The Coop and a Rooster Called Dotty

I’m so behind on my posts! Did I mention we finally finished our chicken coop? I’m so proud of Match and all the work he did to make the chicken coop, aka Chicken mansion. He did a wonderful job, and of course I did help quite a bit, but he was the mastermind of the whole endeavor. I love the Sherwin Williams School Boy Blue color we went with for the coop. I need to add a sign and we are hoping to add a chicken swing and some other whimsical touches in the future.

Some sad news: our favorite chicken, Dotty, turned out to be a rooster. Match was in complete denial and insisted on keeping him for awhile, but that adolescent crow became louder and louder. We were able to rehome him to a family that will not cook him, but instead give him a harem of 9 chickens to watch over. We miss him, but we’re glad to not be public enemy #1, waking the neighborhood up at 5am anymore!

So long Dotty. You were a great chicken, and we will miss you!

Memorial Weekend, 2018

Last weekend was our 2nd annual campout at my parents house with our extended family. It was another fun weekend, though a bit tamer than last year. I managed to go to bed early, and not party quite as hard, for which I was grateful. I had a great heart to heart with my favorite aunt. Piglet had a great time with his cousins:

and Match got to play horseshoes to his heart’s content. Highlights included a night glow walk, and singing songs around the campfire. Looking forward to the next campout!



Life’s A Beach With A Coastal Wedding

It may not be the traditional church affair, but there’s no denying that beach weddings have become something of an iconic event. The sight of the sea, the cool breeze on a hot day and the kind of reception party that you won’t find anywhere else makes them an irresistible option to many bridges. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips on how to make the most of your beach wedding and how to face some of the unique challenges it involves.


Beauty to match

Finding the right look for the beach can be a little tricky. Compared to a traditional church wedding, the thought of wearing a big elegant gown might sound stuffy beyond reason, and it is. Dresses with light trim or long tails will pick up a lot of sand and debris that will work hard to undermine the image of the graceful bride. A smaller dress that shows a little more skin might help you look gorgeous and stay comfortable. Try to avoid overly fussy hair-dos and veils that are super elaborate, as well. The beach breeze can and will kick up and times and the more complicated your arrangement, the more time you’re going to have to spend making quick fixes.


Make sure your organizers know what they are in for

Weddings on the beach can be a delight, but they also highlight a few challenges for you as well as any organizers you are partnering up with. It’s a good idea to choose a hotel and reception right on the beach, who are going to have plenty of experience dealing with the different potential hazards. For instance, they are going to know the best furniture and materials to choose to stop sand from becoming too much of an issue. They are more likely to have the backup plan or location if the wind whips up so much that you can’t have the ceremony right there on the coast. Just remember that if you want a little peace and quiet, you need to request private weddings in advance. Many don’t mind sharing their big day with a few onlookers but don’t get frustrated if you find yourself being drowned out by a vacationing family playing not too far away.


Party like you’re on the beach

The coast puts people in the mood for fun and having a traditional reception after a beach wedding can be something of a let-down and a little unfitting. Take inspiration from the setting. For your catering, think about seafood dishes, cocktails, and light desserts. Opt for livelier music options. You can even get out the limbo pole and have something of an evening luau after the event. Make the most of the place you choose to have your big day.

From caterers to photographers, a beach wedding offers unique opportunity to make it special, but also a few unique challenges. Make sure you let them all know your plans in advance, so they can prepare, and you have fewer risks of hitting a snag along the way.

Mother’s Day and Piglet’s Birthday

This year, I got to share Mother’s Day with my favorite little guy. We had a party at his Kempo dojo yesterday, and it was such a good time with his friends and family. Today, even though we’d had a birthday party, we wanted to keep the birthday weekend going, so we let him make most of the decisions on what we would do. We ended up going to two playgrounds, one park, building Legos, watching a little bit of a movie, getting books at the library, and playing in the kiddy pool, topped off with both our favorites, sushi. He was exhausted and fell asleep giggling. It was a pretty wonderful day, and it was one of those days where he had a great attitude, even though he was exhausted. My favorite part was playing walkie talkies with him at the park.

Match got me flowers and a super sweet card. I love the drawing he made for the envelope. So sweet!

I was super excited to get the gift Piglet made at Daycare. Match has one from Father’s Day a few years ago, and now I have my own to take with me wherever I go!


Thank you for making my day so special, and for all the joy and laughter you’ve brought to our lives. I cannot believe how fast the last 5 years have flown by. You are our amazing, silly, funny, loving, stubborn, happy little man. Every day I’m so grateful we get to raise you. I’m honored that you call me your best friend. You are my heart, buddy. We love you so. Way, way more than you know!

Quirky Bachelorette Ideas

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Bachelorette parties are pretty much always a lot of fun, but often once you’ve been to one of them, you’ve been to them all. So, if you’re looking to do something a bit more memorable for your own or a friend’s big night, it’s time to think outside the box. Do something different and no one will ever forget what a great night it was!


To get you started, here are some slightly quirkier bachelorette ideas for your consideration:


An Escape Room Adventure


Escape rooms have become pretty popular in the past couple of years, but there still aren’t that many bachelorettes who have thought of the activity for their big night. You can choose from a wide range of scenarios from tracking down a kidnapper to being hijacked on a plane and you have to work to put the pieces together and get yourself out of that escape room in 60 minutes flat. Your adrenaline will be pumping and everyone will have a great time bonding as they try to break free. Follow the game up with cocktails and a nice meal and you’ll have a fantastic, unforgettable night. Escape rooms can be found all over the country so chances are you should be able to find one close by that works for you.


Eat This, Shoot That


The Eat This, Shoot That tour that is available in Santa Barbara is a great idea for those of you who like a bachelorette party with a lot of wine. Not only are you treated to a tasting of some of the best local wines in the Funk Zone – home to some of the coolest eateries in the area, or at the Santa Barbara Wine Collective, but you also get let loose with a camera and learn how to shoot the fine food and drink you eat professionally. If your bride-to-be is a keen Instagrammer, she’ll adore this idea.


Get All Arty

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The Artful Bachelorette in Los Angeles is an amazing live drawing class that gives you an entirely different kind of bachelorette experience. If that sounds a little boring, you should know that as well as drawing some very hunky guys, there’s plenty of the bubbly stuff on tap and a real party atmosphere. It can get surprisingly wild for a drawing class.


Go to Camp


Now that you’re all adults, you might think that your days of attending summer camp are behind you, but they really don’t have to be. Club Getaway located in Kent, Connecticut is an adults-only camp where you can indulge in the kind of fun you had as kids like singing around the campfire and swimming in the lake, with the added bonus that there’s booze and some distinctly more grown-up games like beer pong to enjoy too. What bride-to-be could resist?


Get Your Yoga On


If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more relaxing to do before the wedding, you can’t beat a soothing yoga retreat. You’ll all learn to channel your inner peace and have lots of fun knowing that you’ll all have a clear head in the morning.

Time to rethink that cocktail party?