a newborn. Sleepless nights and so much poo and pee! It’s exhausting. But at the end of the day, I’m so happy we got him. It’s been a couple weeks now, and we’re settling into a routine. He’s learning to like (tolerate) his crate, and he sleeps through the night! He has a lot of energy, but he’s a quick learner and eager to please. I love watching Piglet with him, and how much Loki loves him.

The day we picked up Loki from the breeder

Snow Days

February seems to be the month that we get snow in the Oregon valley. We didn’t get very many days, but what we did get was fun. I love how snow makes everything look magical.

When we had mid-week snow, I was sick with a cold. So when school was canceled, it was the perfect excuse to stay home with my boy and enjoy the snow. Piglet had a playdate with his two best friends from kindergarten. It was so nice letting the boys run off and play while I rested.

This past Friday and Saturday we got our real snowfall. I went out with some friends from work, and downtown was basically deserted. I had a great evening with these ladies, where we asked each other loaded questions and got to know one another better. On Saturday, with my cold finally gone, I ventured out with my boys and really enjoyed the magic of snow.

A friend of mine has some property just outside of town, and he let us go up there and play in the snow. We sledded down the hill and threw snowballs at each other. Playing on that property made me wish we could afford to move to the country. I love our little house and our neighborhood friends, but sometimes I wish we had a little more nature right outside our door.

At home, our chickens thought the snow was pretty weird. Scamper is going through a molt right now, so she’s so ugly she’s cute.

Do you get snow in the winter? Do you love it? I’m sure my East coast readers are rolling their eyes at our small amount of snow!

Celebrating Match’s 35th Birthday

It’s crazy to think that Match and I have celebrated 10 birthdays together. We met when we were just babies, only 24! I made a promise to myself on my last birthday that we’d always try to get out of town for each other’s birthdays, and I’ve kept that promise so far. For Match’s birthday the first weekend of this month, we went back to Bend, to the magical resort where we spent our Thanksgiving.

Once again, the resort was wonderful. This time we had a one bedroom, but it was still so spacious and had amazing views of the forest. We were all rocking colds, but I’d rather be sick with a cold at a resort with beautiful heated hot tubs than at home! We still managed to enjoy ourselves and all the amenities, though we did skip ice skating.

We decided to sweat it out at the on-site gym, and since it’s not a regulated gym, we snuck Piglet in with us. It was so cute watching him work out, and I love that we’re setting a good example for him. He loves to work on his muscles with us!

We made it into town this time, and enjoyed dinner at 10 Barrel Brewing. The only disappointing part about this trip was the lack of snow. Fortunately for us, we got a couple of snow days the following week. I can’t wait for our next trip to the resort. Maybe this summer so we can see what kind of fun summer activities there are to do in Bend.