Summer Vox Box

Keith: What’s up, honey?
Veronica: Wallace is having a little trouble giving me a urine sample.
Keith: Can’t you talk on the phone and paint your nails like other girls? -Veronica Mars

I just got my summer vox box from Influenster yesterday! I love getting fun packages in the mail. This vox box included Magnet Nails by Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle Hand Cream, Quaker Oat banana nut bar, Hawaii Tropic Sunscreen, and tampax Radiant collection of feminine products.

I ate the quaker bar before taking this picture. Whoops! I guess that shows that it was good right? I liked the flavor, and it was the perfect snack for on the go.

I had a lot of fun with the nail polish. I don’t normally paint my nails, only my toes, but this was too fun to resist. You paint your nails with the first coat like this:

then you paint another thicker coat on top, and immediately hold the handy dandy magnet cap over the nail. 

and then your nail looks like this:

it’s fun and different than your typical nail polish. I like it!

I also loved the little purse that tampax included with their new line of feminine products.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the products themselves, and honestly, that’ll probably be tmi! I will say I love tampax products and I’m sure I’ll like the new radiant line.

Unfortunately both the Nail cream and the sunscreen are scented, which I’m allergic to. But I plan to keep them in the guest bathroom for future guests to use.

Do you use Influenster? If not, go check them out. I love getting free products to test out and review!

TTUT-Announcing the RCL

Dennis: Hi. Dennis Duffy, Beeper King.
Jack: The Beeper King, really?
Liz: Dennis has his own business. Yes, he’s an entrepreneur. He’s very successful.
Dennis: You’ve probably seen my ads on the seven train, right? –30 Rock

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

For a long time I’ve been searching for someone to partner up with on a new blog venture. I see coblogs, and team ups, like IA and SS, and I love the connections they seem to share. I wanted that! So when I started chatting on a daily basis with the lovely Janette Johanson, we got to brainstorming. We both love finding new products and ideas and sharing them with our readers, so why not have a blog that does just that? We’ve also brought Ashley from Cherished Bliss, an awesome DIY crafter and aspiring blog designer to round us out. Together we are the Red Carpet Ladies. We’ve been hard at work the past few months on a new website, which some of you already know about.

We still have a few kinks to work out, but we couldn’t wait to share it with you!
To kick things off right, we’re doing a give away for a Vera Bradley BAG valued at $84!!

We are giving away this adorable lime Vera Bradley bag. Doesn’t Janette make a great handbag model?

Head on over to the RCL website to enter the giveaway!


A Star For Roo

Your loved one has gone ahead and is keeping watch…waiting, loving you, just on the other side of the stars.

And when we look at the stars, hoping the loved ones we have lost are happy, safe and free,

they’re looking at those same stars from the other side, making the same wish for us, sending us all their love.

How can I express in words what the generosity of seven women means to me? Those who know me know it takes a lot to render me speechless, but that is just what today’s gift in the mail did to me. I will do the best I can to convey just how much their thoughtfulness means to me.

There was a beautiful card, with a lovely poem that I quoted at the beginning of this post. The card was signed,

We send our love and special prayers. We share your sadness and will always hold Roo in our hearts. Love Janette, IA, Shawn, Stacie, JennyKate, Mimi and Rebecca.

There was also a letter attached that explained each of the gifts. I read it to Match out loud, and it wasn’t long before I got too choked up to continue. Match took the letter and continued reading for me:

Inside as you open, you will find a framed and highlighted star coordinate. This is a star that has been named through the International Star Registry. We named this star “Roo [our real last name]”. The birthdate given the star is 4/15/12. As you both know, Roo’s original due date was set for September and deep down, I think we were pulling for 9/14/12 for obvious reasons [my birthday, as well as Janette’s youngest baby Rayne’s], so the Star Galaxy that was chosen is Virgo. IN the LOVE box you will find 5 scrolls which are copies of the certificate and the star coordinates that you can give to your family members during your memorial if you decide.

