TTUT-10 Things to Smile About Sept Edition

Woah, is it the last Tuesday of the month already? This month has flown by! I’m linking up with those two crazy, if wayward blogging friends of mine for TTUT.

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I’ve been so behind with blogging, so a list is the perfect way to catch up with ya’ll!

1. Match and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Dressing up and going out to a fancy dinner made me smile.IMAG1221

2. This little cutie turned 4 months old! Watching how happy he got with the crinkly paper at the Dr’s office really made me smile. Also hearing that he went from the 5% for height to the 52% made us both grin from ear to ear. My boy is getting big and healthy!! Look at those sweet lil baby rolls 🙂4monthdrvisit

3. Turning the big 3-0 made me smile. I had a great day with my bestie, and I survived my first time leaving Piglet with babysitters.


4. Match took two weeks off this month for baby bonding time. Watching these two interact makes me smile so big. I love how much Piglet loves his daddy!


5. For my birthday present from Match and Piglet, my boys took me to the zoo. It was a lot of fun! I have a full post about it coming up this week.P1090486

6. I’ve recently started working out with Match again. We’ve been running at the track near our house. While Match races off to run a lot faster than me, I do stroller lungs, push ups, crunches, and then jog the rack.  It makes me smile to be working out again and get those endorphins flowing. I love that we’re setting a good example for Piglet by staying fit ourselves.


7. We had the chance to celebrate with our good friends for their little man’s first birthday. He went through academy with Match, and his wife and I were pregnant together when I was carrying Roo. She was so supportive and loving during that time. It made me smile to have Piglet there. Roo was on my mind, knowing she would have been a week older than their little boy. But having Piglet there put joy in my heart and a smile on our faces. I loved that Match had the time off and got to be there too. He so often misses out on get togethers.



8.  While Match is on vacation, we have been working on getting the rest of our backyard in shape. We spent the past two days digging and working hard to get the stones set. It’s coming together! It makes me smile to think of how nice it will be to relax in the backyard. We’re hoping to plant a cherry blossom tree, and we’re going to reseed the patch of grass for a spot for Piglet to play! IMAG1472

9. Speaking of relaxing-after our zoo trip, we had our first firepit for Piglet. He was pretty mesmerized by the flames. I’m smiling just thinking of future firepits where we roast marshmallows by the fire with our little one. IMAG1362

10. This past Saturday we had rain! I finally had an excuse to dress Piglet up in his adorable hoodie for our morning walk. If this doesn’t make you smile, you are made of stone.


TTUT-Our 3 Month Old

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn


Every month I say I can’t believe he’s another month older,  and it’s true. Time is flying by so fast! Piglet grows right before our eyes. One day an outfit fits, and the next day he’s way too tall for it.

His milestones include grasping toys and our hands, doing baby push ups and great neck and head control, babbling and we sometimes swear he’s saying words. I love the sound of his little baby voice! He has also begun to drool, and I think teeth are coming in soon. Heaven help me! He can also sit up in his bumbo:


He continues to “use the potty” with elimination communication. His facial expressions when he goes are priceless! IMAG0920a

He was an absolute champ on our first family road trip to Oregon. I will blog more about that later.P1080900 He wakes up in a great mood every day, and mornings are my favorite time with him. He’s at his most alert, and I love our play time.


He is already 23 inches tall, up 4 inches since birth! He is also about 12 pounds. He started at 6 lbs, 3 ounces, so he’s basically doubled his birth weight in 3 months. I love that he’s getting so strong! Breastfeeding has become a simple and actually pleasurable task. I love our special cuddle time, and how he’ll break the latch to give me a giant grin, with milk running down his little chin.


I’m amazed at how much his features have changed in the past few months as well. He is starting to get a red tint to his hair, and his eyes are a deep blue. I wonder if he will get his Daddy’s light brown eyes, or if they will be Mommy’s blue-green? Or will they be something completely his own? Will he stay a red head or will it change again? It is so fun to watch him change and grow! Words fail me when I attempt to describe the love Match and I have for our sweet boy. We couldn’t ask for a more mellow, happy, and sweet little baby. We love you Piglet!


TTUT-10 Things to Smile About in July

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Today for TTUT I’m linking up for:

1. Fun times on the 4th of July and our first overnight trip with Piglet made me smile.
2. Signing with Piglet and watching him grin when we sign I Love You makes me smile
3. Monica & Chandler getting to meet our little guy, and moving just an hour away from us!

4. My aunt coming to visit from Arizona and meeting her grand nephew.
P1080648 P1080672
5. Lunch meetups with my Bestie Geeky. We met up and took Piglet for a walk and then lunch in the park. P1080644She also bought him this adorable Woody outfit while she and her husband were on a trip to New York. It’s so cute!! 

6. Piglet turning 2 months old, and growing up so healthy and strong. Taking him to the potty and the funny little looks he gets on his face when we practice EC make me smile! picture
7. Our decision to go to Oregon. I struggled with my parents and vented my frustrations here. They’ve since made more of an effort to Skype, and are really trying to connect with Piglet from a distance. Match has some vacation time in early August, and we decided that a trip to Oregon would be a welcome relief from the heat. Piglet is so little still, and he sleeps really well in the car. I’ve been taking note of  advice on traveling with littles, and I think we’ll do ok, especially if we take our time, and maybe leave in the night. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest. My parents are finally going to meet my baby! 
8. Match withdrawing his application from the dangerous city police job. We discussed it at length and ultimately it just wasn’t the right fit for our family. He has an application with the town we live in, and also one just 15 minutes away. Keep your fingers crossed he gets hired on with one of them!
9. This man makes me smile so big. Having him offer to watch Piglet so that I can go to the gym and have some mommy time today was amazing. I love that I didn’t have to ask, and that he was all about having some quality father/son time with Piglet. Have I mentioned how much I love that man? IMAG0857 IMAG0858
10.  My beautiful family-these two are my world, and I am so grateful every month, every day, every moment that I have them!P1080699

TTUT-Elimination Communication

Carla: I just don’t get what’s so great about kids. I mean, “yay! you went poopie in the potty!” There’s a monkey at the zoo that can do that… you know, when he’s not playing with himself.
J.D.: So, don’t have kids.
Carla: But I want to be a mom more than anything else in the world! I know it’s crazy, but I’m a girl: it’s how we roll.

