Our Nightly Routine

Tell her that her butt looks like an apple and you wanna take a bite. -Tracy, 30 Rock

The potluck went pretty well with Match and my friends mingling for the first time. At the beginning, it was incredibly awkward. No one would talk to each other, and I am pretty sure I could hear crickets. After we got some wine flowing and I busted out the game Apples to Apples, everyone seemed to relax and actually have fun.

It cracked me up when we called it a night-it was only 11! But Match and I were both exhausted, and he has to get up so early these days. I am missing our weekends, and I can’t wait for him to be done with his fire academy. I keep myself plenty busy, but it would be nice just to have a weekend to ourselves where we could sleep in, make breakfast, maybe go to the park.

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The Resurrection of Our Social Life

Hold on to your bedsores grandparents from Willy Wonka! -Barney, How I Met Your Mother

Match and I have been in a social rut. Things with us are great, but we realized we’ve been pretty big homebodies. So we dusted off our night clothes and headed out for a drink at the local Irish Pub. We were cracking up before we left because Match said it was getting late, and we looked at the clock, and it wasn’t even 8:30. We are such grandparents.

We opted to walk downtown so we could both drink and save some money on gas, so we set off into the night. As we got closer to downtown, we passed a Filipino transvestite who may have also been a hooker. He/She was wearing a skirt that barely covered his/her ass, and enough makeup for a whole classroom of teenage girls. Ah, California, you gotta love it. Continue reading The Resurrection of Our Social Life

Stop Smothering Me

Things are different this time. Before she was demanding and possessive, but now she wants me to do stuff and stay with her all the time.-Fry, Futurama

I can’t get enough of Match. It’s funny, I’m a pretty independent person, especially within relationships. With Match, everything is just better when he’s there. I couldn’t say the same for one of my poor exes, Puppy Guy, who had the ability to smother me from over 400 miles away. Let me take you down memory lane, back to the spring/summer of 2006, and my impending college graduation. Continue reading Stop Smothering Me

A Date Girl’s Fantasy

Sports night: every female’s fantasy. A room full of captive heterosexual men all looking to be distracted during commercial breaks. -Carrie, Sex and the City

I just have to say it: Match is my fantasy man. When I first saw his pictures, I thought he was a hottie.

When I got to know his personality, he became downright sexy. And every day that passing, I think I get more and more attracted to him. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my daytime fantasies of Match. I’d love to just rush home, throw one of those english saddles on his back and ride him around our bedroom. Too much? 😉 But seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever dated someone who I as physically attracted to as I was emotionally. I know physical attraction isn’t everything, but it separates that line between friendship and something more.

I think that’s the thing that was always lacking from my past relationships. They were so skewed in one direction or the other, attraction wise. Either I was attracted to their personality or their looks, never both. With Match, I am amazed by how balanced my feelings are towards him.

Not only does he rock my world physically, but he’s the other side of the fantasy too. When he says things like, “Is it bad that you’re the only person I want to hang out with most days?” or “Have a good day, love of my life”. Sometimes I feel like there’s no way this guy can be for real, but the way he says those words, and the looks he gives me, I know he’s being completely genuine. Oh, and ladies, yes he does cook dinner and sometimes he even rubs my feet. 🙂

My Quarter Century

When they write the book of my life, what section will I be in? Mystery? Horror? Romance? Or just misfiled and jammed in the back under military history? -Samantha, Samantha Who?

Last weekend I celebrated turning a quarter of a century. I know that for some of my readers, this seems pretty young, but for me, it’s a milestone birthday. In my young life, I’ve experienced many ups and downs. I’ve survived some atrocious relationships, over ten different moves (all after I graduated high school), family hardships, the births of my two nephews and one niece, high school, college, I am on my second “grown up” job, and hopefully the beginning of a very important chapter in my romantic life.

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