There is a star necklace we fell in love with that is classy, dainty and could be worn with anything. The outer star is YOU, or collectively you both as PARENTS and the smaller star in the center represents Roo. Our hope is that whether you wear the necklace or not, you will always know there is a star among the sky as high as the angels for your sweet baby girl looking down on you and you can always look up and know she is there shining bright. Much love, prayers and support from us all and know that we are here for you always. God bless you both and your baby girl.

We plan to share the scrolls at Roo’s memorial, which we are going to do in Oregon next week. My in-laws and my parents will be there, and we are going to plant a tree in Roo’s honor. I think it will be the perfect time to share her star, and hopefully we will see it that night. The timing couldn’t have been better as we leave for our trip today. My parents house also happens to be a prime spot for star gazing, being out in the country and far away from bright city lights.

I took the beautiful necklace, and added the Roo charms from my other necklace. The star was the perfect addition, and the chain fits better than the other chain I had. I plan on wearing it every single day.

I’m so touched by the support and love I’ve received from the readers of this blog. Ladies, I know we have never met, but I feel like we are old friends. Thank you to Impulsive AddictJanette, Jenny Kate, MimiRebeccaShawn,  and Stacie  for your kindness, your friendship, and for loving Roo. Match and I are forever grateful. I hope I can one day meet each of you and give you a huge hug. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love voxbox

Schmidt: Lotus Bear Relax! I can smell it on you right now!
Nick: Stop smelling my hair!
Schmidt: You know how much that stuff cost?
Nick: I didn’t use your conditioner!
Schmidt: Why does your hair look so baby soft?! –New Girl

Coming home from vacation on Wednesday, I found an influenster love voxbox waiting for me. There is nothing better than coming home to awesome freebies. Especially ones with chocolate inside! I had forgotten I’d even signed up to receive one of these packages. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was like a mini birthday present!

My voxbox included Ghiradelli chocolate, a Venus razor with Olay moisturizer, Kiss Nail dress, Stash teas, and Truvia sweetner. For those of you who don’t know what Influenster is, go check them out. It’s a site where you can review brand experiences, take surveys and unlock badges, and the best part: you get access to free products! It’s a great way to get to know products you might never have tried before.

In my case I’ve never tried the Kiss Nail dress and I’m excited to try it. I hate waiting for my nails to try, so these are a perfect solution. Now I just need an occasion to wear cheetah print nails. Sitting around the house is an occasion right?


Oh, you’ll start to love it, I promise, Kathy. Just think about it: Swap meets…bowling leagues…bingo…double coupon week… Casino Night at the slaughterhouse. IT’S YOUR DESTINY. –Roseanne

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! Time to grab a cup of coffee (make it Irish for me so I can live vicariously through you) for Talk to Us Tuesday:

Earlier this month I signed up for the Seriously Impulsive Swap with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’ve never participated in a swap, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was blown away with the loot I got from my swap partner Boobies! Check it out:

I was immediately excited by all the candy! I also had to slap Match’s hands a few times from trying to break open the candy while I inventoried the rest of my stuff.

Sorry I look like a hot mess. I had just taken a break from painting Roo’s mural. I was NOT photo ready.

Boobies spoiled me rotten! I got two What to Expect books, which I desperately needed. I also got the most adorable scrapbooking stickers, and stamps. You probably can’t tell from the picture but one stamp is a tiny baby foot. How cute is that? She also got Roo a lullaby cd that’s all Pearl Jam songs redone. You can’t say my kid won’t be hip. 😉 I also got a makeup and jewelry bag which has spurred me to check out jewelry deal so I can fill it up. I also got a bunch of CANDY. Yummm. Just in time too since I’ve had a crazy sweet tooth lately.

So my first ever swap was a success. Thank you thank you Boobies for the awesome loot, and thanks to IA and Shawn for hosting a fun party!