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

This week Match had another busy couple of days off. It started with him being a DUI testing volunteer at the police academy. Basically he got to sit around and drink with a bunch of his peers, and the cadets had to test their blood alcohol content. Except Match may have gone a little overboard. I think he forgot that he rarely drinks nowadays, and the poor guy ended up super sick, and I had to pack up Piglet, and drive an hour in rush hour traffic to pick his drunken butt up. His coworkers were so worried I’d be mad, but I said it was a good sign. It means he doesn’t overdo it on a regular basis. I’m ok with him having a low tolerance. Unfortunately it meant he was pretty much useless around the house for the next 24 hours, but oh well. He never gets to let loose, and it was pretty funny.


Wednesday night Match went on a second ride along with the department he’s hoping to transfer to. It was another night ride along, and it’s definitely not the safest of cities, and of course I was worried about him. To take my mind off it, I ended up meeting up with a new neighbor friend (met her while walking Piglet in the neighborhood) and her little boy, and heading to a line dancing night. I don’t dance, but it was fun to get out of the house and watch everyone else dance. Piglet was mesmerized by the Christmas lights around the dance floor. Makes me very excited for how he’ll be at Christmastime! IMAG0785I dressed him up in his little cowboy slippers, and the folks there just couldn’t get enough of him. It was great getting out of the house and keeping my mind busy while Match was on his ride along. I loved having Mommy/Son date night. IMAG0787IMAG0788

In funny Piglet related milestones, at 10 weeks he now poops and pees sometimes on the potty (I think the first time was at 9 weeks). The hell you say? Well, I’ve been reading about elimination communication (google it!) and I think it just sounds like an awesome idea. I’m not as hardcore as the full timers. Basically the idea is not to potty train an infant, but rather watch their cues when they’re telling you they need to go, or that they are going, and then you “catch” the poo or pee in a toilet, baby potty, sink, etc. It gets baby used to the idea of going in the potty, instead of in the diaper. It’s also great for saving some diapers-I’ve managed to watch his cues enough that I’ve saved myself from changing his diaper only to have him poop in the brand new one. A common occurrence with newborns, am I right mommys?


So while in no way do I think he’s “trained”, (hell, I’m the one who is trained, since I hear his noises and I take him to the toilet) I do think this EC practice just might help him out in the long run with the dreaded potty training. Either way, I figure he’s getting used to the idea of a potty, and he doesn’t have to sit in a soiled diaper for long. He doesn’t seem to mind it too much. He leans back against me and I sing him the ABCs or some silly song about the potty, and he does his thing. I think once he’s sitting up I might try placing him on the baby potty and seeing if I can get him to play with his toys and then go that way. We only do it at home right now, and honestly not every time. Usually it’s if I see him struggling and uncomfortably trying to go. Or if it’s bath time, and I really really don’t want him to go in the tub (again, a really common occurrence!)

Anyone else ever tried elimination communication? Have any success with it? Think I’m a total crazy person? It’s ok, you can tell me!


TTUT-The Man, The Legend

[Robin complains about Marshall’s depression after Lily leaves him.]
Robin: This has to stop! Ted, we just started dating. We agreed we don’t want to move too fast, and somehow, we have a baby. He can’t feed himself, he cries a lot, he keeps us up all night.
Barney: Have you tried breast feeding? Nailed it! -Friends

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • Piglet and I went to our first outing on Saturday, just the two of us. We went to a BBQ with some friends from church. It went pretty well, except Piglet started a growth spurt and wanted to nurse the.entire.time. I’m not one of those whip it out types (more power to you ladies that are) and I use a cover up, but with being outdoors, and the wind, it just wasn’t working that great. I ended up leaving early because I was tired, and I knew Piglet was hungry. I think he was also just overwhelmed by the noise, people, the smells, etc. I think it’ll get easier for both of us the more we go out.
  • Piglet is 5 weeks as of yesterday and starting to fit into 0-3mon clothes. I love that he can finally wear this onesie from his baby shower! 🙂P1080383
  • Tahoe Couple stopped by Sunday to meet Piglet. I didn’t peg Tahoe Guy to be a baby guy, but he seemed right at ease. Piglet passed out in his arms!P1080393 P1080386
  • Only 10 days until Monica and Chandler move back to California! They’ve been in Scotland for the past year, and I’m so so so excited they’re coming back. She got a job at a Veterinarian just about an hour from our house. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have them closer.
  • We didn’t do a whole lot for Father’s Day this year. I made Match a slideshow with video clips and pictures of my pregnancy with Piglet, up through this month. We both got teary eyed watching it. Last night we went out for take out as a celebration of both Mother and Father’s Day, since Mother’s Day I was in the early stages of labor. Next year hopefully we’ll do more, but I think just spending time together as a family of 3 was enough for me.
  • What’s new with you dear readers?