House Hunting, Round 3

Well, readers, here we are. We are officially on the hunt for a new home. I feel like it’s crazy that we will potentially own our 3rd home. I’m so ready to put down more permanent roots. I made Match promise that we won’t move again for at least 8-10 years. I just want Piglet to have a home that is his childhood home, that he can remember fondly.

I’ll miss this little house that we’ve made our own. If our street wasn’t so busy, if we had better parking and a more private backyard, I wouldn’t leave. We’ve done so many fun projects, and we’ve made it our own. But I think I’m ready for the next adventure, and a little more room to breathe.

We put an offer in on a beautiful home that has so much potential. I’m trying so hard not to get emotional about it, because there are so many things to have to align to get it right. The sellers still have to accept our counter, and then we have to make sure we sell our home within a certain timeframe. It’s also a super busy time at work, and I question the logic in buying a home right now. It would be so nice to be settled somewhere new before the holidays though.

Here’s a sneak peek at the house. If we don’t get it, I’ll be really bummed. But I’m a strong believer in what is meant to be will be, and if not this one, it just means something better is out there waiting. Still, I can picture us sitting around that outdoor firepit. Here’s hoping!

Summer Days, and the Living is BUSY

Has it really been that long since my last post? Does anyone out there still read this little blog of mine? If you do, thanks for sticking with me. I feel like there has been no time, and I miss blogging so much. We have had a fun filled June, and I blinked and July is almost over. We’ve gone camping, spent the 4th of July at my parents, and made a trip to California to visit Match’s parents. We managed this all in the span of 3 back to back crazy weekends.

Enjoying the beach in my hometown

Tomorrow I have the day off, and Piglet has soccer camp, and then possibly daycare. I should catch up on blogging, but I feel like I have a laundry list, (which will quite likely include actual laundry) to catch up on. Besides recapping those awesome weekends, I am now full into project clean all the things mode.

Readers, we are thinking of putting our house on the market. I feel like we have this terrible habit of moving every couple of years. We lived in our Vacaville house for just over 3 years, and now we’re in our 3rd year in this house. We’ve loved our home here in Oregon the most, but we hate our narrow streets and terrible parking. No amount of DIY can fix those issues, I’m afraid. We want a little more room to stretch, and we want a better yard for Piglet, Loki and the chickens to spread their wings.

Still a part of me wonders if this is a good idea. Is it better to keep living small while Match is going through his apprenticeship? Should we just deal with the small headaches in exchange for not having the horrible headache of moving? We’ll just have to see. So far we haven’t found anything amazing that makes us want to pull the trigger and list, but we look at home listings all the time. The good news is we’re in a position where we don’t have to move because of jobs or rent, or the RAT KING like at our last rental. With this home that we’ve put a lot of work/sweat/tears/love into, we can take our time and hold out for the right place. Preferably a place we wouldn’t move from again.

I want to put down roots for good, and I want Piglet to be able to look back at our home when he graduates and be able to say that it was his childhood home. I barely moved as a kid, and I love that stability. At the same time, I also love the adventure of something new. Maybe Piglet will get the best of both?

How about you, readers that are still out there? Have you moved a lot? Or settled in and put down roots?

Field Trip, Date Night, and a Long Weekend

Memorial weekend was a long break from work for me. It started with me taking a personal day so I could chaperone Piglet’s first big field trip. We went to the Portland Children’s Museum. It was utter chaos, but also so much fun. Piglet had the time of his life! I was in charge of a great little group. The three boys played really well together and I didn’t have problems with runners like some other groups. One of the boys insisted on holding my hand the whole time. They were such sweeties!

Saturday, Match and I had one of our rare date nights. I always like to time those around my hair appointments, so I don’t waste that salon do! My hair stylist is the absolute best, and she always makes me feel so confident when I leave. We went to karaoke, and it was such a great night. Besides my work conference, it has been a long time since I sang for a group. I loved this bar because all the people there were really listening to the music. There were a lot of great singers, and it was an honor to be a part of it all.

Sunday we spent the day organizing and relaxing at home, and then Memorial day we went to a nearby park. It was an awesome family weekend, and it felt good to get that quality time with my boys.

Piglet’s 6th Birthday

Piglet is 6 years old. 6! Wasn’t I just pregnant with him? Every year I’m amazed at how fast the time flies. This year’s birthday photos really got me. He just looks so grown up these days. I can almost glimpse the man he’s going to be. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit in awe. This parenting thing is bittersweet sometimes. I love that he’s growing up, but at the same time, slow down!

There have been so many milestones this year. First year in elementary school. First drop off birthday party with friends, first play date drop offs. He’s learned to read! He has glasses now. He’s playing baseball for the first time. So many firsts. I’m excited to see what year 6 will bring.

He has his first puppy (our last dog was an adult long before he came along), and now he has his first fish, a gift from mama and daddy.

He celebrated his birthday this year with an orca themed birthday party. Match and I had so much fun decorating!

So here’s to you, Piglet. Happy 6th birthday to the coolest kid I have ever known. I love your energy for life, your imagination, the way you love with all your heart, your silly dances, your vocabulary that is sometimes better than mine, the way you rock a costume just because it’s a Friday afternoon, your crazy good climbing skills, how you fall asleep laughing, and all the things that make you my favorite human. You are so loved.

Mama’s Work Conference Getaway

This past week I had the opportunity to go back to an IT work conference with some of my team. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get away and not have some of the responsibilities of daily life. Of course I missed my family, but I think every mama can agree there is just something priceless about not having to take care of anyone but myself for a few days. Ladies, uninterrupted pamper time. I spent so much time getting ready one night, and not once was I interrupted by a puppy needing to pee, a husband asking where something was, or my son asking for a snack. It was magical!

The trip started out with getting to go for a jog with my boss. I don’t talk about work much here on the blog, but I have to say I’m so grateful for him. We have a great working relationship, and we have a lot of fun together. We did a lot of team building during the conference, and had the chance to discuss big picture ideas we have for our team. This was my 3rd time going to this conference, but the first time since I became lead of my team. It gave me that extra boost of confidence, and I felt inspired during the leadership sessions. I’ve been really down the past two weeks, and not feeling at all like myself, and this getaway was exactly what I needed. I felt that spark for my job that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Beyond the work stuff, there was also the night activities, aka partying! This year did not disappoint. There was hatchet throwing (why, I mean there was drinking, this seemed like a terrible idea), archery, beer pong, Virtual Reality, Skeeball, the list goes on. The first night I even did karaoke with a band! I also palled around with a director friend of mine from another district and his team. My team peaced out early both nights, but not this crew. They were crazy! I couldn’t keep up. I definitely paid for it with lack of sleep, but it was worth it. So many funny moments, from being one of the guys enjoying cigars by the firepit and drinking whiskey, to a spontaneous hot tub/swim at 2am!

It was hard to come back to reality after such a fun getaway. The trip reminded me that I really enjoy what I do, and I also enjoy socializing so much. I miss having a group of guy friends to hang out with. I wish sometimes that Match had more buddies, so that we could hang out more. I am so grateful for Match and how understanding he is. He knows I’m a guy’s gal, and he doesn’t get jealous, not even of the late night swim. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that he lets me be me, 2am bad decisions and all!

Have you ever had the chance to get away for a few days, just check out from being a mama, a wife and all that responsibility and just be yourself? It is amazing how refreshing it is, and how it does make you appreciate all that you have. I wouldn’t want to do that all the time, and I love the life I lead. But I will say, I’m already looking forward to next year!