Now this Guy has Potential

“We were having one of those great first dates you can only have when it’s not an actual date.”-Carrie, Sex and the City

So after the Hooded Sweatshirt Guy debacle, I was kind of put off on going on a date. So Friday night I went out with a girlfriend for drinks and tried to put dating out of my head. We went to a local Irish pub and ran smack dab into Hooded Sweatshirt Guy. What are the odds?? My girlfriend ended up ditching out early, and I was still buzzed and it was only 10, so I stayed. I figured if anything I could have fairly ok conversation with HS for awhile before heading home, bummed and dejected.

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Just One of the Guys

Phoebe: We can be guys. Come on, let us be guys.
Chandler: You don’t want to be guys, you’d be all hairy and you wouldn’t live as long. –Friends

I’ve been hanging out more and more with The Friend Zone and Birthday Twin. I love just kicking back the three of us. It’s nice to be one of the guys again, I haven’t had that in a long while. It’s also nice because having the trio keeps The Friend Zone from feeling like something is going to happen with us. The only problem I’m having is I can sense the chemistry between myself and Birthday Twin.

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Step into the Friend Zone

You waited too long and now you’re in “The Friend Zone”.-Joey, Friends

The same weekend I met The One Night Stand I met another guy. We’ll call him The Friend Zone Guy. He was so great. We had a blast laughing and talking that night, and I gave him my number. I made it clear in my mind at least, that I wanted to just be friends. I thought it was obvious considering I was kissing his friend (One Night Stand Guy) on the couch right in front of him. Usually when a girl is making out with another, chances are she’s just not that into you.

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The Ohhh Moment

Barney: Ted, you should be happy Robin has a secret. The more you learn about a person, the better chance you have of hitting the fatal “Ohhh…” moment.
Marshall: The “Ohhh…” moment?
Barney: Yeah. That moment when you find out that one detail about a person that is going to be a deal-breaker.”-How I Met Your Mother

So the one thing that came out of my experience with The One Night Stand was realizing I’m ready to date again. I am ready to try things out, and see how they work. The new plan though is to not immediately fall into the couple category. Instead of going on one date with one guy and saying, ok now we’re a couple, why not meet a few potentials, try them out, and then make a decision after getting to know them? Get to know someone first? A novel idea!

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Sometimes a Girl Just Has to Indulge

“Every once in awhile a girl just has to indulge herself.” -Carrie, Sex and the City

As part of my promise to embrace my single status, I have been trying to really live life to the fullest. Last night I went to a party, the first time I’d been out and let my hair down in quite sometime. I visited my friend a few towns away who I like to call The Enabler. He is sort of like my bad conscious, standing on my shoulder in his little red suit saying, do it, just do it, it’ll be FUN. He took me to a house party, something I haven’t been to since college it seems. This was a typical college party; messy house, bad beer, and full of drunk guys. I felt kind of like a kid in a candy store. There were adorable boys everywhere! I felt like the old lady, even though in reality I was just a few years older than they were. Though let’s be honest, a woman who is 1 or 2 years older than a guy, might as well be 5 or 6 years older maturity wise.

The night started out innocently enough when I suggested we all play a little game called “I Never.” For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a game where if you’ve done the thing that someone says “I’ve never…” for instance, gone skydiving, then the people who have must take a drink. This game can get playful and it should never be played with committed loving couples. You just may learn something you didn’t want to know about your beloved. 😉

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