The internet is a great place to make extra money, and we could all use some extra cash. Here is a list of all the places that I use on a regular basis to make money. If you sign up with any of them, use the links on this page as I will get the referral. All these sites have been tested by me and are 100% legitimate. This is a paid survey site, and the surveys are all pretty quick.


Search & Win : one of my favorite online money sites. You get paid for searching, for watching videos, and taking surveys. I use Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift certificates. You can combine gift certs, and there is no limit to the amount you can use per order. I bought Piglet’s crib, rocker and changing tablet with the money I earned on Swagbucks and didn’t even touch our budget!

Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!: Social Spark matches you up with advertisers who have you write a review on your blog. The great part is you can pick and choose what you want to write about. There is a lot of flexibility and freedom to keep your blog integrity intact.: so easy. All you do is click on links in their inbox-never your own. You log into the website, and then you click on the link. It takes you to a website, where you browse for a few minutes and then get paid.

: take fun surveys and get paid. You also get entered into their weekly drawing of $50. It’s a great way to kill time when you’re bored in line, at work, or waiting for your clothes to come out of the dryer.

Neobux: another pay to click website. The money isn’t a lot but it’s another quick way to earn that takes very little effort on your part.

 :pretty similar to Swagbucks, except they pay by check in the mail. I’ve received a few checks from them already. You earn by clicking on emails, taking surveys, doing searches, and watching videos.


Like the others, they pay for surveys, and sometimes videos. They also let you earn 3 cents every day just for checking in. They also pay by check.