Fitness Goals

As always in the New Year, I set goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish. Just like every year, fitness goals were a big part of that. I’m happy to say that as we enter October, I have been completing those goals! I think this is the first year that I’ve stayed this committed. I completed Cassey Ho’s 100AbChallenge, I just completed another 30 day challenge, and now I’m doing various gym routines with a new app I found that gives me workouts to do, called Strong. I’ve upped my workouts from 2 nights a week plus the occasional weekend day to at least 4-5 days a week.

I’m sad to say my injuries have prevented me from going to Zumba. I have plantar fasciitis in my left heel, which has caused me to put more pressure on my right side, where I ended up with a knee injury. The upside is that because I could no longer do my routine, I had to think of something different. Match gave me some workouts to do at first, and then when a friend told me about the Strong app, I found myself excited to go to the gym. I miss dancing, but I’m seeing more results from doing weight lifting and cardio.

At first I was worried about spending that hour a day at the gym, and how that might affect Piglet. Luckily Match’s schedule has been better and when I’m at the gym, he’s home with Piglet. On the few nights where Match is working out or has class, Piglet tags along and goes to the gym daycare. I’ve kept it his choice on whether or not he wants to go, but I’m happy to say he loves it there. I’m also happy to say that working out makes me a better mom. That endorphin boost makes me more amped to play with my boy, and happier in general.

I’m proud to say that I’ve reached my first milestone goal weight. I am just 5 pounds away from my long term goal weight, which is the weight that’s been on my driver’s license for the last ten years. Even if I don’t lose those last 5 pounds, it’s not about the weight on the scale. My clothes fit better, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I have more confidence.

How about you, readers? Do you workout? Have you found something that motivates you to hit the gym, or train at home?

4th Annual Kid’s Halloween Party

We hosted our first party in the new home, and it makes me so happy that it was a Halloween Party! Most people are still unpacking 3 weeks after moving, but we are crazy OCD so we were decking our house out with Halloween decorations after painting and unpacking.

Piglet has been picking out our costumes for the past 4 years, and this year I have to say I loved the theme. This year? Pokemon!

Match was Ash, I was Eevee, Piglet was Pikachu, and Loki was Psyduck!

We had so many kiddos this year, and I was so proud of the grown-ups for rocking costumes too! We had almost total participation!

I love our friends so much. I’m so grateful we are in this lovely home where we can host everyone more comfortably.

The kids went feral again, which I’ve decided is just a sign of a kid’s party done right. They were like tiny drunken frat guys. They were jumping off furniture, screaming, running in circles, and all around having a great time!

I love October, hosting parties, and Halloween. We had a great first party at the new house. It was a great way to celebrate the new house. Happy Halloween Month, everybody!

Bye-bye Purple Master bedroom

So I shared with you all my before/after of our dining room, and mentioned how messy of a painter I am. Well, Match and I agreed that with our high ceilings, and then new carpet in the master, it might be better just to call in the professionals. So I felt incredibly spoiled, because after just 2 days, we now have a lovely painted living room and bedroom. Bye bye hideous purple master! Bye bye mint green living room.

Here’s the master before. Sooooo purple.
New carpet and new paint!

We went with a lighter color, because our living room is really dark without all the lights on constantly. We opted for Valspar’s Seashell Gray, and it does look almost white, but once I replace the baseboards, I think it will pop. It lightens up the space so much, and I’m going to add accent colors in my decor.

I paid the painting company time and materials for two days of work, because we just couldn’t spring for the whole house. They painted both the living room and master, and even had time to prep and cut in for the master bathroom. I was able to get the bathroom done pretty quickly, and we are finally done with painting and able to hang up photos on the wall. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t feel moved in until pictures are up.

Bathroom Before
You can’t see the difference as drastically, but it was much more green. We repainted a light blue, Caught in the Rain, and it makes the blue in the tiles pop.

For the bathroom, I want to change out the light fixture out and paint the vanity white. I love the blinds because I can pretend I don’t have neighbors and just gaze at the trees while I take jetted bath. It is so relaxing, and I love looking at the view every morning when I’m getting ready for the day.

Happy 9 Months, Loki!

In the mist of all this nesting we’ve been doing in the new home, I almost forgot that today is Loki’s 9 month birthday! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we took him home, and he was so small.

Piglet and Loki (Loki was 8 weeks old)

And now look at him! He’s HUGE! He’s so patient with Piglet too. Here he is patiently waiting for Piglet to wipe his paws.

Happy 9 months, Loki! You are mellowing out, you’re not quite as mischievous as you were before you were neutered. However you still get into trouble now and again, and let’s not talk about that time I took you to doggie daycare and you pooped out a glove! Um…embarrassing! But all in all, you are a wonderful, affectionate, snuggly ball of floof and we are so happy you’re a part of our family.

Dining Room Update

It’s always amazing to me what a little paint and lighting can do for a room. The staged photo for our dining room/kitchen made the room appear to be a fairly pretty shade of blue. However, when we actually got into the space we realized it was an ugly green, but with yellowish lighting and the right camera which bordered on wizard magic, they made it look a different color.

When I first got into the home to finally clean it (it was soo gross you guys, so gross), I kept squinting because the lights were so dim. The first thing we did besides clean the place from top to bottom, was replace the bulbs with better lighting and also replace the ugly light fixtures that were there.

That’s when we went, okay this is shade of green is not for us. I originally wanted to do a repose gray in this room, or even a shade of blue. But after painting the walls practically tiger striped with samples, I decided that white was the way to go.

With the honey oak cabinets, and the dark countertops, there was just too much going on. These cabinets are too nice to paint over, so I’ve decided I’m going to learn to love the honey wood. I am going to redo the baseboards in the chunky white style baseboards, though.

Here the end result of my self admitted terrible paint job. Even with my non-expert hand, I must say I love how it turned out. The wood colors are softened on the cabinets, and the whole room looks so much brighter and more open. I will have to post an after of the kitchen itself, once I tidy up a bit more.

After Match say my lack of skills, and just how much paint I managed to get everywhere but the walls, he agreed that for the living room and super purple master bedroom (bright purple, friends. Bright.PURPLE) it would be a job better left to the professionals. We’re getting the walls painted next week, yay!